Crafting Mid August 2013

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A Bit Of An Update, Some Cards And A Bit Of The Greenhouse

I know that I write a lot in each blog post – this helps me remember what colours or cardstock I’ve used in case I want to get a similar effect in the future, in addition to providing information that some readers might be interested in – so please don’t think that you have to read every word I’ve written. If you don’t want to know what I used and how I made a card you can just click the thumbnail images to view each card at a larger size, and then click “Back” and scroll down to the next section.


I’ve done a bit of cardmaking, a bit of gardening, and a whole lot of resting the last couple of days. I hope you’ll like the cards I’ve got to show you below.

I haven’t spent a lot of time online so I’m well behind going round the blogs I love to follow.  I’m not sure whether I’ll get the time to at least visit one or two posts in all the blogs I follow or not.  I do love to see people’s creations and I’m amazed at the variety there is out there, so hopefully I’ll get caught up and manage to do a bit of comenting as I’m going round.



(Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards.)

Challenges entered into:

1cup366064_1749 - card101C - Spring Flowers Digital Stamp  2cup366064_1749 - card100 0C - Spring Flowers Digital Stamp

  1. Spring Flowers Digital Stamp by Janette Padley ( I took the digi-stamp into one of my graphics packages and copied it to have five images, making some slightly smaller than the others.  The sheet was then printed out onto 300gsm Super Smooth white cardstock. I coloured five of the printouts in using my ProMarkers.  The colours I used were: Bright Green, Canary, Red.  I then cut out the flowers, leaving the stalks on four and taking the stalks off the fifth one.  I took a pre-embossed, 6″ square base card from my crafting stash that was embossed with a frame around the outside and the greeting “Thank You” in the middle.  Onto this I stuck my cut out images using glue gel.)
  2. Same card but at a different angle – hopeing that the “Thank You” embossing shows up a bit clearer, but I’m not too sure about that.  You’ll need to click on the thumbnail, as per usual, to see the full sized card.

A set of four cards.

1cup384831_1056 - card01C - Spiral Snowflakes 2cup384831_1056 - card02C - Spiral Snowflakes 3cup384831_1056 - card03C - Spiral Snowflakes 4cup384831_1056 - card04C - Spiral Snowflakes

  1. Spiral Snowflakes by Karen Wyeth and Designer Resource Gymnasts by Gillian Hutchinson (I took four backgrounds the into one of my graphics packages and resized them down to four A6 sized card fronts.  I edged them in a faux black matting format and made them slightly smaller.  I then took four of the gymnasts and placed them on each of the created card fronts.  Once I was happy with the layout I printed the sheet out onto Glossy Crafty Bob paper and cut the four card fronts out.  I took 2 x A4 sheets of white hammered cardstock and cut them in half before scoreing using my Hougie Board .  I then folded them in half to make 4 x A6 base cards.  I used 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape to attach the panels to the front of my base card.  The set has been left without a greeting as I think they can be used as simple note-cards or as a greeting card, and if used as a greeting card I’ll add a suitable greeting at the time.)

Two further cards.

1cup70440_359 - card02C - Square 'Silver Metallic Frame' Card Front or insert 2cup382448_1749 - card02C - Spring Melody Elements

  1. Square ‘Silver Metallic Frame’ Card Front or insert by Carol Clarke (I printed the sheet out onto  300gsm Super Smooth white cardstock , trimmed it, scored it using my Hougie Board, and folded it in half.  I then simply decorated it using a greetings panel, some flowers and a couple of butterflies from my crafting stash that I attached using glue gel.  There’s one good thing about the series of “Card Frong or Insert” created by Carol Clarke – they are great for using up small quantities of bits left over in my stash, as well as forming a lovely backdrop for things like coloured in digi-stamps.)
  2. Spring Melody Elements by Janette Padley (I love the pastel shades of the elements in this kit and know they would work great as elements on a scrapbook page, but for this project I wanted to use the scalloped edges of the mats enclosed as the format for a large circular easel card.  I took elements from the kit into one of my graphics packages and built up two pages of elements for my layout, both for the layered front and for the inside and stop-bar.  After I was happy with the layout I printed them out onto two A4 sheets of Glossy Crafty Bob paper.  I then cut out the pieces.  I took an 8″ square Crafty Bob white card and scored it some 3.5″ from the fold.  I then attached the larger layer I’d cut out to the front of the card, making sure it was only attached using finger-lift tape to the bottom half of the front and that it went slightly over the fold.  I then cut around the top layer to make the whole card the same shape.  I then used 2mm deep, double sided foam tape as well as finger-lift tape to attach all the elements, putting the paper ribbon element on the front at a jaunty angle.  I’ve not put on a greeting yet as I’m not sure what language the greeting will be needed in.  I think I rather over did it with this design as far as cutting out was concerned – I didn’t have too much difficulty cutting out the layers from the Crafty Bob paper even if I was more than ready to stop by the end, but when it came to cutting out the card shape around this from the base card it really hurt my hand and I struggled and had to do it over more than one cutting session.  Not the brightest idea I’ve ever had – so next time I think I’d better do a cutting file and cut the base card out using my Cameo.)



The wet and colder weather of the last week or so may have slowed down the growth of stuff outside, but the tomato and cucumber plants are up to the greenhouse roof now, and the pepper plants have filled out nicely.  In fact it’s looking a bit like a jungle in there at the moment, and I’m having to take quarter an hour or so every morning just nipping out side shoots and finishing the tieing in.

Greenhouse 31C

These are closer looks at some of the plants

1Greenhouse 29C 2Greenhouse 26C 3Greenhouse 30C 4Greenhouse 27C

  1. These are the pepper plants.  The rocket plants can be seen in front of them but I cut those back quite hard yesterday as we had home made rocket soup for lunch.  Nice with a piece of soda bread.
  2. And putting the camera in under the leaf canopy you can see the little developing peppers.  The largest is about double the size of a large gooseberry at the moment.
  3. After the nephew picking ten minature cucumbers a week on Monday, and me picking seven since then, you can see that there are still more cucumbers developing.  In case some of you are wondering what these minature cucumbers are like, they grow to about the same diameter as ordinary cucumbers but only to around half the length.  So it’s a bit like going to the shop to buy half a cucumber, but they keep better as there’s no cut end.  Chilled cucumber soup is nice – we’ve had that a couple of times – a bit of an adaptation of a recipie I found in a book.
  4. You can see lots of trusses of tomatoes in this photo.  I’ve got three plants of Shirley down the right hand side and three plants of Black Russian accross the far end just coming into view in this photo.  All I need now is some warmth to get them to turn colour.

Anybody know of any interesting cucumber recipies?



Having the right weight paper or cardstock for the job certainly helps make things easier when crafting – you don’t want a 70gsm or 300gsm paper/card as an insert, and making a base card out of 190gsm lightweight card rarely works as it won’t stand up.  When making paper flowers you don’t want to use the lightest weight paper as it usually won’t hold its shape, and if scoreing multiple lines in media to fold to make a rosette, you simply don’t want the heaviest weight media you can find or you’ll be fighting it.  I’d usually recommend 300gsm cardstock for a base card and a 120gsm paper for a nice insert.

I’ve occasionally been asked about “what is the best paper or cardstock to use for crafting and cardmaking?”.  My answer is usually “it depends”.

It depends on what you are going to do, how you are going to do it, and what finished effect you are after.  If you are a follower of my blog you’ll have noticed that the same types of cardstock appear time and time again, with a bit of something different thrown in every now and then for variety (If you are not a follower you can go to home and scroll downwards to see lots of my previous posts).  What every crafter needs to do is find cardstock and paper that they are happy using, and the best way to find those is to experiment.  Now experimenting can be expensive if you have to buy complete packs of all different types and colours of cardstock you are interested in – but keep your eye out for “taster” or “sample” packs.  These can give you the opportunity to see if you like the feel and look of media, and whether you can print nicely onto it with your printer if you intend to use if for printing, before buying in larger numbers.  I’m quite fond of using pearlescent cardstock or paper if I’m printing out fairies or etherial images – the image produced isn’t as crisp as printing onto other media, but that isn’t the effect I’m after, so I keep some pearlescent cardstock in the house for this purpose.  I’ve found Centura Pearl Snow White good for this.  I’ve heard some crafters sware that the back of this cardstock is excellent for printing out and colouring digi-stamps, or even for stamping onto, but I’ve not tried this as I’m happy with the Super Smooth cardstock I usually use for printing digi-stamps onto – but I may give this a try at some point.  If you experiment and find you like the effect, then having this cardstock in your crafty suplies might be a good thing as you’ll have two uses for it.  I find it a nice cardstock to make base cards from and also boxes, so another use.  Then there’s Adorable Scorable cardstock – again great for base cards, matting and layering and making boxes, and this comes in more colours and isn’t pearlescent.

So my advice is to keep an eye out for offers – even in children’s craft section of supermarkets as you could pick up something cheap that would be OK for matting and layering if nothing else – and keep an eye out for packs of mixed media both as far as paper and card weight is concerned, and also for different colours or finishes in packs for both printing and using for embossing, matting and layering, etc.

And then – experiment – it’s only a piece of paper, what does it matter if it doesn’t work out as planned, you’ll know for next time.

(While some of the things I mention in my “Making Things Easier!” pieces are things I’ve worked out for myself, some are adaptations of things I’ve learnt from tips given by others. As others have been kind enough to share their tips I thought I’d do the same. I’m sure that most of my readers will already know much of what I’ve found makes things easier for me but if it helps one person at some point I’ll be happy.)



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