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(I know that I write a lot in each blog post – this helps me remember what colours or cardstock I’ve used in case I want to get a similar effect in the future, in addition to providing information that some readers might be interested in – so please don’t think that you have to read every word I’ve written.)
(If you don’t want to know what I used and how I made a card you can just click the thumbnail images to view each card at a larger size, and then click “Back” and scroll down to the next section.

A bit of a mixed media panel, a hybrid crafting card front, and a couple of more usual cards are being showcased in my blog post today.  The first two are for a few challenges.  Let me know what you think of my latest creations.



I made this for the:

1SDD_Generations_Stamp_Plain - card02

  1. Generations Vintage Quote Stamp by Janette Padley (I started off with a Bockingford Watercolour Board 9x6in and sprayed it with Mister Hueys Classic Calico – Set of 3 – using Warm calico, Dark calico and Manila – I must admit that it turned out much darker than I expected, but never mind – I went with what I got.  After it had dried I then rubbed some Creative Expressions Metallic Gilding Wax – Cast Bronze at random over the surface.  The digi stamp was printed out twice onto 300gsm Super Smooth white cardstock and coloured in with a Gold Metallic Marker and my ProMarkers.  The colours I used were: Red, Vanilla, Satin, March Hare, Sandstone, Tan, Cinnamon, Chestnut.  I coloured in the pieces I intended to cut out and stick on raised on one copy, and coloured the background elements that I intended to keep flat on the other printout.  I then cut up the first copy and stuck the pieces onto the other using 2mm deep, double sided, foam tape.  I cut out two circles each from three shades of brown core’dinations cardstock, went round the edge with the same Red ProMarker used to colour the digi-stamp, then scrunched them up completely.  After roughly flattening them out again I used a sanding block to go over them to pick out the crease lines.  I then used gold 3D Pearly elegance to write the letters LIFE on four of the circles before sticking these down towards the left of my board using glue gel.  The other two circles were stuck down towards the right of my board using the same glue.  I wrapped a piece of red jute twine around the coloured in and built up digi stamp before also sticking this on top.)

Now the thought behind this creation was a bit convoluted to say the least, and there are several things I must admit to about it.

I have to admit that the background colour isn’t what I expected, I thought that the manila and calico spray would be a lighter brown. I also have to admit that I just wasn’t up to doing messy crafting with sprays, but wanted to give these a go, so I put my board in the bathroom sink, sprayed a bit, put the board on the windowsill to dry, and turned on the tap to wash away the ink that had sprayed inside the sink – background created and mess cleaned all in two minutes – job done.

The third thing I have to admit to is looking at the digi we’d received for this colouring in challenge and thinking – what the blazes am I going to do with that?  The words on it are quite profound and not very modern – I don’t do much wording on my cards because it means that any sentiment or greeting can be added to make it relevant to the recipient and occasion, in either Welsh or English, at a later date – so I just couldn’t see how I could use the digi on a card.  I wasn’t feeling up to doing any crafting the first few days I had the digi in any case, but that doesn’t mean that the brain wasn’t slowly ticking over and thinking about it at odd times.  The letters LIFE in little circles at the bottom made me remember something about the circle of life – but do you think I could remember exactly what the saying was – not a chance – but I decided to add larger circles with the letters LIFE to my creation in any case.  It also made me remember something I’d heard once about life being like a piece of tangled string – all pieces of string have a two ends, and when untangling it you first find the beginning and work through till you’ve found the other end, quite often finding that it’s tangled with several other pieces on the way – but again I can’t remember the wording of that saying rightly either – but decided that I might as well add a piece of string to my composition seeing as my brain was throwing these odd ideas at me.  And as I thought the wording of the digi was quite old fashioned I thought that going browns and vintage would be good.  But there again it is talking about life, so as life blood is red (ish) I decided to use red as an accent colour.

So there you have it – my convoluted route to creating the creation above.

Now on to my card creation:-


(Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards.)

I made this for the:

1Camping and Fishing 02

  1. Camping Trip by Janette Padley and scrapbooking Fun in The Sun Mini theme by Janette Padley (I took elements from the mini theme kit, together with the digi-stamp, into one of my graphics packages and re-sized, moved about, manipulated and cropped, until I had a layout for a design approximately 8″ square laid out.  I then printed the design out onto 300gsm, Super Smooth, white card-stock.  The digi-stamp area was then coloured in using ProMarkers. The colours I used were: Twilight Sky, Chestnut, Shale, Cocoa, Sandstone, Tan, Powder Blue, Honeycomb.  After colouring I stuck to the front of an  8″ square Crafty Bob white card using finger-lift tape.  I trimmed back the card a bit because the front panel was slightly smaller than 8″.  – I’m thinking that perhaps I should have made the panel slightly smaller and matted it with a fine border before putting on the card, rather than trimming the card to fit.)


And two more “usual” cards.

1cup103565_359 - card03C - DL 'Silver Metallic Frame' Card Front or insert 2cup430951_117 - card02C - Digital Stamp Poppies with coloured version too

  1. DL ‘Silver Metallic Frame’ Card Front or insert by Carol Clarke and Digital Stamp Topiary with coloured version too by Pamela West (I printed this sheet out onto 300gsm Super Smooth white cardstock and trimmed it before scoring using my Hougie Board and then folding it in half.  I also printed out the digi-stamp onto the same type of card-stock at a smaller size than provided, coloured it in using my ProMarkers, cut it out as an oval panel and stuck it to the front of the card using 2mm deep, double sided, foam tape.  The colours of ProMarkers I used were: Apricot and Sandstone for the pot; Sandstone and Tan for the wall; Denim Blue and Red for the little flowers; Grass for the tree; Cool Grey 3, 2, 1, for the paving.  Although not obvious in the photo, I finished off the card by putting four small sticky back green pearls in each of the corners.  I haven’t put a greeting on yet as I don’t know what language or occasion it will be needed for.  I think the colouring means it could be used for a male as well as female recipient.)
  2. DL Fancy Bow Card Front or Insert by Carol Clarke and Digital Stamp Poppies with coloured version too by Pamela West (I printed the digi-stamp out onto 300gsm Super Smooth white cardstock at smaller than the size provided.  I then coloured it in using my ProMarkers before cutting it out into an oval topper panel.  The ProMarkers I used were: poppies – Red; poppy centres – Cool Grey 5, Black; leaves – Grass, Holly; background – Pastel Blue.  I printed the card front onto the same type of card-stock, trimmed it, scored it using my Hougie Board, and folded it in half to form my base card.  I then stuck my topper onto this using 2mm deep, double sided, foam tape.  I finished off by adding some small, deep red, sticky back pearls around the top of the oval and on the ribbon detail at the bottom.  I haven’t put a greeting on yet as I don’t know what language or occasion it will be needed for. )



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  1. Wonderful cards Gwyneth. Your “LIFE” card is a bit like life itself, it doesn’t always turn out how we’d originally thought x