Crafting Towards The End Of July 2013

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A Bit Of An Update, and Meet Jack and Jill


Although my leg was much better than it had been a fortnight ago at the end of the week the infection wasn’t quite cleared, so I’ve had to have a further course of antibiotics.  Still, better to knock it on its head now than have it flare up again and have to have much more or stronger antibiotics in a few weeks.

In my last post I mentioned how we’d got a look at the birds stealing our soft fruit, so the race was on to get as much of the blackcurrents in before the birds finished the lot.  Not so easy when I’m suppose to have my leg elevated as much as possible, but with a garden chair being moved from bush to bush all the blackcurrents have been picked over the last few days, and passed to my mother to sort out while I went to back to bed.  I’ve not made any cards this week, although I have coloured in a few digi-stamps ready to make cards.  Hopefully I’ll get a few cards made next week and have some to show you before long.

As we’ve still got loganberries ripening and still more strawberries to ripen, and as my youngest nephew was here for the day on thursday, my mother suggested that he painted a “scare face” to put out in the garden to see if we could keep the birds away from this crop.  Of course, my nephew wanted help because it’s much more fun when more than one is painting.  And my nephew also had the idea that scarecrows have orange hair (don’t know where the idea came from) so our scare face needed orange hair as well.

So, no cards this time – but …



I’d just had delivery of a pair of sandals, so rather than just make one face on card, as suggested by my mother, we decided to use the box, putting a face on both sides, my nephew working on one side and me working on the other.

Firstly, we painted the box with white gesso.  We cut polystyrine balls in half to make the eyes, painting them first with a white, pearlescent paint, and then making them horror eyes with blue and black poster paint.  My nephew then decided on a green bottle top for his face’s nose, while I stuck to using paint for mouth and nose.

The hair was made by wrapping neon orange yarn around my nephew’s arms until we had a nice thick bundle and then tying in the centre before cutting the ends that were round his hands.  Of couse we had to do this twice so that each “scare face” would have hair.  We plaited lengths of the same yarn and put it through the centre top of the box and tying a big knot inside and glueing with glue gel before we stuck the box sides together.  We also put lots of pistachio nut shells inside so that it will rattle when moving in the breese outside in the garden.  Glue gel was also used to attach the hair, the eyes and the nose.

The “scare faces” is now hanging out in the garden close to the main logenberry canes.  It’s happily turning round and round in the breese, looking in all directions, and whichever way the birds fly in there will be a “face” to greet them.

I don’t expect it will last long once the weather changes and we actually get some rain, but at the moment it appears to be doing its job – at least we hope it is!

So – let me introduce you to Jack and Jill, the two faces of our “scare faces”.

1JackAJill - Jack 2JackAJill - Jill

  1. Jack
  2. Jill



How many of you have accidentally put double sided tape, glue tape runner pen, or any other sticky stuff where you don’t want it?  I know I have!  Sometimes it’s simply a case that a tape was slightly wider than I thought it was.  What I’ve now got is a little pot (one of those little medicine measuring pots that came with some cough medicine) filled with talcum powder.  Any sticky stuff where it shouldn’t be on my crafting, and I simply dip either my finger or a cotton bud in the pot of powder and dab it over the sticky stuff and rub it in.  So no more items sticking together where they should not – and a bonus – if the talcum powder was perfumed the finished handcrafted item will be as well.  I actually tend to use perfumed talcum powder I’ve received as gifts – ones with a nice smell but not quite what I’d use myself.


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6 Replies to “Crafting Towards The End Of July 2013”

  1. Jack and Jill look marvellous Gwyneth. What a fabulous idea, I hope they last long enough to protect your berries x

  2. What fabulous fun you’ve had with your nephew. Jack and Jill look great, and I’m sure they will keep those pesky birds away! Take care x

  3. Loving Jack and Jill, Gwyneth, your nephew sounds like he has a lot of fun, when he comes to your house, and I can see where he gets the idea that Scarecrows have Orange Hair…I mean, Worsel Gummage had straw for hair, did’nt he….make sure you get plenty of rest my dear friend xxx

  4. Jack and Jill are fantastic! Going to be making some of those with my little treasure!
    Thanks for sharing Gwyneth.
    Fiona xxxx