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Some More Musings and Then Some Cards For Men This time

(As usual – If you don’t want to know what I used and how I made a card you can just skip to the pictures, click the thumbnail images to view each card at a larger size, and then click “Back” and scroll down to the next section.)

My musings for today are centered around crafting groups on Facebook.  There are some great groups for crafters on Facebook with lots of lovely people in them (and some groups with the occasional not-so-lovely person as well – but no need to dwell on those).  I’ve started making a list of some FB crafting groups in a panel down the left hand side of my blog.  I’ve still got some more to add to the list of my favourites.

But what I really need to do is go through the the list of Facebook Groups I belong to and leave a few of the groups.  At the moment I’m a member of more groups than I want to be a member of.  Not because there’s anything wrong with the groups but because there simply isn’t enough time in the day to read all the posts in all of them and actually be active in the groups in any way.  The problem is going to be which ones to leave.  Some of them I think I’ve joined by default because somebody else added me without asking – a big “no no” as far as I’m concerned – but I think quite a bit of that was down to the way Facebook groups were set up so that if you clicked to Invite somebody to the group you were actually making them a member, not sending them an invite.  I don’t know whether that’s changed now because – either, my FB friends have learned that I don’t like to join groups I know nothing about, or the system of “inviting” people to groups has changed.

I think I’m going to have to decide by looking at the list of groups and seeing which ones I’ve been in lately, and leaving the ones I’ve not been active in.  So groups like Crafts Galore (which was formally Cards Galore), Lets Craft. A friendly crafting groupCRAFTY TALK & TECHNIQUES, and quite a few others, – stay, but several selling groups – must go.



(Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards.)

With my brother, a brother-in-law, and my father all having birthdays within a month of each other I thought I’d better make a start on their cards, as I’ve been asked for ones to give them by different members of the family – it’s not just the ones from me.  So this post has four male cards – which does make up a bit for the fact that there have been a few posts lately missing cards for men and when I’ve been challenging myself to make at least one card suitable for a man in every batch of cards I make.

1cup377011_1749 - card04C - Denim Days Mini Theme 2cup377011_1749 - card05C - Denim Days Mini Theme 3cup377011_1749 - card06C - Denim Days Mini Theme 4cup377011_1749 - card02C - Denim Days Mini Theme

  1. Denim Days Mini Theme by Janette Padley (I took several elements from this kit into one of my graphics packages and moved things about and re-sized, adding some silhouette images pertinent to the recipient and putting one of the faux brads over the flower on the paper-clip, to make an 8″ square card front, an extra piece to make the pocket, and greetings tag with the paperclip on top – which is put into the pocket.  I then printed the design out onto 300gsm Super Smooth white cardstock and cut out the card front, the tag and the pocket.  I added faux stitching to the pocket and the diagonal ribbon element using a purple Wink of Stella pen.  The card front was attached to an 8″ square, white, Crafty Bob base card using finger-lift tape, and the pocket was attached to the front of this using 2mm deep, double sided, foam tape.  The tag was then simply dropped into the pocket after I’d written on the back of it.  For this card I’ve left the inside of the card totally blank – I wonder how long it will take the recipient to realise that the greeting is in the pocket?)
  2. Same card with greeting tag removed from pocket
  3. Side close-up of card showing dimension of pocket and tag.
  4. Denim Days Mini Theme by Janette Padley (I took several elements from the kit into one of my graphics packages and re-size, moved around, copied, and added two photos of the intended recipient to make an 8″ square sized card front.  I printed this off onto 300gsm Super Smooth white cardstock and cut it out.  This was stuck to the front of an 8″ square, white, Crafty Bob base card using finger-lift tape.  I then used a blue “Wink of Stella” pen to colour in the 60, around the peg holding up the “keyring”, and to add a “club” to one of the tags on the “keyring”. )

1cup312903_437 - card02C - Early Morning Dude 2cup373931_1749 - card01C - Fruitfull Elements

  1. Early Morning Dude by Gordon Fraser (I printed the sheet out onto 300gsm Super Smooth white cardstock and cut out the pieces.  I matted the image onto a black patterned paper from my crafting stash and trimmed it to leave a small border.  I made some paper ribbon pennants from another patterned paper from the same Papermania pack from my stash.  I took an 8″ square, white, Crafty Bob base card and put the matted image towards the right hand side using finger-lift tape.  I put the other elements onto the card, also using finger-lift tape.  I finished off by adding the decoupage layers, sticking these in place using glue gel.)
  2. Fruitfull Elements by Janette Padley (For this card I took several of the elements into one of my graphics packages and resize, moved around, copied, and added a horse and rider silhouette to make a card front suitable for the recipient.  I also put a greeting tag I’d create from the elements which says “Penblwydd Hapus” – Welsh for “Happy Birthday”, button and photo holders from the kit on the other side of my working area so that they could be decoupaged on to my card.  I then printed the design onto 300gsm Super Smooth white cardstock and cut out all the pieces.  I made my base card by scoring an A4 sheet of Centura Pearl Snow White using my Hougie Board and then folding it in half.  The card front was stuck to this using finger-lift tape and then I used a pokey tool to put holes in the button and tag.  I put a piece of jute twine through these and then stuck them onto the card front using 2mm deep, double sided, foam tape.  I then tied off the jute twine so that it was the correct length.  I used glue gel to add the picture holders.)



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