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A Bit Of An Update, Some Musings and A Few Cards, Including a Challenge Entry

If you don’t want to read all my babblings – and looking down the page I’ve been very verbose this time – sorry! – then just jump ahead to the card photos and click on the thumbnail images for a good look.

An update – Well, I’m still on antibiotics and feeling miserable, but I do think that the infection in my damaged leg is a lot better than it was, so I’m hopeful that it will clear up completely without further antibiotics, but we’ll see how I am the end of the week.  Of course this has seriously impacted on my crafting as I’ve not felt up to doing a lot of anything, and it has also impacted on my gardening with me only able to go out for a short while in the morning and again in the evening to water.  In between I’ve been on bed rest with my leg elevated on a cushion.

I’ve been trying to do a little bit of soft fruit picking every morning.  I was wondering why the birds were not attacking my strawberries and logenberries, like they did last year, as there’s been no sign of the birds feeding on them until the last couple of days – then I went to pick some gooseberries and realised why – very little left as the birds had been having a feast at the gooseberry bushes!  This morning my mother and I looked out over the blackcurrent bushes and saw a whole flock of blackbirds feasting on the ripe fruit – so now we know for certain what’s eating our fruit.  But on the positive side – I’ve picked our first cucumber from the greenhouse and had a bit with lunch yesterday together with baby salad leaves from the greenhouse.

I’ve not had my laptop on a lot since my last blog post either, but I have had my “tablet” out doing a bit of browsing around.  I can’t get photos from my camera online via my tablet or type things comfortably, so it is just browsing around.

One thing I’ve looked at is actually the first few posts of this blog – just to remind myself of what I wrote at the begining.  It’s been nearly three years since I made my blog live, with three blog posts being published by me on the 27th July, 2010.  I didn’t have much details about my creations back then – but I soon realised that if my blog was going to my log of my creations I would have to write more  (as I’ve said before, if all my writings are to much for any visitor to my blog then just skip ahead from picture to picture, but the information is there for anybody who wants to know what I’ve used), as just the photos and minimal info I’d put in my initial posts wouldn’t help me if I wanted to re-create a look or an effect in the future,  especially with things like colouring in digi-stamps.

Another thing I found was some posts that had never made it out of my “draft” folder and onto my blog.  One of these was entitled “Making Things Easier!”  From the look of it it was going to be a post about all the things I’d found over the years that make it easier for me to craft – little things mostly that just make individual parts of my crafting just that little bit easier so meaning that I can craft a bit more in any crafting session, rather than fighting equipment or consumables.  I obviously had a bit of a blank and couldn’t remember much when I started writing this particular post, and put it in “drafts” for a future look.  I’ve now decided that, rather than complete this post and try and collect all the information into one post, I’ll add the occasional “Making Things Easier!” snippet to my ordinary style of post – as and when I remember something.  The first of these can be found below.

I’d got a small number of digi-stamps coloured in before the infection set in, and a page with a pyramage topper printed out for a challenge I was working on, so I spent a bit of time on Tuesday making these up into cards.  I’ve kept things quite simple for most of them, so would probably be OK for gardeners of either sex, and the goose one would be great for anybody who’s keeps geese, or has kept geese in the past, so I’ve kept the base card colour very neutral.



I finished off my musings last time by saying:

“…. if I find that my photos are being lifted and tampered with to remove these details then I’ll have to consider making them more prominent.  I haven’t seen any sign of this happening with my work – I’m probably not producing the sort of stuff the theives are interested in, but it pays for all of us to be vigelent”

– well with lots of resting time on my hands I began to think – Where exactly do I expect to see photos I’ve taken appearing?  And here’s the list I came up with:

So, as far as I can remember now, those are the places that I’d expect to see photos I’ve taken.

Then, of course, I started thinking –

But how to go about finding out if my photos, taken by me, and therefore copyrighted to me, are now appearing anywhere else on the Internet?

While doing all the browsing around following links from one place to another about copyright infringing (photographers photos being used by others – sometimes for profit and sometimes given away free; digi-stamps being either copied either in style or composition and sold by the copycat, or the originals being posted up for free – sometimes even ones that did have copyright notics having this wiped out; photos of crafters finished cards being taken and used to enter into challenges by others, as well as an instance of photos of finished cards being swiped and made into a compilation CD-ROM for selling on eBay as “inspiration” for those looking for card ideas; and the list goes on) more than one person mentioned using Google’s image search facility to search for copies of their photographs online.

Basicly what you do is go to Google, select Images at the top of the page, and rather than type in a word description you click on the “Search by Image” camera icon.


You can then paste in the exact address of the image you want to search for – not the page that it appears on.


I was getting too many errors because of network speed doing it this way, but by clicking to “Upload an image” link I could actually use the image from my hard drive to search on, which is what I did a bit of when I had my laptop on earlier in the week.  Of course, with well over 1,000 of my photos of my cards and other hand crafted creations, as well as bits of gardening, etc., online by now, it will take me a huge amount of time to check all my photos via this method, so I’m nowhere near to doing the lot, just a few I’ve tried out when I did get on my laptop.  But let’s put it this way – there are copies of my photos online in places that are not in the list of places I’ve uploaded to and nobody’s asked me for permission to use them.

In view of what I’d heard about people’s photos being posted to places like Pintrest I wasn’t surprised to find a couple of mine uploaded to there with anybody asking my permission, but, while the majority of what I checked only appear to be on my blog or other places I was expecting them to appear, there is a worrying number of my photos of cards and other crafting I’ve made appearing on other sites – sites I personaly think are up to no good.  I need to investigate further into these places where my photos are appearing I think, but it might be a worthwhile excersise for others who blog or put photos online to do a similar search I thing – especially if you put pictures of things other than crafting online, for example family members or pictures of within your home.

These are a couple of examples of what I’ve found so far:

MyCardsScreenDumps04            MyCardsScreenDumps03S

  • The first screen dump shows that my card is appearing in two locations – my blog, plus another site that is not only using my photograph of my card but also using my blog title in in the information about the image, but they are not actually linking back to my blog anywhere on the site.  The description of the image is wrong – but does appear to be a description of another card I’ve done.  In this instance my blog appears higher up than the other site in the listings but by including information and titles from my blog this other site might concevably appear higher up the rankings than my actual blog – not good.
  • The second screen dump shows what I found when following through one of the links (pop-up blocker active, automatic script running not active, and a really good all round anti-virus/firewall/etc., software running before starting the excersise) where the photo of my card of a Mandrin Duck (which you can see in one of the locations I expected to find it -> here) is just one out of dozens of my photographs listed as “Wallpaper”.

If anybody else tries out this exersise let me know what you find – I’d be interested in knowing how wide spread this taking copies of photos from blogs actually is.



(Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards.)

Challenges entered into:


  1. 2 Flowers Pyramage Sheet by Janette Padley of Stamping Dragon Designs (I printed the pyramage sheet out onto 300gsm Super Smooth white cardstock and chose one of the flowers to work with so cut it out.  I took some silver mirror board, cut a panel from it and used a purple patterened washi tape to create a criss cross pattern over the board before sticking it to the front of a base card I’d made from a sheet of A4 linen textured white cardstock which I’d cut, scored and folded.  I put a strip of white lace gel stick-on across this panel before attaching the base layer of the pyramage using 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape and building up the layers.  I used an Imperial Purple FlexMarker to colour behind the silver foiled, die cut, butterfly before sticking it to the card front using glue gel.  I also used the same pen to put a series of dots around the outside of the base card.  I used glue gel to attach some buttons to the top right corner to finish the card off.)


1cup92345_359 - card04C - Square 'Silver Metallic Frame' Card Front or insert  2cup430953_117 - card02C - Digital Stamp Pot of Herbs with coloured version too 3 cup430934_117 - card02C - Digital Stamp Delphinium with coloured version too

  1. 2 Geese Digital stamp with watercoloured version by Pamela West and Square ‘Silver Metallic Frame’ Card Front or insert by Carol Clarke (I printed the card front sheet out onto 300gsm Super Smooth white cardstock, cut it out, scored it using my Hougie Board and then folded it in half.  I printed out digi-stamp at smaller than the size provided onto the same type of cardstock, coloured it in using my ProMarkers. The colours I used were: Summer Sun, Amber, Sandstone, Raw Sienna, Leaf Green, Bright Green, Morning Mist, Pastel Blue, Cool Grey 2.  I then cut it out using my circle scissors but doing an “out of the box” technique so that the top of the branches were left attached and then cut around using a scissors.  This digi-stamp panel was then attached to the card using 2mm deep, double sided, foam tape.  The neutral colour of this card means that it will go with many different colours of topper and is suitable for a male card.)
  2. Digital Stamp Pot of Herbs with coloured version too by Pamela West (I printed the digi-stamp out around 3″ tall onto 300gsm Super Smooth white cardstock. The digi-stamp was then coloured in using my ProMarkers.  The colours I used were: Cocoa, Apricot, Tan, Moss, Olive Green, Pear Green, Grass, Morning Mist, Powder Blue. And then it out using my circle scissors at 3.5″ diameter.  I then made a 4″ diameter circular easel card out of 300gsm White Hammered cardstock and went round the various pieces with a Peach ProMarker and used 2mm deep, double sided, foam tape to attach the topper and stopper to the card.  This digi-stamp is an ideal one for a gardener, or cook, of either sex, so makes a great card for those difficult men.)
  3. Digital Stamp Delphinium with coloured version too by Pamela West and A5 ‘Gold Metallic Frame’ Card Front or insert by Carol Clarke (I printed the digi-stamp out onto 300gsm Super Smooth white cardstock at smaller than the provided size.  I then coloured it in using my ProMarkers.  The colours I used were: Pastel Blue, Powder Blue, Lilac, Apple Cider, Grass.  I printed out card front onto the same cardstock, cut it out, scored it using my Hougie Board, and folded it in half to make my base card.  I put the coloured in digi-stamp over the card front in front of a light-box and roughly drew around the oval shape.  I then cut it out using an irrecular scallop pattern.  I went round the edge using a Gold metalic marker.  This digi-stamp panel was then attached to the card front using 2mm deep, double sided, foam tape.  People think of flowers being for female cards, but by keeping to a simple green base card with no embelishments then the card becomes suitable for a male gardener – not every man is into sports or drinking!)

I hope it won’t be so long before I blog again and that I’ll have more, and a more varied, assortment to show you then.



As my hands get quite swollen and very painful, especially with a lot of cutting out, getting a good set of scisors that are comfortable for my hands was important.  I don’t know why so many manufacturers make the finger holes on the smallest scissors so very small – a person’s fingers doesn’t get smaller just because we want to cut out detailed items.

Not that I’m able to cut out very detailed items as lots of fiddly cutting items makes my hands more painful quicker – I prefer to make things as easy as possbile for me and keep fine cutting to a minimum, but I still wanted scissors that would work best for me.

People had suggested the scissors that don’t have a finger hole, but are sort of spring loaded and work a bit like tweezers.  I quickly found that this wasn’t for me – just can’t grip for any length of time and the scissors just dropped out of my hands.  For years I used some cheap scisors from the sewing section of a supermarket.  The holes were of the right size for me and they were OK, but a real neusence when I used them for cutting double sided foam tape, sticky back material, etc.  The scisors got all sticky and I had to clean them, sometimes several times a session of crafting if I managed to do a couple of hours card making.  One little anoyance that took away from the fun of crafting.

I then bought a set of Westcott Non-stick Titanium scisors.  What a difference.  I don’t think I’ve had to clean any sticky off them more than a couple of times in the years I’ve been using them.  I find the middle size easiest to use for a long session of cutting out elements, but the largest size is good where there are a few long edges to cut and the smallest size is great for cutting round more intricate shapes.  I love the cushion on the handles as well.  I know that the decoupagers who can cut realy intricate shapes would need a smaller scisors than the smallest one in the set, but for me the largest and smallest scisors are only just within the sizes I can use comfortably for short periods of time.  All of us are different so what will suit one will not suit another so there’s nothing that beats trying them out.

I can’t remember where I got my scissors now – I know I got them as a set somewhere – but these are the scissors I’m talking about:



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