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A Lot Of An Update, Quite A Lot Of Musings, And Very Little Crafting

If you are regular visitors to my blog I’m sure you know the drill by now – If you’ve got time to read my musings then please do – there’s news of a discount on digis from one one designer and the chance to win half a dozen from another set of designers – but if you are short on time just scroll to the photos.

Today I’ve not been feeling at my best (which, as many of you already know, isn’t particularly good at my best) with a headache and more aches and pains than usual, so it’s a good thing that I got most of this blog post written yesterday.  I did decide to do a bit of crafting this morning to see if it would take my mind off the pains – it didn’t really work so I only got one card done.  I decided to go for a bit of a distressed/vintage look, rather than concentrating on colouring in or cutting correctly – I’m not convinced that this looks good – perhaps I shouldn’t have added the “raindrops” to it at the end as I’m not happy with it.  I was debating not putting it up on my blog, but as this is suppose to be a blog of all my crafting I decided to put it up in any case so that you could give your feedback, so you’ll find a picture below.

LEJ Challenge Oct 2013 02In my blog post of the 9th of October I told you I’d been lucky enough to win in a challenge on the LEJ Designs challenge blog.  Well my prize arrived today.  A couple of packs of lovely stamps – including one of the “House Mouse” stamp sets – I do love the “House Mouse” characters even though I’ve not been able to justify spending money on collecting the stamps so this is a lovely addition to my stamp collection.  Also included was a gorgeous little card from Lindsay – Thank You So Much!

StampingDragonAutumnSaleThere’s currently an Autumn Sale going on at Stamping Dragon Designs with a whole 25% off.  This is running until the 19th of October, so not many days left now.  If you’ve not already been over for a look, and to grab yourself a bargain, then why not do so now.  You can find the shop -> Here!

And I know that my musings have got a bit long this time, but if you want to learn of a chance to win 6 digi images from some well know artist you’ll find the info near the end of the Musings section.



Owl The Same Or Not Blog HopIn my last blog post I mentioned that I’d seen a blog hop advertised and that, while I don’t usually follow blog hops, the name of this one “Owl the Same … or Not“, and the group holding it “Stamp Out”, had got my interest.

And actually going round the blogs I did find of interest, as well as getting my brain thinking again, both about what was in the blog hop and some of what I’ve learnt by being a member of the “Stamp Out Stamp Theft” group on Facebook the last few months.

Plus, following on from the blog hop another idea was formed by the “Stamp Out” founder and it involves a competition that anybody can enter – so read on!

There were six artists involved in the blog hop, from the large group who are participating companies in the “Stamp Out” partnership of artists.  The aim, according to “Stamp Out” founding member Mo Manning was to have “fun proving that even when using the same THEME — original artists will have unique take on an image,” and also to raise money for a charity (Project C.U.R.E.).

While stamp thieves can be crafters who don’t follow the Terms of Use of items they buy, or who believe (wrongly!) that anything on the Internet is there for them to use and share however they like, stamp thieves can also be “artists” who either copy or trace images, or parts of images (sometimes amalgamated from several sources), to create items they then go on to sell, or who take more than a little inspiration and imitate other artists work to such an extent that people would at first glance assume that it was the work of the original artist.

This blog hop was an interesting concept to try and show those crafters and artists who are always saying “well there’s only a limited number of different ways to draw a thing-a-me-bob, so of course if this artist and that artist draw a thing-a-me-bob then they are bound to look the same”, that actually there are lots of different ways to draw things on the same theme without them all looking more or less the same.

(I know that, as crafters we’ve often got our favourite creators of digi-stamps who we’ve been buying from for months, perhaps even a couple of years, and it’s hard to accept that actually most of what we’ve bought from this one person were pretty close copies of the work of half a dozen other artists or photographers we’ve never heard of, who’s work has been online longer – sudden changes in style or an artist having more than one distinct style can be an indication of this.  Some crafters deny the posibility that they’ve been paying out for illegal copies even when side-by-sides or overlaying shows that bits are in exactly the same proportion and style, not just on a similar theme.  Some will even believe their favourite designer is being victimsed, even when dateing evidence of the earliest showing of the originator’s work and the copier’s work prove which was online first allwing the other to copy.

All this got me thinking – we were all taught to write and form our letters pretty similarly in school, but if a whole class of people, who were taught to write at the same time, came together again when they were 40 and were asked to quickly write the same sentence out, I’m sure that everybody’s writing would be different – some sloaping one way, some the other; some small, some large; some with very regimented letters, and some with letters all over the place; some easily readable and some practically illegible.  The writer’s own individuality would show through, so although the wording would be the same, and there may be some similarities because all the people started from the same place, there would be some differences in all the writing.  So why do some people persist in thinking that artists, who were not taught by the same people, who sometimes don’t even come from the same countries so therefore have a different environment around them to draw inspiration from, would come up with images that are substantially similar to another artists drawings, a few days or weeks after the original was made public, time after time?  We’re not talking about the occasional similarity with some artists, but a whole online shop with dozens that appear substantially similar to other people’s work.  There are some genuine mistakes made, and from what I’ve seen those artists are quick to remove any offending work.  There are crafters who are genuinely without a clue as to what is going on in the world of artists trying to make a living from their artwork and constantly having their work stolen.  But there are also artists who purpously set out to copy and make money from those copies, and there are crafters who ware rose coloured spectacles and refuse to accept the obvious as far as the very small number of cheating artists are concerned, or crafters who think that the laws don’t apply to them so they can do as they like.)

In any case – back to the blog hop.  There are some lovely digi-stamps created by the artists involved in this hop, in lots of different styles, so something to suit different tastes in digis – I got tempted and bought two of them (you’ll probably see them made up into cards on my blog before long as I’ve already printed them out). If you’ve not already popped over for a look then start – Here! – and work your way around – with only six artists it isn’t a long hop (which was a good thing for me as I can only browse and work on my laptop for short periods before resting), and it’s interesting to read a bit about the artists and their reasons for being a part of “Stamp Out”.

My only problem with it is that not all the artists have actually followed the theme of “a small owl and a large owl perched on a fence on a “chilly” day” to the letter – one only having one owl not looking in the slightest bit chilly on the digi she’s got for sale.  Another has a flat plank of wood that could indeed be the top bar of a fence, so I don’t really mind that the whole fence isn’t there, but another admits to a “branch” which doesn’t look anything like part of a fence to me.  Having been brought up on a farm I was drawn to the one with a barbed wire fence – something I saw around our farm, and a perfect example of a person drawing something they are familiar with, and not a generic wooden fence.

So, yes, all the images look different, including individual owls – from realistic to cutesy, but because not all were on a fence, or even on part of a fence, then obviously there would be a difference in composition in those, but all in all, I think it was a good idea, was a good way of trying to prove the point, and I loved the results.

And now for the “extra fun” –

As a further experiment, those involved in creating the six original digi-images on show on the blogs during the hop were asked to pick one of the original creations of the others and copy it.  The resulting copied images are to be seen next to the original they were copied from on the “Stamp Out” blog’s latest post – Here!  I think the artists involved, who are use to taking their time in thinking up, drawing and getting the composition right on their own unique creations were surprised at how quickly they could knock out a copy without any thought being needed on their part.

And the “extra fun” – guess which artist has done the copying in each case and E-mail in your answers to the address given on the post and you could be in with a chance of winning – “Stamp Out will choose 3 winners. Each winner will receive a digital stamp of their choice from all 6 artists!!


And going on from my previous musings in my post of the 11th October about the lack of information about “Terms of Use” or “Angel Policies” on the packaging of physical stamps bought, or received free on magazinesm – well the “Stamp Out” blog has a section of “Some Specific Angel Policies” with links to the policies on the companies websites.

Do any of you put “Illustration © ????” on the back of any cards made using stamped images?  I’ve not looked at all the companies who’s policies are listed, but this is in at least one of the policies.  Others have a small © and their initials in close proximity to their digi and request that this not be removed, which is quite natural – but have any of you trimmed your images right up to the outline and cut this off some artists work?



(Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards.)

1cup346990_1749 - card02 - Tractor Stamp - 3 2cup346990_1749 - card01 - Tractor Stamp - 3

  1. Tractor Stamp – 3 by Janette Padley (As I thought this tractor didn’t look very modern I decided to adjust the line colour to a brown shade before printing out onto 300gsm Super Smooth white cardstock at a smaller size than provided.  I then tore around the edge and used a blending tool working on a SplodgeAway mat to put Distress Inks in Vintage Photo and Antique Linen around the edge.  I also used a brush to use the same Distress Ink in a very “vintage” look over the digi-stamp itself.  I then spotted it with water and bloted off for an even more distressed look.  I took a brown A5 base card.  Put on a panel of perlescent brown cardstock that had been embossed with a woodgrain patern and then put on the digi-stamp panel.  I finished the card of by putting on clear “raindrop” embelishments over the image, a brown flower at the bottom right using glue gel, and a greeting “Penblwydd Hapus” – which is Welsh for “Happy Birthday” at the botom left.)
  2. A slightly different angled look at the card.



In my last blog post on the 14th I showed you some photos of some of the vegetable and floral displays I’d done for our Thanksgiving Service at our chapel.  I then had an idea to put them onto some sort of digital scrapbook layout.  I’m not very good at scrapbooking, but do have a bit of fun on my computer moving things around and resizing.  This is what I came up with in the end.

1cup336002_1749 - card01 - Blazing Summer Mini Theme

  1. Blazing Summer Mini Theme by Janette Padley (I took several backgrounds and elements from this kit, together with three of my photographs of items from our Thanksgiving Service, and resized, layered and moved them until I had an 8″ square layout of a digital scrapbook page which I then saved and exported.  I actually made the flower elements into fancy mats behind my photos which I thought gave the page a bit of a different effect.  The wording is as follows: “Diolch Dduw am greu y byd” – “Thank you God for creating the world”; “Diolch Dduw am greu pobol” – “Thank you God for creating people”; “Diolch Dduw am bob peth” – “Thank you God for everything”.)



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