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(If you don’t want to know what I used and how I made a card you can just click the thumbnail images to view each card at a larger size, and then click “Back” and scroll down to the next section.

I put together a small number of cards today, with some of them being embellished using the embellishments I made using Martha Stewart clay, both white and coloured, and moulds, earlier in the week.  With some of the flower embellishments, after taking them out of the moulds, I pushed a poky tool in twice, once either side of the centre, to make holes  thus making embellishment flower buttons.  These buttons, and the other embellishments I made were coloured using a dusting of Craft Dusting Powders.



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I’d like to enter this card into the following challenges:

1cup384487_1749 - card02C - Framed Sewing Theme Digi Stamp 2cup384487_1749 - card03C - Framed Sewing Theme Digi Stamp

  1. Framed Sewing Theme Digi Stamp by Janette Padley (I printed the digi out onto 300gsm Super Smooth white cardstock and coloured it in using my ProMarkers.  The colours I used were: sewing machine – Cool Grey 1, 2, 3, 4, Tan; scissors – Cool Grey 2, 5; dress – Peony, Orchid, Grass; embroidery hoop – Ivory, Peony, Orchid, Grass; shading and frame – Cool Grey 1, 2.  I prepared a base card by scoring an A4 sheet of white hammered card-stock using  my Hougie Board and folded it in half before sticking a mat of silver mirror paper trimmed to be 1cm smaller in all directions on it using a roller glue pen.  I cut a panel of pale pink, linen textured, cardstock to be approximately 1cm smaller on each side than the silver mirror layer and again used my Hougie Board to emboss a diamond pattern on it.  I put super sticky tape all round the back of this and wound some purple jute twine around this before sticking it down onto the mirror mat.  I used a decorative edged cutter and cut two panels out of white linen textured cardstock and coloured these with two of the colours I’d used on the digi-stamp.  After cutting out the digi I put a green ribbon – recycled from a dress – through the hole at the top, and I wound the rest of the ribbon up into a bundle.  I cut a paper lace border from a doily and scrunched this up.  I stamped “Penblwydd Hapus” – Welsh for “Happy Birthday” – onto one of the coloured swatches using the Martha Stewart Self Inking Stamp Designer Starter Kit.  I’d made little pink flower shaped buttons out of clay a few days ago.  I took three of these and threaded yellow jute twine through the holes and tied on top of the buttons before trimming.  I started tucking the pieces I’d collected under the jute twine on the card front, gluing everything in place using  glue gel once I was happy with the layout.)
  2. Closeup of coloured in digi-stamp.

1cup421308_1294 -  card02C - Card Topper Kit 4 2cup421308_1294 -  card03C - Card Topper Kit 4 3cup424354_497 - card01C - Fairy Paloma 4cup424354_497 - card03C - Fairy Paloma

  1. Card Topper Kit 4 by Marie Wolman (I took various elements from within this kit into one of my graphics packages and re-sized, moved around and layered – off-setting each one towards the left hand side rather than centering – until I had a 6″ topper of a design I liked.  I added the greeting “Penblwydd Hapus” – Welsh for “Happy Birthday” – and then placed extra copies of some of the elements to one side on my working area to use for decoupaging on my final card.  The finished page was printed out onto a 300gsm Super Smooth white cardstock and all the pieces were cut out.  I prepared a 6″ square base card from a white, linen textured, card-stock.  I used finger-lift tape to attach the base topper to the card front and glue gel to add the decoupage elements.  I then embellished with different sized sticky back faux gems.)
  2. A different angled view of the card to show the dimension of the decoupaged flowers, etc.
  3. Fairy Paloma by Mishara Armenia and Fantasy Dreams Paper Set by Karen Wyeth (I took one of the fairy images together with one background into one of my graphics packages and re-sized and colourised a bit until I had a layout for a card topper of about 4″ square I was happy with.  I also put a second copy of the fairy on the other side of my working area so that I’d have a layer to decoupage once it was printed off.  I printed onto 300gsm Super Smooth white cardstock and cut out the topper and fairy.  I prepared a 6″ square, white hammered, card with rounded corners.  I also rounded the corners of my topper and a panel of holographic silver mirror paper to go with it.  I went round the edge of the topper panel with a blue metallic marker.  I used finger-lift tape to attach the holographic mirror paper to the base card and the same type of tape to attach my topper.  I then used glue gel to attach the fairy – which I’d shaped gently before attaching.  I also added a butterfly embellishment and some sticky back faux gems.)
  4. Different angled view of previous card to show dimension of the fairy and butterfly.


1cup421311_1294 - card01C -  Card Topper Kit 3 2cup421311_1294 - card02C -  Card Topper Kit 3 3cup427638_1779 - card02C -  Silhouette Bride and Groom 4cup427638_1779 - card05C -  Silhouette Bride and Groom

  1. Card Topper Kit 3 by Marie Wolman (I took various elements from this kit into one of my graphics packages and moved about, layered, and re-sized until I had panels I liked as a decorative card front, topper layer, inside/base layer, and various elements to decoupage.  I then printed the A4 sheet out onto 300gsm Super Smooth white cardstock.  I took an A4 sheet of hammered white card-stock, scored and folded it in half.  I put the topper layer on this, overlapping the folded edge by a bit, and drew around this.  I cut out the shaped card and then scored it across the half way line of the front.  My card front layer was attached to the bottom half of this using finger-lift tape.  My insert/bottom panel was also stuck inside using the same tape.  I used  2mm deep, double sided, foam tape to attach the topper layer and the bow which I used as a stopper.  I then used glue gel to attach the flower and leaf layers.)
  2. Diferent angle view of same card to show easel shape and dimension of topper.
  3. Silhouette Bride and Groom by Sharon Cook and Fantasy Dreams Paper Set by Karen Wyeth (I took the silhouette into one of my graphics packages along with one background from the other kit.  I re-sized both to make my topper, with the silhouette standing off the bottom of the background.  I printed this onto 300gsm Super Smooth white cardstock and cut it out.  I stuck this topper onto a sheet of holographic silver mirror paper and used a Perfect Layers rulers to cut a border of three eighths of an inch round the top, right and left side, and three quarters of an inch beyond the bottom of the background at the bottom.  I created an A5 card by scoring and folding in half an A4 sheet of linen textured white card-stock.  I stuck a white doily towards the top of this before using a roller glue pen to attach the layered topper.  I added some sticky back faux pearls to the top right and bottom left of the topper and added various embellishments I’d made around the card using glue gel.)
  4. An angled view showing the dimension of the embellishments on the previous card.



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