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An Update, Some More Musings, A Card and Some Cakes


I’ve only made one card since my last post, but I have been doing other things.

Sunday was the time for our Thanksgiving Service at out chapel, and we were having a tea in the vestry afterwards as well.  As my little nephews, and the other children from the Sunday School, were taking part I needed to do a bit of preparation work in the form of : cakes for the tea – with the nephews finishing off the decorations for them with carrots and autumnal leaves made from fondant icing; tray’s of vegetables for them to hold and then present at the front table; a display in the entrance of the vestry.

Obviously I wasn’t going to be able to do everything on Sunday, so I had to do a plan of action to space out things and allow for resting in between every activity.

So I cooked two dozen fairy cakes Saturday so that they were in the oven while we were having lunch, and then put on a circle of decorated icing onto each one after they cooled down later Saturday afternoon.  The nephews came Sunday morning to create and add their decorations.

I went out the garden Saturday evening to collect some courgettes (a few of which look closer in size to marrows), and had a walk around with my loppers on Sunday morning, while our little dog had a run around the garden, to cut flowers and different leafy branches.  The rest of the stuff I’d already got from the garden during the week.   After the boys had decorated the cakes Sunday morning we all decamped to bed to watch a recorded program on TV before I headed up to the vestry and chapel to put everything in place, before coming back, another half an hour rest before lunch, and then another half an hour rest before heading up to the chapel for the service.

All I can say is that I survived – just!  The begining of this week is going to be more resting than activity I think.



Owl The Same Or Not Blog HopI must admit to not having time for much musings over the last weekend.  What with the thanksgiving service and tea, and resting up so that I’d be up to going out for a couple of hours to that.  But one thing that did catch my eye was an invitation to a Blog Hop.  Now I don’t usually do any blog hops – but my interest was grabbed by this one because of its name and the group that’s holding it.

The Blog Hop is called “Owl the Same … or Not!”.  Catchy title I thought.

It’s being held by the “Stamp Out” people.  In other words Stamp Out Stamp Thieves.

This group is trying to educate both designers and crafters with regards to what constitutes stamp theft.  Lots of their work is in the background, such as sending take down notices to Pinterest when crafters Pin items they’ve got no right to pin, or letting designers know that it isn’t right to copy other people’s work or styles in their own creations.  But they are not affraid of nameing and shaming people who persist in breaking the copyright law if they don’t remove offending items.

There is a “Stamp Out” group on Facebook – Here!  As well as the “Stamp Out” blog – Here!

The idea behind the blog hop is an interesting concept.  A group of artists who are part of “Stamp Out” are taking part and have been given a theme. The theme is “a small owl and a large owl perched on a fence on a “chilly” day“.

Each participating artist will create an image on that theme.  The idea is that each artist is very unlikely to come up with an image that is substantially similar to any of the other artists work in terms of proportion and style, even though they are all working on the same theme – which is quite specific.

The artists will reveal their creations for the first time during the blog hop – and the images created will be for sale with the proceeds going to a charity.

Details of the Blog Hop can be found on the blog – here.  And the event start can be found – here.

So I’m off now to have a look to see what’s to be seen on the various blogs in this hop – it may even be the subject of my next musings.



(Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards.)

1cup467182_688 - card01 - Girly toppers 2cup463527_539 - card03 - Blue and white snowflake insert 1

  1. Girly toppers by Debra Jenkinson and  Blue and white snowflake insert 1 by Sharon Poore (I printed the sheet out onto 300gsm, Super Smooth, white cardstock.  I then cooured in the image on the left using my ProMarkers, adding two outlines ovals using colours used on the image itself before cutting the oval out.  The colours I used were:  Cinnamon, Sky Blue, Cyan, Yellow, Canary, Satin, Cool Grey 2 and Dove Grey FlexMarker. I printed the “insert” out twice – once as an insert on heavyweight paper and once on the same cardstock as the digi-stamps as a card base.  This one was scored using  my Hougie Board and folded in half and I went round the oval using one of my ProMarkers as well.  I used a roller tape pen to attach the insert and the oval topper.)
  2. The insert of the same card.



The two dozen fairy cakes were made using a vanilla fairy cake mixture.

1CakeDecorating 05 01 2CakeDecorating 05 02 3CakeDecorating 05 06 4CakeDecorating 05 04

  1. This dozen were then covered with disks of black icing onto which had been stenciled a pattern using bronze edible shimmer.
  2. This batch were decorated using brown fondant icing that one nephew had rolled, punched out using a leaf plunger punch that put on veining.  He’d then brushed the same bronze edible shimmer over them before attaching to the top of the cakes using pre-made vanilla icing.
  3. This dozen were covered with disks of white icing onto which had been stencilled the same pattern as the previous batch but this time using green edible shimmer.
  4. For this batch the other nephew mixed red and yellow fondant icing together to make orange icing to shape into carrots, and put a hole in the top end into which was put some green icing which was chopped a bit to make the green tops before putting on top of the little cakes.



1Thanksgiving06 2Thanksgiving02 3Thanksgiving08

  1. “Thank you God for creating the world” – A simple printout of a globe stuck to a piece of cardstock and stuck inside the tray and then vegetables and fruit added.  Everything bar the carrots came from our garden.
  2. “Thank you God for creating people” – Two silhouettes were stuck in this tray vefore adding vegetables and fruit, again everything came from our garden other than the carrots.
  3. The display I created in the entrance lobby of the vestry – everything came from our garden other than the butternut squash and two carrots.  I’m not really a flower arranger so just chopped anything of interest from our garden and did a bit of a “rustic” display.



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