Crafting Mid March 2013

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After the hassle of trying to get my bog site, that my web space provider had “migrated” to a newer system, into an appearance that I could live with, I’ve now decided to leave well alone for the moment and see how it goes over the next few weeks.  I’m just glad that the content migrated, even if it had lost such formatting details as centering of text and borders around thumbnail photos.

So Wednesday I got my Silhouette Cameo out and did some cutting – well actually – I did a lot of cutting!

UseUpSpace 02

Some of these cuts you will see in the cards that are to follow, but it will take me a while to use them all.



(If you click on the thumbnail images you can have a look at a larger image of each item.)
(Clicking on the text links below each set of images will usually take you to a website location with either further information about the product or where the item can be bought.)

The first card here is made using items cut out using two different cutting files, but not greatly embellished, whereas the rest of the cards are quite simple cards.  One suitable for Christmas, and I think that some, if not all, of today’s cards would be suitable for a man.

1cup38663_379 - card02 - Open Book, Mat & Marker  2cup115782_66 - card01 - Angel Toppers  3cup212864_539 - card01 - Lone wolf topper 2  4cup304773_15 - card01 - Bullmastiff portrait 3D Decoupage

  1. Open Book, Mat & Marker.. by Angela Burke and Runners Silhouettes Files for Silhouette,Cameo & Portrait by Margaret Jones (I took both the cutting file into my Silhouette Studio software and chose the different sized mats I wanted to cut out with my Silhouette Cameo, choosing some with a straight edge and some with the decorative strip of circles around the edge.  I cut these out of 250gsm linen texutred cardstock in blue, and white and blue glitter card – using an old blade for the glitter card, as well as a smaller one out of 250gsm white cardstock.  I also cut out some of the marker strips out of the different card-stocks.  As decoration I also cut out two runner silhouettes out from the white card stock the same time as I cut out the last central strip and small “open book”.  I shaped the “open book” pages over the side of a table to give them some shape before sticking everything together using ultra tacky double sided tape and glue gel.  I finished with the peel-off greeting “Llongyfarchiadau” – Welsh for “Congratulations”.  This could be a congratulations card for any sort of running feat, from somebody completing a marathon, to a child wining in the school sports.)
  2. Angel Toppers by Sheila Rodgers (I printed the sheet off onto Matte Crafty Bob paper and cut out the toppers.  I created a base card by scoring an A4 sheet of Centura Pearl Snow White cardstock with my Hougie Board and then folding in half.  As the angel image itself is framed I decided not to add to the card weight or depth with further layers and so just stuck the topper directly to the front of my card using fingerlift tape, leaving a space at the bottom for a greeting to be added once I know which language the card will be needed in.  I intend to use this as a Christmas card, putting in an insert with the words of Luc 2 : 9-10 in the relevant language inside.)
  3. Lone wolf topper 2 by Sharon Poore (I printed this design out onto Matte Crafty Bob paper, two to a page, at just less than A5 size. I then cut the panel out. I stuck this on a mat of dark brown Adorable Scorable cardstock and trimmed to leave a border of around 3mm around each edge. I prepared a base card by scoring and folding in half an A4 sheet of a shade of green Adorable Scorable cardstock. I used finger-lift tape to attach the matted topper to the front of the card. A very striking image so I kept to a simple style of card with no embellishment.  I’ll add a greeting once I know what language it is needed in.)
  4. Bullmastiff portrait 3D Decoupage by Liz Harrison (I printed the design out onto Matte Crafty Bob paper and cut out all the pieces.  Because I wanted a finished card that wasn’t too deep to go through the post using an ordinary UK stamp I divided the layers and only used the main topper, layers 2 and 4 for this card and used very little glue gel to attach them for a very subtle dimension. As the image itself is framed I decided not to do any further matting and layering. I created a square, 15cm, base card by scoring, trimming and folding an A4 sheet of Centura Pearl Snow White cardstock and then used finger-lift tape to attach the decoupaged topper directly to the front.  I’ve kept the greetings panels provided on the sheet and will attach one once I know the most suitable greeting for the recipient.  Kept simple like this I think the card would be a good design for a man.)



One of the items I cut out during my big cutting session was this box in the shape of a wedding cake.

1cup401519_1415 - card01 - Wedding Cake Box MTC_SCAL_STUDIO_SVG_WPC  2cup401519_1415 - card02 - Wedding Cake Box MTC_SCAL_STUDIO_SVG_WPC  3cup401519_1415 - card03 - Wedding Cake Box MTC_SCAL_STUDIO_SVG_WPC

  1. Wedding Cake Box MTC*SCAL*STUDIO*SVG*WPC by Rae Carr (This box is made totally from 2 sheets of 12″ x 12″ 250gsm cardstock in white and pink – I believe the white was a Bazzill cardstock from the Neutrals pad and the pink from a C & C pad,  and some quick grab wet glue.  I decided to make the lid in a different colour to the base, but in reality the box can be made up in any colours, from white for a wedding to gold for a golden wedding anniversary.  I cut the design out using my Silhouette Cameo and then glued first the lid and then the base of the box together.  Although there’s plenty of room for decorating and embellishing, including threading ribbon through the top band of the lid, I decided to make it up this time with only items from the cutting file.  My only embellishment was a paper flower on the top – hand made from the heart shapes cut out of the side of the lid – there’s a description of how I made a similar flower from hearts of all the same size, called “Paper Roses From Hearts” on my page “Making Paper Flowers“, although, for this one I used two different sized hearts because that’s what came out of the cut edge of the lid.  I made the box up slightly taller than the height set in the cutting file, but the instructions do say about the ability to do this, so on a 12” square cardstock you could make quite a tall box – for holding a gift of a bottle if you wanted.)
  2. A different angled view of the box.
  3. A closeup of the hand made paper rose on top.



I had intended to show you how I finished off the strand of Kumihimo braid I showed you in my last post in this blog post but, unfortunately, when I went to fetch cord ends from my findings box I realised that, although I’ve got lots of braid ends, I don’t have more than one pair of any particular style and colour of ends.  For this particular project, as I intend to make a set of matching bracelet and necklace, I need two pairs to match.  So I’ve placed an order for some more braid ends and got on with my next project.

I mentioned in my last post that I’d bought the extra Kumihimo disk so that I could make some beaded Kumihimo.  To keep my first effort simple I decided to just use a pack of cheap seed beads from my beading stash.  These are in mixed shades with a shiny finish, so I don’t need to try and make a patterned beaded braid with different beads on different threads.  So this is my first effort.

1MakingKumihimo 02 01

  1. I’ve used a pale lilac S-lon cord for this.  I started off the same way as for the Kumihimo I showed you previously, taking 4 long lengths and using a piece of string to tie them together in the middle and folding over to create 8 working ends.  For beaded Kumihimo you need a piece of braided cord at the end to put into the cap findings so I didn’t start adding the beads until I’d made around an inch of the plain braid.  You’ll notice that this is a much narrower braid than the Kumihimo braid made using the rat-tail cord.  I then added lots of beads to each of the 8 S-lon cord ends and wound them onto the bobbins and continued braiding.

Hopefully I’ll have more photos to show you of this as I do some more and complete it.  I think I may be doing it a bit too slack, but don’t want to change how I’m working at this stage as it will give a different look if I start pulling tighter now, but I’ll see if I can work tighter for my next efforts.



No, these are not my creations.

My two youngest nephews were over for a couple of days over the weekend and wanted to make “Easter Hats” to take to school, and so they raided my bits file for lots of flourishes and butterflies as decoration. They wanted their hats to be bigger, better and different to what they’d done last year.  So we went for decorated top hats. It took them hours to make their hats, a bit at a time and then letting them dry while they played, before coming back to do some more, with a lot of supervision from me and raiding my crafting stash for card, distress inks, metallic marker pens, embossing templates, dies, glitter, etc., etc., etc.

I think that all the butterflies have been used from my cutting session last Wednesday (that I showed you the results of in the photo at the top of this post), and a good proportion of my flourishes.  These came from the cutting file New Card Collection…..SVG by Tina Fitch.  I don’t have many dies, (as I use my machine mostly for embossing and use my Cameo for cutting) but I think my nephews must have had a good half of them out for cutting – and I made them turn the handle for every one of the die-cuts – If they wanted them, they cut them.

1Easter Hats 02 05  2Easter Hats 02 08  3Easter Hats 02 04  4Easter Hats 02 06  5Easter Hats 02 07

The hat itself is made using 2 A4 sheets of Centura Pearl Snow White cardstock and one sheet of A3.  The youngest nephew decided on embossing bunting and balloons around the sides then colouring them in using metalic markers in green and purple.  he’s got three panels with pictures of similar Easter Eggs on each panel.  He’s even written a “label” on the egg on each panel saying “wi pasg” (wrong spelling of “Wy Pasg” – an “Easter Egg”)  though the label changed size and shrunk by the time he’d finished colouring the last egg.  Ribbons, die cut flowers and just two of my Cameo cut butterflies made it onto this card.

1Easter Hats 01 12  2Easter Hats 01 10  3Easter Hats 01 06  4Easter Hats 01 07  5Easter Hats 01 04

There are four panels around the hat of my other young nephew, but only one has been filled in yet – with a picture the nephew coloured in of an Easter Egg. He wants an Easter bunny, a chick, and something else on the panels that are still empty, but neither of us are any good at drawing, and his mother is a very good artist, so he took the hat home for finishing off with her help.  She’ll be able to draw something simple that he’s able to copy and colour in.  As well as a lot of butterflies and flourishes decorating the sides and rim, there’s a shredded paper nest on the top of this hat with a polystyrene egg coloured with a purple metallic marker in it.  The cutting file he chose for his panels was a Tonic die that had a similar edge to one of the templates he’d chosen for his side embossing.



In my post of the 7th March (here) I showed you my progress so far with knitting a warm, snugly, coat for one of my nephew’s teddy.  The coat is finished now (well nearly – read on!), with the last sleeve added.  My nephew has also raided his grandmother’s button box and chosen the buttons he wanted are on the coat.

1Cot Blocwned 10  2Cot Blocwned 09

  1. This is what the coat looked like after finishing and adding the buttons and buttonhole loops.
  2. And this is Blocwend wearing her snugly new coat.

According to her owner, Blocwend loves her new coat – But! – everybody knows that a coat is suppose to have pockets!  Blocwend has stayed over here when her owner went home yesterday evening.  So guess what I’m now knitting – tiny little pockets of seven stitches width on my circular knitting board!



I don’t think I’ve added anything new to my Pictorial Guides since my last blog post, but you can still see my “Colouring In Digi Stamps” page my “Making Paper Flowers” page on my blog, and I’m sure that I’ll be adding more before long.



Have a look – here – at my whole shop “”Siop Crafftau MAES MIERI Crafts Shop”” on



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  • Monday, 18th March – Here! – This time it’s the turn of more CUP Silver Designers to be showcased.  Of interest to anybody looking for designs to make cards for “difficult to make for” men might like to take a look at the new “Shaped Beer Can Mini Kits” by Carol Clarke.

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  1. A fabulous selection of cards Gwyneth and I love your Wedding cake. Your nephew’s hats are wonderful, it’s great to see children getting involved in craft. My five year old Grandson loves using my GC x

  2. Wow . I love the cards wonderful as always and there is a lot of cut outs you will be using them for a while lol . Im in oar of the round boxes the “wedding ” box is stunning and i love the way you have decorated the other 2 .
    What a cute little knit to .
    Caroline xx

  3. You have been busy Gwyneth. Love the Lone Wolf card, and the wedding cake box is gorgeous. Bet your ephews had great fun making their hats, which are brilliant. Of course the little coat should have pockets, otherwise there wouldn’t be anywhere to put their hanky!!! lol Take care xx