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The majority of my crafting, well over half, is done in bed with my most used items gathered around me,

I’ve not actually got any cards, or any other crafting, to show you this time (click on Home and scroll down if you’ve not seen any of my work in my previous posts) – but I just had to tell you that there’s a piece about me in “Crafty People Monthly” this month as part of an article by Marleen Gallagher about “Crafting with an Illness“.

“Crafty People Monthly” is a free online magazine for everyone and everything crafty and creative and the July 2013 edition is Edition #3.  Under the “More” heading there’s a link to go to the archives of the previous articles.  Also under “More” is a link to the “Get In Touch” page where you can write to the team – perhaps you would like to feature in a future edition of this new monthly magazine.

Marleen has her own blog, “Marleen’s Crafty Space“, where she’s also done a post on the 1st July about the various pieces she’s got in this month’s “Crafty People Monthly”, so you’ll see my face on that blog as well.



Other than crafting, my other hobby is gardening.  If you’ve read the piece in “Crafting People Monthly” that I refer to above you’ll have read that, with my health/disability issues, my crafting is all about adapting and doing what I can when I can.  The same is true of my gardening these days.  Short sessions of between 15 minutes to an hour every day or two, and then a long rest in bed. A very long rest usually.  In the case of today – an hour and a half sleep.

No mowing of lawns – no way I could walk back and fore for long enough to do that, or hold control of a mower.

No digging of the vegetable plot – no way I could stand and maneuver a shovel for long enough to dig a piece big enough to be of any worth – not even in several sessions.


I’ve got three types of tomatoes, peppers and cucumers, as well as some herbs and salad leaves in the greenhouse by now.

But what I do have is a greenhouse which has raised beds with sides built of brick.  I sit on the bricks on one side to work on the bed on the other side.  The path is narrow enough for me to do this.  There is a bit of a step to get over to get in, but one of my nephews has built a few small steps for me to get in rather than the one large one that there was.

With the weather and additional health problems it was far later than usual at me starting out the greenhouse this year.  I didn’t get out there until the second week in June, and, although I’d bought the tomato, etc., plants at my favourite garden centre, it was well into the third week in June at me getting them into the greenhouse. The soil in the raised beds could have done with being replaced this year, but the nephew who usually helps me with heavy work wasn’t available so I decided to go with growbags.  The garden centre, which is only a mile or so down the road, loading the bags into my car for me and my brother-in-law carying them down to the bottom of the garden for me.


My brother-in-law and nephew also built me a raised bed a couple of years ago after they’d helped build us a nice new garden shed.  This is three blocks high and filled with earth in the bottom and enriched with compost at the top, and I grow some salad veg like raddish, beetroot, carrots, etc., to eat as baby veg in it.  Because it was the last week in June at me getting started on this raised bed this year I invested in a cloche to put over half of it to give a head start to half the seeds – especially in view of the fact that we are still getting very cold and blowy weather considering that it is suppose to be summer.

You can just see the garden chair I sit in to work on this bed leaning against it.  I’ve got five of these dotted around the garden so that I’m only making short walks and have somewhere to sit down in.  One near the strawberry tower I grow a few strawberry plants in – we’ve had 3 strawberries so far this year and they were very tasty.  One in the middle of the lawn that I sit in while our little old dog has a play around before going back into her fenced in area of the garden.  One by the blackcurrant bushes that I sit in to pick blackcurrants and gooseberries when they are ready. etc.  Plenty of places, be they posts or walls, to lean against, and constantly on the lookout for anything that could scratch my damage leg and cause another flareup of cellulitis and an exacerbation of the lymphoedoema that could land me back in hospital again.

With starting so late this year I don’t know how much of a crop I’ll get, and I know that there’s a lot of work that needs to be done in the garden, but I’m not going to stress about it.  I’m sure I’ll get something from the garden, and I’m sure I’ll manage to do a few more small jobs, slowly, a bit at a time, at my own pace.  My niece is going to help me with a few things.  Anything that doesn’t get done – simply doesn’t get done.  Like my crafting I’ll take it one hour, and one day, at a time and see how it goes.


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