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A Bit Of An Update, Some More Musings and A Few Cards

If you don’t want to read all my babblings – which is a bit of a re-cap this time – then just jump ahead to the card photos and click on the thumbnail images for a good look.

Well we’ve finally had some rain which has resulted in it being a bit cooler – so it not only means that I’m feeling a bit more comfortable but I don’t need to water the courgettes, loganberries, etc., twice a day and only need to do the greenhouse now.  We’re getting a steady stream of ripening loganberries – so it looks as if Jack and Jill (see my previous post if you don’t know about Jack and Jill) are working.  We’ve also had three mini-cucumbers from the greenhouse by now and everything is growing like a jungle in there.  You’ll find my latest pictures below my card photos in this post.  I’ve even had my first radish from the raised bed and everything looks to be growing well, with the cloche moved over to the second half of the bed with more seeds sown.  Of course, once this rain has soaked everything it would be nice to have some more nicely warm, but not too hot, weather to help everything grow.

And there’s some good news as far as my leg infection is concerned as well – the tingling has practically completely gone and I’ve not had any red flareups the last couple of days, so I don’t think I’ll need any more antibiotics after this week.  Hopefully then I’ll begin feeling much better and be able to do even more crafting.

In the meantime I’ve been colouring a few digi-stamps, and doing a bit of digital crafting on the computer, and doing even more browsing around the Internet following the trail of things that catch my eye.  Yesterday morning I made up three cards with three of the digi-stamps I’ve coloured in and you’ll find them below my musings.


After a post with no musings last time. I’m re-visiting a topic this time – Copyright.  My mind has been wondering around this very complex matter a lot lately, so it’s no wonder that it’s appearing again in my blog.  I’ve been trying to break down all I’ve been reading around the Internet about copyright, etc., together with what I already knew, down into bite size pieces – it helps me be clearer in my own head about the things I read, and if it helps anybody else then that’s great.  I just hope I’ve got everything right now and don’t get caught out doing something that’s not allowed because I’ve mis-understood something. (Of course, I’m not legally trained, so you should check with a person who speciallises in copyright law if you actually need legal advice or representation about anything to do with the law.  And also, although there are some copyright laws that are basicly the same around the world there are minor differences in different countries – and some countries don’t adhere to the same copyright laws.)

  • Copyright is – the right of the copyright owner to decide who can make copies of their work and for what purpose and whether to grant those rights for free or for a fee.
  • Copyright is not – the right of anybody who sees something to copy it.
  • A creation is copyrighted the minute a creation is made – this can be the click of the camera for a photograph; when an artist or graphic artist puts down their pen or brush for art, digi-stamp, image, etc.; when a writer decides their writing is complete, etc.
  • Your creation, e.g. a photograph you took of your handcrafted item, is copyrighted to you; Your creation, e.g. the handcrafted item itself in that particular unique format, is copyrighted to you (provided you’ve not been cheaky and diligently copied somebody else’s work); The items you’ve used to make your creation don’t become your copyright, e.g. if you’ve bought a digital download digi-stamp for you to print out and colour in, all you’ve bought is the non-exclusive right to print out and colour in and use on your projects – you’ve not brought the right to do whatever you like with the digi-stamp, and have certainly not bought the right to share it with others either via E-mail or online.
  • A creation doesn’t have to have a © notice on it to be copyrighted.  It may be put on by the copyright holder as a reminder to people that the item is copyrighted and to give an indication of to whom it is copyrighted, or to make it difficult for people to copy the image/photo without it being obvious that it’s been copied, but the absense of a name or © symbol doesn’t mean that it isn’t copyrighted.  The absense of a © symbol doesn’t mean that you can take and make copies.
  • Different copyright holders have different terms of use of their materials – some charge a small fee, some have a sliding scale of licencing fees depending on the use, and some grant different licences that allow people to use their work however they want for free – though this doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ve given up their copyright to the item, and quite often there’s the need of a link back, and copyright owner’s details to be incuded, when such an item is used.
  • To find out what are the rules of any copyright holder as far as their work is concerned you need to find the true copyright holder of an item and read their terms of use, or ask if it isn’t clear, especially if they do some free items as advertisement to draw people to view their “for sale” items.  Just because somebody, at some point, has indicated that something is copyright free, or Public Domain, doesn’t make it so.  If you can’t trace an image back and confirm for yourself that it’s OK to use then it’s simple – don’t use it.
  • Just because “everybody’s doing it” or “everybody’s shareing it” it doesn’t mean that it’s right or legal to use or share somebody else’s work.
  • Just because you change, delete, or add something to the copyrighted image it doesn’t mean you can still use it – the 20% rule is a fallacy – just changeing 20% of a digi-stamp, photograph, image, etc., doesn’t make it OK – if people can recognise the other person’s work in your work then (with a few exceptions) you haven’t created something original.
  • From what I’ve gathered, Pintrest has some interesting terms in the fine print that you agree to when you Pin anything – such as that you are the copyright holder or have the express permission of the copyright holder to Pin their image.  You agree that, if a copyright holder sues or comes after you or Pintrest you are liable for any fines or legal fees not only of yourself but for Pintrest as well.
  • Just because somebody else has copied, or Pinned, or whatever, any sort of work doesn’t mean that you’ve got the right to do so – the original copier or Pinner may, or may not, have had permission but that doesn’t automatically mean that you do, and if the original copier or Pinner doesn’t have permission you certainly won’t have. Re-pinning something already on Pintrest doesn’t absolve you of blame – you can still be sued.
  • Generally speaking people put their copyrighted work, be this graphics or photos of items, up on the Internet on websites, blogs, selling sites, etc., for you to “see” not to “steal“!
    Sometimes it’s for people to “see” with a view to them

    • buying the actual item – such as when crafters put photos of items they’ve made on selling sites such as, etsy, eBay, etc.;
    • buying digital copies – such as digital downloads for crafters to use – backgrounds, decoupage sheets, digi-stamps, etc.;
    • licencing – such as photographers licencing the use of their photographs for use on websites, in advertising, etc.;
    • buying hard copies – such as prints or merchandise such as cups, mousemats, etc., with the images on;
    • gaining inspiration – such as when crafters put photos of their creations online so that other crafters can view them and gain inspiration – but even then it is rare for the item to be put up with the express permission to be copied as is.

    It isn’t for people to “steal

    • take/copy for any reason without asking or having already bought the right to use the image/photo in the way you intend using it;
    • put copies of other  people’s work up on the Internet without asking – just putting a link back to the original doesn’t clear you;
    • copy and pretend it’s yours – such as then entering a photo of a handcrafted items made by others into challenges with a view to winning the challenge prize, or to draw people to your website or blog to boost rankings or get more advertising revenue.;
    • remove copyright notices by digital manipulation or cropping so that nobody will know who the original copyright owner is;
    • remove copyright notices from digi-stamps sample images so that they are usable as digi-stamps without being bought.
  • Even with copyright laws in place there are people, even big corporations, who will sware that they don’t know it’s wrong to take other people’s work, or will sware that they found it somewhere online that said it was “free”, so if you want to make certain that you never – look on somebody else’s site and see your work there, or look at an advertisement in a magazine and see your face or a member of your family smiling back at you, etc., etc. – don’t put your pictures online.

So where do I stand as far as my work and pictures is concerned –

  • I’ve decided that I really don’t like the idea of any of my items appearing anywhere without my permission (In my post of the 24th July I listed where I’d either uploaded myself or given my photos to others to be used.)
  • If anybody likes anything I’ve done, and thinks they might want to refer to it again or thinks that it might be of interest to anybody else – then think about bookmarking (adding to favourites), following my blog, or adding a link to the relevant post to their blogs if they want to refer others to it.
    • Please do not hotlink my photos so that they appear within the pages of your site but are actually drawn from my web server.
    • Please do not copy and then upload to anywhere else.
    • Please do not copy my work exactly – but feel free to use as inspiration, as a springboard to creating your own unique work.
  • If you do want to use anything from my website then ask!  (You’ll see from my list that I do allow my work to appear elsewhere when asked.)



(Clicking on the text links within the descriptions of each card takes you to places where the items I’ve used can be found.)

Challenges entered into:

1cup447508_1749 - card02C - Crafting Penny Stamp 2cup447508_1749 - card04C - Crafting Penny Stamp

  1. Crafting Penny Stamp by Janette Padley (I printed the digi-stamp out at smaller than the size provided onto 300gsm Super Smooth white cardstock.  I then coloured it in using my ProMarkers and FlexMarkers before cutting it out close around the image.   The colours I used were: Raw Sienna, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Wild Orchid, Imperial Purple, Lipstick Red, Yellow, Mint Green, Sky Blue, Tequila Sunrise, Trick or Treat, Cool Grey 2, 3 and 4.  With a few ins and outs this did need some care cutting out but it isn’t the most difficult to cut I’ve seen, and if you have difficulty cutting then it could be cut out as a panel either with a ruler and knife or dies. I took an 8″ square Crafty Bob white base card and stuck 2 x 6″ squares of patterned paper from my crafty stash directly onto it using a roller glue tape pen.  I took another 6″ square piece of lighter patterned paper from my stash, rounded the corners with a punch and then went round the outside of it using one of the markers I’d used on the image before sticking this down directly to the centre of my card.  I used my fingers to give some shape to my coloured in digi-stamp before sticking this to the central panel using glue gel.  I also used glue gel to attach some buttons from my stash to the corners of the panel.  I finished the card off by adding a pattern of dots at the top left and bottom right corners of the card – again using one of the markers I’d used for the image.  This is a realy lovely image and would make a great card for an avid crafter or a craft supplies shop owner.)
  2. An angled, closer, look at the digi-stamp – the shaddows give an indication of how I shaped the digi and put more glue gell behind some areas to give dimension.

The second card here must be one of the simplest cards I’ve made in a long time, but I think it works – what do you think?

1cup439727_1749 - card01C - Steampunk Corset 2 cup441932_437 - card01C - Daisy Mouse Digital Print

  1. Steampunk Corset by Janette Padley and DL ‘Silver Metallic Frame’ Card Front or insert by Carol Clarke (I printed the digi-stamp out at smaller than the size provided onto 300gsm Super Smooth white cardstock.  I then coloured it in using my ProMarkers.  The colours I used were: Purple, Bluebell, Lilac.  I like purple and yellow together so I chose purple tones for the corset and a yellow base card printed onto the same cardstock, trimed, scored using my Hougie Board and folded.  I cut out the corset, which wasn’t difficult because there were no sharp ins and outs, and shaped it over my finger to give it some curving.  I took some white feathers and glued them to the back of the corset with some glue gel before attaching the whole topper to the front of my card.  I finished off the card by attaching some small sticky back pearls in a shade of pale yellow.  Although this digi is called Steampunk Corset, and can obviously be used on Steampunk cards, I hope I’ve shown that it is a versatile image that can be used in other ways as well.)
  2. Daisy Mouse Digital Print by Gordon Fraser (I printed the whole sheet out onto 300gsm Super Smooth white cardstock.  I’ve had this 6″ square card, that’s pre-embossed with a border and the “Thank you” sentiment, in my crafting stash for a while and decided that this would be a good time to use it so I chose the smallest of the digital stamps to colour in.  I used my ProMarkers to colour and tried to go for a more rough and textured fur finish – which looks great at arms length or on the mantelpiece, but looks rougher than I intended close up.  The colours I used were: Tan, Cinnamon, Oatmeal, Vanilla, Burnt Sienna, Cool Grey 5, Tulip Yellow, Gold, Pear Green, Frosted Leaf, Dove Grey.   I then cut the coloured digi in close to the outline – which admittedly I found a bit of a fiddle but I’m sure it wouldn’t be a problem for most – before shaping using my fingers and attaching to the card front using glue gel.  I finished off with some toneing sticky back pearls put in each corner of the embossed frame.  This is a realy cute image that works on its own but would look equally as good on a garden or flower setting background.)



In my post of the 18th July I showed you photos of the inside of the greenhouse on the 1-7-13 and 18-7-13.  Well here’s how things look now.

1Greenhouse 22C 2Greenhouse 19C 3Greenhouse 20C

  1. A similar shot of the greenhouse interior to the previous ones, showing how much growth there has been in the last 12 days.
  2. The pepper plants nearest the door at bottom left are growing well and are now in flower.
  3. The first trusses on the tomato plants at far right have now set and the plants are growing well – so well I need to be very vigelent and nip out side shoots before they take over.

1Greenhouse 21C   2Greenhouse 18C

  1. The cucumer plant has reached the top of the bamboo cane within inches of the top of the glasshouse.
  2. Scrap what I said earlier about 3 cucumers picked – I’ve now picked 5 – and this is what the ones still growing look like after the last picking.  I think we’ll have a few weeks worth of fresh cucumers at this rate.



In my last post I mentioned using talcum powder to take the tack off sticky stuff that was somewhere it wasn’t needed but couldn’t just be rubbed off.  But I forgot to mention this senario – have you ever put down lots of roller glue tape pen, or double sided tape and removed the backing, onto some matting and layering or background – and then remembered that you intended to raise that piece using foam squares or tape to give it dimension?  This is another instance where I’d use talcum powder.  Just putting the foam on as it is sometimes results in some areas bowing and the tape already there sticking, but putting talcum powder on before putting the foam in place can make it difficult for the foam to stick afterwords.  What I now do is put the foam down in place, but not take the backing off.  I then dust with the talcum over any exposed glue from the double sided tape or tape runner pen (even if the foam is put in exactly the same place it’s rarely exactly the same width, and if you use foam squares rather than foam tape you are even more likely to have exposed glue).  After rubbing in the talcum I give the back of the paper/cardstock a quick blow to get any loose stuff off before removing the back off the foam and attaching in place as usual.

(While some of the things I mention in my “Making Things Easier!” pieces are things I’ve worked out for myself, some are adaptations of things I’ve learnt from tips given by others.  As others have been kind enough to share their tips I thought I’d do the same.  I’m sure that most of my readers will already know much of what I’ve found makes things easier for me but if it helps one person at some point I’ll be happy.)



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  1. Wonderful cards Gwyneth, I love the little mouse and the dragon images.
    Your research on copyright is very well explained and I hope people start to pay more attention about pinching and posting.
    I’m glad your leg seems to be on the mend and I hope Jack and Jill are ok after all the rain x

  2. Enjoyed reading your thoughts/understanding of copyright – very interesting.
    Love your CAS Thank you card – lovely design and image,

  3. Beautiful, thanks for sharing with us at the crafty bloggers network Facebook page.

    Kelly xx

  4. Another interesting post Gwyneth, glad the infection in your leg is getting better. I love the purple dragon on the Crafting Penny Stamp, and the steampunk corset card, great idea to add the feather. Everything in the greenhouse looks great too, and I hope Jack and Jill didn’t get too soggy! Take care x

  5. Wonderful news about your leg Gwyneth, so glad for you…I bet your cucumbers taste like the ones from my “childhood” used to love summer for salads, but nowadays, everything tastes so “watery” if you know what I mean, your flowers are looking great and your projects as always are fab, looking foward to your August news…love and hugs xxx