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Some Musings, Three Cards, and a Gardening Update
Please excuse any mis-spellings of words in this post – for some reason the spell-checker thinks that there’s absolutely no wrong spellings in this – even when I tell it to check in French and Spanish it still comes back that everything is right – so I know something’s gone wrong and I’m simply not up to trying to work out what’s gone wrong.


With the infection in my damaged leg, plus the realy hot weather, I’ve not done much crafting lately.  In fact I’ve not done much of anything most days since my last post.  A bit of watering the areas of the garden I can work with twice a day, and a very small bit of crafting, and doing a bit of browsing FB and some blogs on my tablet when I’ve felt able, and that’s just about it.  This afternoon I decided to get my Laptop computer out and start on another blog post.  There’s not a huge amount of crafting to show you, but I hope you like the three cards I have made.


Forums and Facebook are all wonderful creations and can be a mine of information and help, as well as being a point of contact between people who like the same hobbies or do the same work.  (In my case I use them as a means of connecting/networking with other crafters.)  But they also have some highly pointless things associated with them.

Take Facebook’s “Poke” facility!  Why?  What’s the point?  I’m sorry, but forget it – if any of my Facebook Friends, or some Facebook members who are not friends – “Poke” me, I just delete.  If you’ve got something to say to me PM me, or leave a comment on  my blog.  But Pokes I just delete and don’t return – and looking at the number of “what is the point of Pokeing”, etc., groups on FB, I rather think that a lot of others feel the same way.

The other thing I’m not getting involved in is playing games on Facebook.  I know that for many it is a form of escapeism or relaxation – and that’s perfectly fine, carry on (various crafting activities are my relaxation and something that I can do in some form or another despite my health/disability issues).  I don’t play Facebook games, or use Facebook apps for following people’s birthday’s, etc., so please don’t be offended if I don’t follow up on any invitation to join you in using these particular Facebook facilities.  Again, I kow I’m not the only one who doesn’t play Facebook games because I regularly see a few of my friends posting on their walls asking their FB friends not to invite them.

While places like Facebook, and various forums, can be a mine of information and help, they can also be a source of mis-information as well.  From what I can see – the vast majority of those I come into contact with in these online places realise that not everything is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  And the majority also realise that just because somebody’s put stuff online for others to see it doesn’t mean that they are free to take them and use them as their own.

There is so much mis-information, incorrect or only partly true information, out on the Internet.  From warnings about viruses that are not viruses at all, but still get sent around vie E-mail or copies on people’s FB walls, clogging up space and bandwidth (and in one instance when I worked in IT had dozens of people removing a necessary file from their PC because they’d been told it was a virus – thus stoping their PC working).  To warnings about such and such a name isn’t a person but a virus so if you get an invite to be a friend with such and such don’t allow it because it will burn your hard drive.  Or such and such a person is only after photos of your children – without a thought that the name given is actually the name of a dozen or more genuine people on Facebook and that, even if one of them is after children’s photos, just giving the name without exact profile link is just blackening the name of a dozen or more genuine people.  And a whole load of other instances all the way to a person with an axe to grind putting up an anonamouse bit of information about “somebody” on a forum and suddenly dozens of people think that that the “somebody” is totally in the wrong, and very bad, and even if that person tries to defend themselves and what they did the very fact that they try and defned themselves is used against them in some way.  When somebody tried to warn one of the dozens of follow-on posters that what they’d said could get them into trouble, legally, the reply was that it would only be legal trouble if it wasn’t true and she’d read the original post and it was true!  I’ve no way of knowing whether the initial posting was true, and neither does anybody else reading it unless they’ve got further information.  It could be true, but you can bet it’s not the whole truth.

The Internet allows the kind, friendly, helpful, people to meet, help each other, become friends even though the miles between them mean that they’d never have met in other circumstances.  But it also allows the mean, dishonest, troublemakers, to hide behind a cloak of anonimity as well, and woe betide anybody who disagrees with them because then the claws come out.  Personaly I don’t mind a debate, either on a FB group or on a forum, (I don’t expect everybody, not even my best friends, to agree with everything I believe in all the time) but there’s a difference between a debate between people who don’t agree with each other and the nastiness that some resort to when everybody doesn’t immediately jump to their way of thinking – or even the “I’m leaving because you are all nasty to me” aimed at making others feel bad, and then return with another few comments within the hour.  I do feel sorry for some of these people because I don’t think they are ever happy people, but they do leave a nasty vibe in their wake.

Owners put pictures and art up on display in galleries and museums for others to see, but you can’t just go in, like something you see, and walk off with it – in many cases you can’t even take a photo of  you standing by a painting, you have to buy a postcard print in the gift shop on the way out.  And yet there are some people who take a lot of liberties with other people’s work when they display them online rather than in galleries.  I even read this week of a person who’d been caught out pinching photos that other people had taken of their handcrafted cards and entering those photos as her own photos of her own work into challenges.  I really don’t understand the mentality of people like that.  Totally dishonest.  I have, for a while, been putting my name and blog address in a corner on the majority of the photographs I’m now putting on my blog and Facebook, but my earlier items don’t have this on.  I’m reticent to start putting a big watermark across the centre of my photos as I think it will spoil the look of my photos, but if I find that my photos are being lifted and tampered with to remove these details then I’ll have to consider making them more prominent.  I haven’t seen any sign of this happening with my work – I’m probably not producing the sort of stuff the theives are interested in, but it pays for all of us to be vigelent.



(Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards.)

A floral card, a “boys toys” card that would be suitable for some males from 3 to a 103, and a secular Christmas card are what I’ve got to show you today.  The layout work on all three has been done in a graphics package before printing and actually making up into cards.  Let me know what you think as a comment below.

1cup432425_961 - card02C - Flower Frames 2 2cup344207_1035 - card01C - 12 Brick Wall A4 Papers 3cup438254_1443 - card01C - Designer Resource Ivory Winter Ladies

  1. Flower Frames 2 by Dawn Clayton (I decided on quite a simple card for my first use of these images.  I took all four into one of my graphics packages.  I created a pale yellow background framed with orange, an orange greetings tag with pale yellow greeting of “Penblwydd Hapus” – which is Welsh for “Happy Birthday”.  I then resized the four flower frames into each corner.  I printed out onto 300gsm Super Smooth white cardstock, trimmed and stuck to the front of an 8″ square, Ivory Crafty Bob card using finger-lift tape.)
  2. 10 Construction Vehicles by John Methven and 12 Brick Wall A4 Papers by Janyce Cotterill (I took two of the vehicles  together with a wall background into one of my graphics programs and moved them around and resized until I was happy with the layout.  I added a greeting “Penblwydd Hapus” – which is Welsh for “Happy Birthday” – in a black font with yellow outline.  I then printed out the card front I created onto 300gsm Super Smooth white cardstock.  I cut it out and matted it onto gold mirror card and then stuck the matted image onto the front of a DL card made from hammered cream cardstock using finger-lift tape.)
  3. 3 Snow papers by Nikola Middlemast, Designer Resource Ivory Winter Ladies by Gillian Hutchinson, Wedding Silks Paper Pack by Carol Lepard and Gold and Enamel Picture Frames by Karen Hughes (I took one of the snow backgrounds, together with a winter lady, a frame, and a silk background, into one of my graphics packages and moved them around, resized, etc., until I was happy with my layout.  I used a second copy of the frame and shrunk down snow background as a greetings panel and wrote on “Bendithion y Tymor” – which is Welsh for “Season’s Blessing”.  A second layer of the greeting and lady was put on the other side of my working area before the sheet was printed off onto 300gsm Super Smooth white cardstock.  I cut out the pieces.  I went round the outside edge of the main card front with gold metalic marker before sticking it to the front of an A5 white card.  I attached the greetings panel using 2mm deep, double sided foam tape and shaped the winter lady before attaching her to the front using glue gel.  I used a Sakura clear stardust pen over some areas of the lady and the centre of all the snowflakes – this gives a lovely sparkle when the card is moved but unfortunately doesn’t show up on the photo.)



Although I can’t go out to the garden as much as I’d like (having to spend the vast majority of the day in bed with my leg elevataed because of this infection), I’m managing to go out and water for half an hour in the morning before it warms up and again in the evening when it cools down.  We’ve had our first crop of babyleaf salad, and some logenberries.

As my mother can only make it out as far as the potting table outside the back door she’s not been able to see most of what I’m growing, so I’ve been taking pictures to show her.  I took another batch this morning and we’ve been comparing what things looked like the begining of the month with how things are looking today – less than three weeks later.  The growth is realy quite good – just so long as my infection doesn’t get any worse and prevents me getting out there at all to water we’ll hopefully get a reasonable crop off the small areas of the garden I can work with.

As I’d got the photos I thought I’d show you the progress as well.

Greenhouse 04   Greenhouse 15C

Raised bed area on 5-7-13 with cloche moved to one side to show radish seedlings up.  The second picture was taken on 18-7-13 showing how radish has grown and the other seedlings are now up, which will have place to expand once radish have been picked as a quick crop.

DSCF0308C   Greenhouse 16C   Greenhouse 17C

Greenhouse – 1-7-13 and 18-7-13 plus closeup of cucumber plant that’s visible at bottom right of both pictures.  Already started picking baby leaf rocket seen lower left, and other salad leaves around centre.

Greenhouse 06    Greenhouse 13C

“Jungle” of weeds towards loganberry plant 5-7-13, and path now cleared between rubarb and logenberry today – thank heaven for niece shifting stuff out of the way – had a pound or so of fruit off so far.

Greenhouse 12   Greenhouse 14C

Top of black mulch area with growing Jerusalem Artichokes in potato growing sack 5-7-13 and more of area on 18-7-13 showing further potato sacks added, with potatoes planted, and some courgette plants planted out into the black mulch area.



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18 Replies to “Further July Crafting”

  1. Very sad that this goes on! I have always put watermark on my cards and I too would be very angry if someone lifted my work and presented it as their own. I am sure as I have a very distinct style that many of my lovely blogging friends would tell me and woo betide the person who has done it.

    I love your creations and thank you for sharing the lovely photographs of your garden. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Linda xxxx

  2. I do hope your infection clears up soon Gwyneth & you get back to full health. Unfortunately there are some very nasty people that think its fine to steal others work, so your right, being more vigilant is a good think. Fab 3 cards all well put together xxx

  3. Sorry to hear about your poor leg i hope it improves soon so you can do all you want to do. Good to see you are still managing some creativity despite being ill. Making stuff takes your mind off problems quite successfully. Lovely work from you again Gwyneth 🙂

  4. Super cards Gwyneth, the third one is especially pretty.
    I do think some people switch off their brains when they log on. I’m annoyed that I too have had to start watermarking my cards and projects. It takes extra time away from crafting, all because some people are dishonest.
    I hope your leg starts to improve soon, you must be so uncomfortable in this excessive heat. Wishing you well x

  5. FAB read hun. really enjoyed it. And i have to agree with what you say.. Lovely cards as well xx

  6. wow Gwyneth gorgeous christmas card you have made.
    the other cards are beautiful.

    greetings karin

  7. Hi Gwyneth, enjoyed reading your post, and have to agree with what you have to say – lifting other people’s work is just not on! I love the ‘boy’s toys’ card, and it’s great you are now getting the rewards of all your gardening. Hope your leg heals soon, take care x

  8. I hope your health improves real soon, Gwyneth, I agree with you about the mis-use of our technology, I leave groups when I see people bitching at one another – was having Poke contest many moons ago with my grandchildren, LOL…had to stop that..as for people stealing I have stopped putting things on Pinterest, for that same thing…not sure how to watermark my work, and hope to sort that out soon..

    Your cards as usual are fabulous hun, and your garden is doing great too…get well, love and hugs xxx

  9. Lovely cards, It is a shame we all no have to watermark our cards I have been doing mine for a while now, and yes it takes more time but at least people shouldn’t be able to steal your work any more. I had my work stolen previously and she entered it into a challenge and won.. Wasn’t happy to say the least.

    Anyway hope you feel better soon, and your work is lovely.
    Thanks for sharing
    Kelly – CBN DT

  10. Hi, lovely cards that you are sharing. I know what you mean about having to add watermarks to your cards. I am getting to the point where I am going to have to do that as well. Sad that people take your images and then put them somewhere or enter them into contests themselves. Hope you have a great day. Cheers, Holley

  11. Too true about social networks. I use this FB account just for my crafting and I don’t use for games or ‘poking’ . I just enjoy the contact with other crafters. I don’t play games just trade hints and tips and enjoy the creativity I see all around. Great read Gwyneth.

  12. Ow you garden is coming along nicely so love the Christmas card simple is perfect xxx

  13. Hi Gwyneth,

    Hope you are feeling better. This intense heat can be difficult. 3 lovely cards and an enjoyable read. Thank you for sharing,

  14. I love these Christmas cards especially with the welsh verses.
    Leona x

  15. Your garden looks lovely. I am sorry to hear you aren’t that great….it must be hard enough to have an infection, let alone being poorly in this weather!
    I agree with the ‘poke’ thing. I just delete them…there is no point what so ever to them. Its like on dating sites when a guy ‘flirts’ with you….just send a message!!! Anyway, will shush my moaning now lol
    Your cards are lovely, I especially like the construction vehicle one.

    Hugs Lisa xxxxx