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(Please don’t think that you have to read every word I’ve written – Unless you want to know what I used and how I made a card you don’t actually have to read all the information I provide in the numbered details under each card set, you can just click the thumbnail images to view each card at a larger size, and then click “Back” and scroll down to the next section.)

I’ve got six cards finished the end of this week to show you.  It includes a card with a tiger on for a man, a couple very different Christmas cards, a sympathy card, a floral card, and one with a butterfly.  Quite an assortment I think you’ll agree.  Please scroll to the bottom to leave me a comment after you’ve browsed around my creations.  Thank you.



(Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the suppliers pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards.)

1cup85302_359 - card03C - Spring Flowers and Lace matching Vellum 2cup85310_359 - card01C - Rose, Lace and Pearls matching Vellum 3cup402527_96 - card01C - Mary & Baby Jesus Card Front & Insert 2 4cup402527_96 - card03C - Mary & Baby Jesus Card Front & Insert 2

  1. Spring Flowers and Lace matching Vellum by Carol Clarke (I printed the sheet out onto 120gsm good quality white paper.  I created a little square base card from pink Satin Board, and I made a panel from the same card.  I then cut two panels to go on these from the background sheet, making one from the darkest area of the background and one from the lightest for contrast.   I put the smallest, lightest, panel onto the Satin Board panel and wrapped a piece of edged pink ribbon around it, tieing in a bow on the right.  I put the darkest background directly onto my base card using a roller glue tape.  I then used 1mm deepm double sidedm foam tape to put the layered panel on the card front.  I found a decorative edged pink circle in my crafting stash, and a flourish, and stuck these to the card front.  I then took a sheet of white die cut flower spirals and leaves and coloured them with my ProMarkers on one side before popping them out.  The colours I used were: flowers – Cerise; leaves – Leaf Green.  I then manipulated with my hands and wrapped them round into rose shapes, gluing them in place using a quick grab glue.  The flowers were stuck onto my card front using glue gel.  There was no intricate cutting required to make this card, though wrapping the spiral into roses is a bit of a fiddle it is made easier by using a quilling tool to hold the centre while turning.)
  2. Rose, Lace and Pearls matching Vellum by Carol Clarke (I printed the sheet out onto 120gsm good quality white paper.  I then cut two panels from the sheet, one from the darker area and one from the lighter area.  The lighter area being 2.5cm larger width and length wise than the darker one.  I used a corner rounder punch on both layers. The lighter panel was stuck directly to a base card I’d created from an embossed, blue metallic, cardstock from my stash, using roller glue tape.  This base card also had its corners rounded.  The darker piece was stuck to a piece of silver mirror paper and trimmed to leave a small border before the corners were rounded.  This was then stuck to the matted base card.  I finished off with a topper of decorated parchment that I’d embossed using a Christmas scene, stuck on using glue gel behind the whiter areas.  Although I’d got a Parchment Grid to use when creating my embossing and pricking, the fact that my hands don’t always work as they should and that I can’t keep a consistent pressure while embossing means that the white areas are not as smooth as they should be, but I’m quite pleased with how my first effort with this grid turned out. )
  3. Mary & Baby Jesus Card Front & Insert 2 by Anna Babajanyan (This is a bare minimum card.  I printed the sheet out onto Matte Crafty Bob paper and cut out the card front and insert.  I prepared a base card by scoring and folding an off white pearlescent sheet of A4 card-stock in half.  I used finger-lift tape to attach the card front to the base card towards the top, and then trimmed off the excess base card at the bottom to leave a border the same size as around the top.  I then stuck the insert inside using the same tape. )
  4. This picture shows the insert panel from the shame sheet placed inside the previous card.

1cup311806_33 - card02C - Wild Animals Toppers 2cup405490_596 - card01C - Layered Doily 2 and Butterfly  SVG 3cup405490_596 - card02C - Layered Doily 2 and Butterfly  SVG 4cup390226_33 - card01C-  Floral Cross Toppers

  1. Wild Animals Toppers by Tom Curtis (I printed the sheet out onto 250gsm Crafty Bob paper and cut out the animal panels.  I wanted the card to be for a man so went into my crafting stash and looked for background papers with a blueish shade, and a hammered pale blue A4 sheet to score with my Hougie Board and then fold in half as my base card.  Although looking quite black, the matting behind the script style background and the strip down near the left hand side is actually silver mirror paper, but the lighting when taking this photo wasn’t too good, it was either have a white flare or have the mirror paper looking dark.  I went round the striped paper with a silver metallic marker.  I used a roller glue tape to attach all the pieces on this card, making it a flat card that will go through the British postal system using a standard stamp.  With only straight edge cutting this wasn’t a difficult card to make.)
  2. Layered Doily 2 & Butterfly…SVG by Tina Fitch (I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the doily layers and a butterfly out of pale yellow, linen textured, 250gsm cardstock.  I took a large, blue, A4 base card and trimmed it to make a square card.  I stuck the largest doily directly to the front of this using finger-lift tape behind the central panel.  I then used two little strips of 2mm deep, double sided, foam tape at the center of the second doily to attach it on top of the first one.  I raided my crafting stash for a paper flower and two glittered trefoil shapes.  I stuck the flower at the centre of the doily using glue gel and put one trefoil at the centre.  I cut up the other trefoil to give pieces that I added as detail to the butterfly before sticking it to the edge of the doily, again using glue gel.  A very intricate looking design, but as my Cameo did all the cutting it didn’t require too much effort on my part, other than using a pokey tool to push out some of the smaller, cut out, pieces.)
  3. This is a closeup of the detail from the previous card.
  4. Floral Cross Toppers by Tom Curtis ( I printed the sheet out onto Matte Crafty Bob paper and cut out one of the largest toppers for this card.  I matted this image onto silver mirror paper and trimmed to leave a small border.  I made a base card of the required size from a sheet of pearlescent cardstock from my stash that had a hint of blue in it.  Onto this I put a white peel-off border down the left hand side.  I cut a blue card-stock panel, a couple of centimeters larger in both directions than the matted image.  I stuck a narrower border of white peel-off on the front of that before sticking it directly to the front of my base card using finger-lift tape.  I used finger-lift tape to put the matted image on top.  This card is flat enough to go through the British postal system using a standard stamp and only required straight edge cutting, so nothing difficult for anybody with moderate dexterity problems.)



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  1. A fantastic selection Gwyneth. The parchment card is wonderful and I love the doily one. The Floral Cross is a lovely image x

  2. As usual you have made a beautiful selection of cards, I particularly like the blue doily styled one, very pretty, xx Zoe xx

  3. Hi Gwyneth hope you are well. Your cards are beautiful, i love them all but number 2 is so elegant.

    Joan x

  4. Beautiful cards again Gwyneth – my favourites today are the doilies and the Mary and baby Jesus cards.
    Take care and keep well