Crafting The End Of June 2013 & A Discount Code

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Today I have some musings, some cards and then some jewellery


Hi to all of you who’ve found your way to this blog post.  Following a week to ten days when all sorts of things have interrupted my crafting, as well as my browsing around the blogs I love to follow, I’ve been slowly trying to catch up over the last couple of days.

There are so many wonderful crafting blogs I’ve added to my Bloglovin’ list because I love to look at all the crafty makes of a lot of wonderful crafters, plus I do think it’s polite to do a return visit if somebody’s been kind enough to visit my blog and leave a comment, although  the return visit may not be straight away – and in any case most of those who’ve commented lately are already on my list of blogs I follow.

Many of you have been kind enough to comment on previous posts of mine and mention what a lot of crafting I’d got on show – when I was actually thinking that I wasn’t achieving a lot at all.  But I’ve just realised the fact that I blog in batches must be giving people the impression that I make huge quantities of crafted projects.  So I went to have a look at how the quantity of my craft blogging compares to others – not because it’s particularly important you understand, and not because I want to be making as much or the same type of crafting as anybody else, but simply because the thought struck me so I just had to have a bit of a look to find out.  In a period of the last 10 days (writing this bit on Tuesday 25th), when I’ve managed 3 blog posts with 6 cards each on them, making a total of 18 cards, one of the wonderful crafters who’s blog I follow via Bloglovin’ has put up over 25 blog posts of her creations.  Wow!  And there are heaps of the blogs I follow with well over 10 new posts in that period, some with more than one creation on show in each post. So I’m thinking now that I’m not really making any more than most of you wonderful crafters out there, that it’s just my method of working and blogging that’s different, with many of you making lots of different blog posts because you are on several different design teams.

I don’t know whether my method of blogging in batches puts people off looking at my blog, I just know that I find it easier to work, and keep a record of my crafty creations, in this way. I know that I write a lot in each blog post – this helps me remember what colours or cardstock I’ve used in case I want to get a similar effect in the future, in addition to providing information that some readers might be interested in, such links to where the items I’ve used can be found – but please don’t think that you have to read every word I’ve written.  If you don’t want to know what I used and how I made a card you can just click the thumbnail images to view each card at a larger size, and then click “Back” and go look at the next crafted item.

And now – back to my browsing and commenting on the blogs I follow – well I’ve had to admit defeat, and I apologize and say that there’s no way I’m going to be able to comment on every post made over the last 10 days by the crafters I follow.  The shear numbers make it impossible, but also I tend to get engrossed in reading every detail of blog posts and before I know it an hour has gone and I’ve only been to half a dozen different blogs at most.  So much crafting to look at and gain inspiration from in Blogland, and far too little time to look at everything.  – I need more time!  If anybody’s got any spare please send it my way.  What I’m now trying to do is look at all the pictures on display on Bloglovin’ and just pick a post or two by each blogger to go and read in more detail and comment on.

So now, onward to the crafting I’ve completed Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning.  After the bright colours of the rainbow card, and the rich colours of the bird and lilac card, in my last post, this time I’ve gone for a much more muted look.  I hope you like the cards and jewellery I’ve got to show you today.



(Clicking on a thumbnail image takes you to a larger version of the image for you to have a better look at the card.  Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards.)

1cup89286_359 - card02C - 8 x 8 Pearls and Lace Card Front 2cup92344_359 - card03C - Square 'Silver Metallic Frame' Card Front or insert 3cup99694_359 - card02C - DL 'Silver Metallic Frame' Card Front or insert 4cup427505_1716 - card02C - Spring Blossom

  1. 8 x 8 Pearls and Lace Card Front by Carol Clarke and 3 Crosses for religious occassions SVG by Vicki Avcin (I printed the sheet onto  300gsm Super Smooth white cardstock and cut it out.  I took two layers of one of the crosses that I’d cut out of white and purple linen textured card-stock using my Silhouette Cameo, and stuck 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape behind the top half of both of them.  I cut a slit around the top edge of the bow on the card front and tucked the bottom of both crosses into the slit, sticking the top halves to the card front and each other using the tape previously applied.  This card front was then stuck to the front of an 8″ square, white, Crafty Bob base card using some finger-lift tape. I used some die cut flourishes and flowers that I’d cut out of white card-stock when making a previous project and used quick grab white glue to attach these to the cross.  I used 2mm deep, double sided, foam tape to attach the greeting panel which says “Gyda Chydymdeimlad” – which is Welsh for “With Sympathy”.  I finished off with some sticky back faux pearls placed in the flower centres.)
  2. Square ‘Silver Metallic Frame’ Card Front or insert by Carol Clarke and 3 Crosses for religious occassions SVG by Vicki Avcin (I printed this sheet out onto 300gsm Super Smooth white card-stock.  I then trimmed it, scored it using my Hougie Board, and folded it in half.  I wanted to keep this very simple, so, although there are three layers to the cross I cut out of white linen card-stock using my Silhouette Cameo I decided to simply use one layer for this card.  I went round the edges with a light grey ProMarker and stuck it to the front of my card using 2mm deep, double sided, foam tape.  I’ve not put on a greeting yet as I don’t know what language the card will be needed in.)
  3. DL ‘Silver Metallic Frame’ Card Front or insert by Carol Clarke (I printed the sheet out onto 300gsm Super Smooth white card-stock.  I then cut it out, scored it using my Hougie Board, and folded it in half to make my base card.  I took a sheet of white, pre-die cut spirals and leaves to create my decoration.  As the card front is in various shades of graduated yellow with silver I decided to colour the leaves in with a silver metallic marker before shaping them using a ball tool.  I chose two yellow coloured ProMarkers and coloured in both sides of the spirals with the lightest yellow – Pineapple Crush – while still in the sheets.  I then took the spirals apart and wound them up to make two sizes of roses, folding out the scalloped edge to give some dimension to the “petals” as I went.   Each flower was stuck at the back using quick grab wet glue.  I then used the darker of my two chosen yellow coloured ProMarkers – Summer Sun – and went over the tips of the “petals” to give some different depth of colour to them.  I used the same glue to attach everything to my card front.  I’m not sure what language this card will be needed in so I’ve not put on a greeting yet.)
  4. Spring Blossom by Joan King (I printed this sheet out onto 300gsm Super Smooth white card-stock, trimmed the edges and then scored it using my Hougie Board before folding it in half to make my base card.  I wanted to make a light card and thought that this would make a perfect backdrop.  The centerpiece is a greeting panel “Penblwydd Hapus” – which is Welsh for “Happy Birthday”, and this is framed by a white, die-cut, frame and embellished with other white die-cut elements which included flowers and a dove, and three little sprigs of green die-cut leaves.)



This is a set of a necklace, a pair of earrings and a bracelet.  The set is made using two sizes of Brazilian Sodalite beads – 16mm which are wrapped with silver toned wire in all three pieces, and 6mm sized ones which are clustered in groups of three on eye-pins on both the necklace and bracelet and as a single drop on head-pins on the earrings.  The chain I’ve used is a double link one, and I’ve used barrel magnet clasps on the necklace and bracelet.

1BeadedSet101 03 2BeadedSet101 02 3BeadedSet101 07

  1. Complete set.
  2. Necklace.
  3. Closeup of necklace wrapped beads.

1BeadedSet101 06 2BeadedSet101 08 3BeadedSet101 09

  1. Earrings
  2. Bracelet.
  3. Closeup of bracelet beads.



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10 Replies to “Crafting The End Of June 2013 & A Discount Code”

  1. Fabulous projects as always, love the jewellery and Gwyneth if you find more time, could you send some to me please, lol, following you on bloglovin, hun xxx

  2. A great selection again Gwyneth – I love number 1 the best – its really beautiful with delicate colours and lace effect – fabulous.
    Re your discussion on blogging -I prefer to see blogs like yours with plenty of content, rather than ones that are published two or sometimes three times a day (some times I struggle to comment on them all!). I try to discipline myself to post more or less on a daily basis, but don’t beat myself up if I don’t manage this – life is for living etc etc.
    Take care, keep well

  3. Such beautiful projects the cards and jewellery really are stunning fab work xx

  4. As always, the cards are absolutely gorgeous. I love the understated colours and papers etc. The layouts are great and perfect for christenings etc.

    The jewellery is stunning! Love the beads/stones you have used…. Very talented lady 😀

    Hugs Lisa xxxxx

  5. Fabulous cards Gwyneth with lovely soft colours. The jewellery set is wonderful and I love the beads.
    I don’t blog all the cards I make, I just don’t have the time. I sometimes find it a struggle to get round all the blogs I follow, but, like you, I do try. As a regular follower of yours I know what to expect with regards to multiple cards and projects. I think it’s a good idea as there is less pressure to comment on each and every item than if you blogged them individually. Keep up your style, I like it.
    I must investigate this Bloglovin’ – when I get the time, lol x

  6. Another stunning selection of projects Gwyneth. Loving the cards, particularly the lace front card and I so admire your skill with jewellery making. That is quite beyond me. I really appreciate the time you take to visit my blog and the kind and considered comments that you make.
    Thank you.