Mother’s Day Card And Further March Crafting

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Those of you who’ve been over to look at my blog before may notice that the planned “migration” of my blog to a new version – “to keep pace with all new technical and security-related requirements”, that I told you about in my post of the 26th February, has taken place, and that my blog now looks different.  As far as I can see the content did all migrate, but the formatting layout within the posts was lost, and the appearance theme I landed up with was definitely not the theme I had previously.  When I logged in on Saturday to do a blog post about my Mother’s Day card I found the blog with a completely different, and totally irrelevant, photo at the top, and in strange colours that I didn’t like as a backdrop for my card photos.  So out the door went my plan to create a blog post on Saturday – and since then I’ve been trying to get things to a state I can live with.  My personal preference is for a blog theme with a minimal amount of colours and other distracting elements, which is one of the reasons I like the blog service provided by my website space provider, as it doesn’t allow, lots of extra’s to be added all over the place.  At the moment I’ve got most of the settings so that the colours are in shades of purple that I like, but there are still some elements in the sidebar that I haven’t found the location the colour can be changed and so the colour is still a bit more pinky than I want for the menus down the side.  When my brain isn’t feeling quite so frazzled I’ll go back to the Appearance settings and have another look.

In the meantime, I thought it was time to see how I’d get on with the “editor” part of the new setup.  In addition to the “Dashboard” changing, the “editor” has as well.  Nothing too drastic and beyond what I’ve seen with other website editors I’ve worked with, but there are a few more things that appear as codes rather than actual titles of what the area is for in some locations, together with some stuff that I never tend to change being visible all the time and things that I want to use regularly being hidden behind and require a few clicks to get at.  It could take me a while to get confident that I know where everything is and what it does.

The most anoying thing about this upgrade is that there’s a location in “Settings” that says “Update Services – When you publish a new post, WordPress automatically notifies the following site update services” – and I know that I’d made sure that there was absolutely nothing in this location on the old version of my blog – but after the the “migration” the address of the Ping-O-Matic’s server was added by default.  So, of course, that meant that, as soon as the new system was in place and the old database converted to the new one, the blog software saw every post I’d done as updated posts and let Ping-O-Matic know about all my blog posts.  And that meant that the annoying people and “businesses” who troll the Internet looking for places to put up links to their shady sites had picked up on my blog and started writing totally irrelevant comments on lots of my blog posts.  I know I’ve got it set to not publish any comments without me moderating them first – so none of these spam comments went live, and I know that I removed the “Update Services” address Saturday evening as soon as I found it in my “Settings” – so no more information about update I’ve made to my blog will get sent to Ping-O-Matic, but as the information has already been sent and stored online it could be a while before the Spam slows down.  There were 16 comments on my blog that appeared between logging out at just before Midnight Saturday and logging on 10am on Sunday – and only 2 of them were genuine comments from people who’d actually looked at my newest posts.  I had lots more during the day, and then between logging out last night and logging back in mid-morning today there were 42 new comments, with none of them being genuine.  And while I’ve been writing this top part of my blog post the Dashboard is showing that 16 more have come in to be moderated. Arrrrr!

Enough of my blog woes.  On with some crafting.  I’ll start with the Mother’s Day card I had ready to show  you on Saturday, and then show you a handful of other cards I finished off on Saturday morning while waiting for my Tesco Delivery.



(If you click on the thumbnail images you can have a look at a larger image of each item.)
(Clicking on the text links below each set of images will usually take you to a website location with either further information about the product or where the item can be bought.)

cup400521_353 - card01 - Bunch of Tulips Doodles Digital Stamp

Bunch of Tulips Doodles Digital Stamp by Lee Jacobs and Tulips backing by Angela Wake (I printed the digi-stamp out onto 300gsm Super Smooth cardstock at a much smaller size than supplied and coloured it in using my ProMarkers.  The colours I used were: tulips and bow – Red, Poppy; shoes – Cool Grey 5; dress – Orchid, Lilac; hair – Cinamon, Cocoa, Henna; skin – Blush, Tan, Dusky Pink; stems and leaves – Apple Cider, Bright Green, Grass. I printed out the background onto Matte Crafty Bob paper.  I created my base card by scoring, folding and trimming an A3 sheet of Centura Pearl Snow White cardstock to make a large square card.  I took a sheet of bought in lattice from my crafty stash, popped out the pieces and coloured them the same red as the tulips on the digital stamp to make petals, shaped them, and stuck them together using quick grab glue to make miniature flowers for embellishment.  The lattice itself I coloured in with gold metalic ink.  The kit that the lattice came in also had the frame and the little panels I’ve used as a greeting panel and flower plaque.  I coloured the frame and went round the panels using a green ProMarker I’d used when colouring the digi-stamp.  I trimmed the background sheet to be around 1.5cm smaller height and width than the card itself and used a paper punch to round the corners.  Matted it onto green Satin Board and trimmed to leave a small border and again punched the corners.  I then attached this to my base card.  A panel of the Centura Pearl that was trimmed off the base card was cut to the size of the framed lattice and attached behind it using 2mm deep, double sided, foam tape before it was put on the front of the card.  I coloured a greeting “Sul Y Mamau Hapus” – which is Welsh for “Happy Mother’s Day” – with two of the ProMarkers I’d used to colour in the digi-stamp before attaching it to the greetings panel and used glue gel to attach the little flowers to the other panel.  I used the same 2mm foam tape to attach these to the card front.  The most fiddly thing about this card was making the flowers from the lattice waste.  I had actually planned on making a fuller bunch of flowers on the panel but just had to give up after making the number I did make because my fingers were bad.)

1cup391981_1873 - card01 - Wild Deer Card Topper  2cup376826_1443 - card05 - Designer Resource Blue Papers & Frames  3cup376826_1443 - card01 - Designer Resource Blue Papers & Frames

  1. Wild Deer Card Topper by Tammy Clarke (I printed the design out onto Matte Crafty Bob paper and cut out the pieces.  I matted the main image onto a sheet of green satin board and trimmed to leave a small border before sticking to the front of a card I’d made by scoring using my Hougie Board , folding and trimming a sheet of Centura Pearl Snow White card-stock.  I used glue gel to attach the extra layers of the animals and used 2mm deep, double sided, foam tape to attach the blank greetings panel. I don’t know the language the greeting will be required in yet, so I’ve left it blank for now, but have kept the supplied greetings and can quickly stick one of these on top if required. The most difficult part about making this card was the cutting out of the deers.  I must admit that I cut off the far, front, leg of the larger animal so that I wouldn’t have to cut out a landlocked area.)
  2. Designer Resource 4 Morning Fairies by Gillian Hutchinson, Designer Resource Blue Papers & Frames by Gillian Hutchinson and The Butterfly Collection 2 by Karen Wyeth (I took one of the backgrounds and the oval frame panel, together with two fairies and a butterfly into one of my graphics packages and re-sized and manipulated until I had a base card with aperture and a butterfly detail, an insert with a fairy in a position that corresponded to the oval in the front, and another side to the insert with a second fairy and a “Penblwydd Hapus Iawn” greeting – Welsh for “A Very Happy Birthday”.  The base card was printed out onto Matte Crafty Bob paper while the insert was printed onto glossy A-May-Zing paper. These were all cut out, scored and folded.  Nothing too tricky to cut out as the only remotely intricate cutting was the butterfly and the oval.  I took a quickie glue pen and went over details on the background of the card front as well as the 2nd butterfly layer with it before dunking the lot in a tub of ultra fine crystal glitter.  I then used some finger-lift tape to attach the insert to the back of the card and glue gel to attach the second layer of butterfly to the front.  By attaching the double sided insert to the back, when the card is standing opened the front of the insert stays a big back from the front giving the card dimension.)
  3. The insert of the previous card.

1cup304757_15 - card02- Alaskan Malamute Portrait 3D Decoupage  2cup379851_1443 - card02 - Designer Resource Vintage Set in Green

  1. Alaskan Malamute Portrait 3D Decoupage by Liz Harrison (I printed the sheet onto Matte Crafty Bob paper and cut out the pieces.  I prepared a base card by scoring, folding and trimming an A4 sheet of Centura Pearl Snow White cardstock to make a square card and then used a paper punch to round the corners.  For this card I attached the main base image directly to the card front using finger-lift tape, and then shaped and added layers 2 and 4 using glue gel.  I added the greetings panel with the name of the dog breed using 2mm deep, double sided, foam tape.  As I didn’t wan’t the card to get too deep I kept the other layers to make another card with.  The layers of the dog decoupage were not too difficult to cut out as they are reasonably rounded in shapes with no landlocked areas.)
  2. Designer Resource Vintage Set in Green by Gillian Hutchinson and Designer Resource 4 Morning Fairies by Gillian Hutchinson (I took the three elements from the green kit, together with a fairy into one of my graphics packages and moved around and re-sized until I had a multi-layer look I was happy with.  I printed out the design onto Matte Crafty bob paper and cut out the panel and the additional fairy layer.  I used this as the front of my card attaching a folded over panel of Centura Pearl Snow White card-stock, trimmed to size, to make the back of the card.  I used glue gel to attach the fairy after shaping her a bit with my hands.  The greeting I’ve used is “Yn Meddwl Amdanoch” – which is Welsh for “Thinking About You”.  The second layer of the fairy was the most intricate thing to cut out on this card, but as I’d positioned the same fairy image on the card front it isn’t essential to add the extra layer if my hands are bad any time I want to make up the card again.)



I’ve already got a round and a square Kumihimo disk, but have permanently got something on the go on them and, seeing as I’ve got some S-lon and seed and E beads, I wanted to have a go at beaded Kumihimo.  I was also short of the bobbins to hold the thread, and glue to attach the braid into the findings.  So I decided to stock up equipment.  When I went looking I found a special offer on a Kumihimo starter kit [offer now finished] which made it a better value option to go for that than just sourcing the items I actually wanted. So the first thing I did when the kit arrived was use the supplied rat-tail cord to make a Kumihimo braid.  This is what I did, with some tips.

1MakingKumihimo 01 11  2MakingKumihimo 01 10  3MakingKumihimo 01 09  4MakingKumihimo 01 07

  1. If you are working in pairs of colours, don’t waste cord by cutting and then tying the cords.  Just use as is, folded in half, and tie a thread or yarn around the central point, so that four lengths of cord give eight ends to work with.  This means that you have a neat end ready to be inserted into the end finding.
  2. I’ve heard some people say that they hold onto the working end and use their hand to apply a tension while working, but the one time I tried that [because I’d forgotten to attach a weight] I had a totally uneven braid because I can’t hold the central braid and apply an even pressure as I’m working because of problems with my hands.  So now I always tie on some sort of object as a weight  As a beader I’ve usually got bags of beads about and I find that a small bag of beads is perfect for what I need, so after threading the tied on central yarn through from the front to the back of my Kumihimo disk I tie on the bag of beads.
  3. I then put the threads into the relevant slots.  For this braid I placed the pairs of colours at 90 degree angles to each other.
  4. After positioning the cords I wrapped the cords around the bobbins and started working a “bottom to top, top to bottom, then rotate a quarter turn anticlockwise” pattern.

1MakingKumihimo 01 06  2MakingKumihimo 01 05  3MakingKumihimo 01 03  4MakingKumihimo 01 01

  1. After repeating this pattern several times I had the braid appearing out the bottom of the central hole.
  2. And the cris cross of the cord movements leaves it looking like this at the centre on top.
  3. This is the “parking” position – the way to leave the cords in the disk – when putting it down.  As I can’t do a lot in one go, especially the holding up with the weight hanging down, I do tend to braid while watching TV, putting the disk down to rest quite often, and work short pieces at one go.
  4. The 3m length of 4 cords braided together to create a 24 inch piece of braid.  To finish I make sure that the cord ends are taught in the disk and put a blog of glue in the centre.  Once this is set the braid can be removed from the disk and the ends cut off, and because the glue is there the braid won’t come undone when you release it.

The glue is now drying at the top of this braid, so I’ll come back with details of what I make with it in a future post.



I just finished knitting the last sleeve of the coat I’m working on for one of the nephew’s teddies called Blocwend (I showed you the start in my post – here).  I’m just waiting now for my nephew to bring Blocwend over for a “fitting”, and for him to make his choice of buttons from my mother’s button box.  So hopefully I’ll have photos of the finished article to show you before long.



I’’ve added some more stuff to my two pages of pictorial guides to how I’’ve done things.

On my “Colouring In Digi Stamps” page I’m currently working on a section headed “Blending Using Two Pens” and I’ve got a few other ideas milling in my head for including on this page.

I’’ve also added a quick guide called “”Adapting Flowers You’ve Already Got In Your Crafting Stash”” to my “Making Paper Flowers” page.



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CUP Mailer – Here are the links to the mailers sent out by the team at CUP HQ since my last blog post:

  • Friday, 8th March – Here! – This mailer is showcasing the content of the free CD-ROM Volume 36, plus some lovely prints that are coming free with it.  Remember – you only need to buy £10 worth of items from CUP to get the free gifts delivered to you – with no P & P.  There’s also lots of other designs available to buy via craftsUprint on show in this mailer, and bits of news of what some designers and crafters have been up to.

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