Crafting At The Start Of May 2013

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I had a “cutting day” on Wednesday, so I’ve got lots of cuts made on my Silhouette Cameo to work with over the next week or so.  A few of them I’ve already made up and you can see below.  I’ve also got lots of varied digi-stamps printed out and ready to colour in and make up into cards.  Some of them I started working on while waiting for “Mr Tesco” to deliver our weekly shop this morning. So that’s more crafting you can look forward to seeing appear on my blog over the next week or so.  One of the digi-stamps I’ve already made into a card was actually a Print & Cut file, so it was a case of printing it out and then cutting it out with my Silhouette Cameo before colouring in and decorating.  I’m quite liking files like this as it means no cutting out of fiddly things by hand.

I hope you like the selection of projects I’ve got to show you this time.



(Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards.)


1cup202225_415 - card03C - 1930'S ROLLS ROYCE PHOTOGRAPH, Oval Pyramids 2cup416602_1415 - card02C - Lilac Ruffle Easel -MTC-STUDIO-WPC-PDF 3cup400985_1415 - card01C - Double Octagon Easel Card SVG 4cup400985_1415 - card02C - Double Octagon Easel Card SVG

  1. 1930’S ROLLS ROYCE PHOTOGRAPH, Oval Pyramids by Nick Bowley (I printed the sheet out onto glossy Crafty Bob paper and cut out the base layer and two of the oval layers.  I decided to recycle two sheets of chipboard cardstock, that came as protection either side of a paper pack, to create a base card of 21cm square. I scored using my Hougie Board, then used ultra tacky tape to stick the two together. I matted the base image onto a toning shade of glitter card from kit “Bexley Black Capsule Papercraft Collection” that I’ve got in my crafting stash and trimmed to leave an even border.  Because I was sticking onto glitter paper I used glue gel for this.  I used some background paper from the same kit as the glitter card, cut into four, as corner mats and a matching  panel below.  The matted image was stuck on using 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape and the same tape was used to attach the oval pyramage layers.  This card had no intricate cutting out, only straight edge cutting, so not difficult for somebody with moderate dexterity issues.)
  2. Lilac Ruffle Easel *MTC*STUDIO*WPC*PDF* by Rae Carr (I took the file into my Silhouette Studio software and cut the main easel card layer out of 280gsm linen textured white cardstock using my Silhouette Cameo. The other heart layers and bow I spaced onto the area with registration marks in place and printed them out onto 300gsm Super Smooth white cardstock before cutting them out using my Cameo. I then used fingerlift tape to attach the base layers to inside and front and 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape to attach the second heart layer. I used glue gel to attach the bow layer. This is a very pretty little card that’s easy to make as all the cutting is done using the Cameo.  I’m thinking that I may add some glitter next time, and perhaps put a proper ribbon bow over the paper one. I may also type in a greeting before printing and cutting out.)
  3. Double Octagon Easel Card *SVG* by Rae Carr and butterfly from Layered Doily 1 & Butterfly….SVG by Tina Fitch (I decided to make this card up in red and white, therefore I moved the layers I wanted in white off my working area in Silhouette Studio before I cut the main card and top layers, together with the butterfly, out of red, linen textured, cardstock using my Silhouette Cameo.  I then moved the layers around again and cut out the other layers out a a white version of the same cardstock.  I used finger-lift tape to attach the white panels to the bottom half of the octagon easels, and then 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape to add the red octagon panels and the two layers of the stopper.  I’d gone round the top stopper layer with a red ProMarker and also used the same pen to write “Penblwydd Hapus”, Welsh for “Happy Birthday” on it.  I made up some white roses and rose buds from ready die-cut white spirals, using quick grab glue to stick them together, and stuck these, and some white paper flowers from my crafting stash, onto the card using glue gel.  I also used glue gel to attach the butterfly.  I purposely made the two octagon panels different for interest.)
  4. A closer, angled, look at one of the octagon panels.

1cup410785_198 - card02bC - VASE OF FLOWERS CENTRE STEP CARD 2cup410785_198 - card03C - VASE OF FLOWERS CENTRE STEP CARD 3cup410785_198 - card04C - VASE OF FLOWERS CENTRE STEP CARD

  1. VASE OF FLOWERS CENTRE STEP CARD by Clive Couter (I printed the main stepper card with digi-stamp image, plus butterflies, out from within my Silhouette Studio software onto 300gsm Super Smooth white cardstock and then cut it out using my Silhouette Cameo.  I cut the back of the central panel, together with the add-on panel I’d made to go over the front, out from a pinkey coloured 250gsm pearlescent cardstock, and the front of the decorative central panel out of green, linen effect, 250gsm cardstock.  I used my ProMarkers to colour in the vase of flowers and butterflies.  The colours I used were: Amethyst, Spring Lilac, Orchid, Pineapple Crush, Buttercup, Bluebell, Powder Blue, Apricot, Honeycomb, Meadow Green, Soft Green.  I used a quick grab wet glue to stick on the front and back panels.  I shaped the butterflies and then used glue gel to attach them in various locations over the card.  I haven’t added a greeting yet as I’m not sure what language the card will be needed in, but there’s plenty of room across the front to add one.)
  2. This is a side angle view of the previous card to show the dimension.
  3. And this is a closer look at a different angle.



I’ve made two totally different boxes to show you this time.  One is a tower that opens out to show four drawers that are big enough to hold bracelets, earrings, etc.  The second is a shallow box card with room inside for a bar of chocolate or something of a similar dimension.

1cup399663_1415 - card01C - Fancy Drawer Card MTC_SCAL_STUDIO_SVG_WPC 2cup399663_1415 - card03C - Fancy Drawer Card MTC_SCAL_STUDIO_SVG_WPC 3cup410686_1415 - card01C - Candy Bar Card SVG 4cup410686_1415 - card03C - Candy Bar Card SVG

  1. Fancy Drawer Card MTC*SCAL*STUDIO*SVG*WPC by Rae Carr (I opened the cutting file in my silhouette Studio software and moved the pieces on and off the mat as needed to cut out all the pieces. I decided to do the main body and lid of the box tower in white card-stock, the drawers and some decoration in red – both from the same pack of cardstock, and the rest of the decoration in yellow linen textured cardstock.  I used a Red ProMarker to edge around the panels that decorate the outside of the box.  I used a quick grab glue to stick the majority of the pieces together, including lid, boxes, and triangular decoration to lid.  The finished side panels were attached using 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape after I’d glued on the lattice and edged with red.  Although this took a bit of time to cut out, due to the number of pieces, they all cut nice and cleanly.  I was amazed at how easily everything went together once I’d started constructing, with everything being a perfect fit. This is a gorgeous drawer tower for either having on the dressing table holding little trinkets, or for giving to somebody, perhaps with some jewellery in each drawer.)
  2. This is the inside of the opened box that’s shown closed in the previous picture.
  3. Candy Bar Card *SVG* by Rae Carr ( I opened the cutting file in my Silhouette Studio software and cut out the main piece out of purple, 216gsm cardstock.  The panel behind the lattice is a white version of the same cardstock.  After cutting the candy bar card out using my Silhouette Cameo I used a quick grab glue to put the small “box” element for the chocolate bar together.  I simply decorated this with three, yellow, paper flowers.  Perfect little decorative packaging for a small gift of a chocolate bar, or anything else that’s around 1cm deep.)
  4. Slightly angled view of same box card as previous image.



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7 Replies to “Crafting At The Start Of May 2013”

  1. These are all so pretty, I love the lilac heart card it’s so elegant and your boxes look fantastic
    Lindsay xx

  2. A brilliant selection Gwyneth. The heart and the octagon easels are fabulous. The drawer tower is wonderful x

  3. Hi Gwyneth, you’ve certainly been busy. These are all beautiful creations. I like the heart one in particular and the box. Unfortunately I don’t have a silhouette machine, I have the cricut and Craft Robo and trying to resist the temptation to buy the silhouette, although everyone seems to rave about them. I’ve followed on bloglovin, I don’t know if it will come through on my notifications as I’m having problems with it. Take care Wendy xx

    • Thank you very much for following Wendy. You are showing up in the list of followers I see when I go to the Bloglovin’ site so the Bloglovin’ system has recognised that you are following. In theory you should then see any new posts I make when you go into Bloglovin’ – mind you, theory and computers doesn’t always work does it. I started off with the CraftROBO 330-20 and loved it and what it could do. If I hadn’t I wouldn’t have considered saving and upgrading to the Silhouette Cameo, for the ability to cut the extra weight of cardstock and larger area. As the CraftROBO would work with the Silhouette Studio software I’d upgraded to use that before I made the leap and purchased the Cameo. But the good thing is that, with both the designs you mentioned, none of the individual pieces are larger than A4, so can be cut out using CraftROBO, using the Double Cut feature for slightly heavier weight cardstock than the Robo will cut happily on a single cut.

  4. Some beautiful work here, love the stepper especially. Amanda x