Card Embelished With A Bracelet

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Just a quick blog post this time.  It’s a card with a bracelet draped over a corner as an embellishment.

I’ve decided to enter this card into a few of challenges.  I haven’t ever entered a lot of challenges and very few lately, so I hope I’ve read everything properly and met the rules of these individual challenges:



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cup394110_659 - card01 - Roses topper digi stamp

Because of the soft, subtle colour of the lightest pink used the picture isn’t quite as good as the real thing, and it doesn’t show the embossed panel area that’s slightly raised.

1cup394110_659 - card01 - Roses topper digi stamp 2cup394110_659 - card05 - Roses topper digi stamp 3cup394110_659 - card04 - Roses topper digi stamp 4cup399525_659 - card02 - Check insert 6

  1. Roses topper digi stamp by Stephen Poore (I printed the design onto 300gsm Super Smooth white cardstock at much smaller than the size provided, and coloured it in using my ProMarkers.  The colours I used were: Pink Mittens, Blossom, Rose Pink, Grass and Holly.  I then used a Stamps Away mask – I think it’s from the frame set 3 – and embossed a frame around the coloured in image using my Joy machine.  Before removing the mask I went around both the inside and the outside with Pink Mittens coloured ProMarkers I’d used on the image.  I cut out the panel just outside the coloured line.  I made up a bracelet and draped this over one corner of the topper.  I created a base card by scoring an A4 sheet of one-sided green cardstock at the half way point using my Hougie Board.  Because of the depth of the bracelet chain I put two strips of 2mm deep, double sided, tape on top of each other, placing a strip either side of where the bracelet went round the back, and stuck the topper onto the base card.  I made up some paper roses and stuck these to the card front as embellishments.  I haven’t put on a greeting yet as I’m not sure what language the greeting will be needed in.)
  2. The bracelet I’ve added as decoration, and as a gift to go with the card, was simply made using a Mix and Mingle bracelet chain and beads.  The pinks with the slight bit of green on two of the beads, match the colours I’ve used on my digi and paper roses.  The bracelet was simply a case of choosing which beads I wanted and threading them onto the chain.  To get the bracelet off the card it’s simply a case of unclasping the clasp and pulling the chain out the top.
  3. By making my own paper flowers in a couple of different sizes, and colouring them in using the same ProMarker, Pink Mittens, I’d used as one of the pinks on the card itself, I was sure that the embellishment would work with the card.  I used die cut spirals and colored them before making the flowers.  The technique I used was similar to the one in part 2 “Paper Roses From Spirals” of my Making Paper Flowers page.
  4. Check insert 6 by Stephen Poore (I printed the insert onto 120gsm good quality white paper, trimmed it, scored it using my Hougie Board, then stuck it inside the card using a glue tape pen. This insert, with the pale pink colouring, is a perfect match to the colours I’ve used on the front of the card.)

I’ve made cards before with a box attached to hold a gift of jewellery, but this is the first time I remember actually putting the jewellery onto the card front as part of the design.


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