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A Bit Of An Update, Some Musings, And Six Cards

I know that I write a lot in each blog post – this helps me remember what colours or cardstock I’ve used in case I want to get a similar effect in the future, in addition to providing information that some readers might be interested in – so please don’t think that you have to read every word I’ve written. If you don’t want to know what I used and how I made a card you can just click the thumbnail images to view each card at a larger size, and then click “Back” and scroll down to the next section.


I’m feeling a bit better than I was last week, though not back to my usual mediocure self yet.  However, I have made half a dozen cards this week having got my Joy machine out and die-cut some digi-stamps I’ve coloured while in bed the last week or so and some other panels.  I think I’ve got quite a variety this time with some a masculine card, neutral sympathy card and some feminine ones.  I hope you like them and will let me know what you think.



If you’ve been following my blog regularly you’ll probably have seen me mention the “Stamp Out” group and blog, and the fact that they ran a special Blog Hop around the blogs of several designers, who’d been given the same theme to work on and managed to produce totally different work of their own without refering/copying/taking inspiration from anybody else’s work.

And then they had the bright idea of doing a twist and actually getting designers to copy the work of the other designers to show how easy copying (from what I’ve read some of the designers were really surprised at how quickly they could create a digi stamp by substantially copying the work of somebody else without having to think and plan the composition, etc.).  And they set a challenge, with prizes, to see if anybody could spot which artist had copied which original.

Well the winners have now been announced, as an update within the post about the challenge, and I sure wasn’t one of them.  I got – 1 (one) right.  Not very good was it?

Which just proves that spotting the cheats, and matching up an artists style to an image, is very difficult even when you know that you are looking at copies and have a small number of artists that could have done the copying.  The artists own style was lost when copying the other artists work.

So it is obviously much more difficult to spot which are copies and which are originals in shops and blogs around the Internet, especially if a designer keeps on stating that he/she is drawing original digi stamps and everybody else is copying.  It’s sad that there are artists out there who are out to part us crafters from our money by prolifically copying the compositions or styles of several artists, sometimes artists we won’t have heard of so are unaware that what we are seeing are copies.  And this putting money into the pockets of copiers means that we are buying less from the original artists, some of whom are struggling to put food on the table in front of their children, and if the original artists have to give up designing to go and work some other way to bring in the money, then us as crafters will be the ones who are worse off.

Of course, there are stamp companies who have more than one artist drawing from them, so they will have different styles of digi or physical stamps for sale.  And there are artists who like to draw on more than one theme and style, so their “cute little girls with their pets series” would have a different feel to their “gothic” series.  Plus, of course, artists will develop and mature with their art and styles, and what they draw in a few years time will be different to what they draw now, but that is more of a gradual change I think.  However, there are artists out there, who sweare that everything is their own, who have several different styles, even within – say their “cute little girls” series, and funnily enough none of them bare any similarity to what they were drawing as little girls two years ago, but a lot of them resemble, in whole or in part, the style, positioning, dimensions, etc., of a number of other artists work.



(Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards.)

1cup395835_1294 - card02 - My Valentine Resource Kit 2cup436630_66 - card03 - Digital Stamp - Vase of Daffodils 3Cydymdeimlad 01 02

  1. My Valentine Resource Kit by Marie Wolman (I took an assortment of elements from this kit into one of my graphics packages and layered some, copied and resized, until I had the elements I required on my working area.  The sheet was then printed out onto 300gsm Super Smooth white cardstock and cut out.  I took an A4 sheet of white cardstock, scored it in half using my Hougie Board, and attached a strip of lace patterened sticky tape across the bottom.  I then used glue gel to attach and layer the elements I’d printed and cut out from this kit.  I’ve not put on a greeting yet as I don’t know the language it will be needed in.)
  2. Digital Stamp – Vase of Daffodils by Sheila Rodgers (I printed the digi stamp out at smaller than the size given onto 300gsm, Super Smooth, white cardstock.  I then coloured it in using my ProMarkers and a FlexMarker.  The colours I used were: Daffodil Bloom, Gold, Tulip Yellow, Grass, Forest green, Aegean, Denim Blue, Dove Grey, Cool Grey 1. After colouring I used a mask for an outline and coloured in from the edge with distress ink.  I cut around the panel and then stuck it to the front of yellow glitter cardstock, which I trimmed close to the edge of the digi-stamp topper.  This was stuck onto a panel of cream cardstock that had been cut out using a die.  Again this was stuck to the front of another panel.  The base card was cut from a sheet of A4 yellow coloured topsy turvy cardstock using a grand nestability die.  I’ve not ut on a greeting yet as I don’t know what language it will be needed in, or for what occasion.)
  3. This card is built onto a cream 8″ square card. The layers are cut from white and cream cardstock using Spellbinders Grand Nestabilities Dies using my Joy machine. The cross is cut out of Centura Pearl cardstock using a Tattered Lace die in the same die cutting machine.  All the layers were stuck together using glue gel.

The second card in this group is the card I made using the second digi-stamp I bought when going round the blogs in the “Owl The Same … Or Not” Blog Hop.

1Scamp-specialdelivery card01 02 2Chilly_Owls - card01 03 3Wishingwell - card01 03

  1. Digital Stamp Scamp Special Delivery from JustInklined (The digi stamp was printed out onto 300gsm, Super Smooth, white cardstock at smaller than the size provided.  I then coloured the image in using my ProMarkers and FlexMarkers.  The colours I used were: Sky Blue, Meadow Green, Azure, Dove Grey, Antique White, Cool Grey 2.  I then took a 6″ square card that was pre-scored and had a scalloped edge and matted a piece of lime green check background from my crafty stash onto this which I’d wrapped a piece of lace and green check ribbon around.   I used a Spellbinders die to cut out the digi-stamp and then stuck it to ghe card front.  I wrote the greeting “Penblwydd Hapus Iawn” – which is Welsh for “A Very Happy Birthday” – onto the envelope front in the dog’s mouth with a Letraset 0.3mm pen.)
  2. Digital Stamp Chilly Owls set from JustInklined (The digi stamp was printed out onto 300gsm, Super Smooth, white cardstock at smaller than the size provided.  I then coloured the image in using my ProMarkers and FlexMarkers. The colours I used were Tan, Tawny Owl, Buttercup, Fire wood, Dove Grey.  I a Spellbinders die to cut out the digi, and another one from the same set to cut out the greetings panel.  I went around the “branch and leaves” outline of both panels using a Zig clear Wink of Stella pen.  I took an A4 sheet of Centura Pearl cardstock and scored it at 7.5cm and 15cm using my Hougie Board.  I folded it at the central score with the pearlescent side inwards and then bent back at the other score line to bring the pearlescent side to the half front.  The digi-stamp topper was attached directly to this using glue gel.  I’ve not put a greeting on yet as I don’t know what occasion or language it will be needed in.)
  3. Digital Stamp Wishing Well from JustInklined (The digi stamp was printed out onto 300gsm, Super Smooth, white cardstock at smaller than the size provided.   I then coloured the image in using my ProMarkers. The colours I used were: Hearth-stone, Warm Grey 1, Grey Squirrel, Cool Grey 4, Chestnut, Walnut, Shale, Tan, Cocoa, Grass.  I cut out the digi-stamp topper using a Spellbinders die, and also cut a branch out using a Tattered Lace die out of the same sheet.  I used my Joy machine to do this.  I coloured the twig and leaves outline of the digi-topper and the branch using the same brown and green ProMarkers I’d used to colour in the digi-stamp.  I then took a brown card from my crafting stash and scored and folded it in half.  The topper was stuck to the front of this using 1mm deep double sided foam tape and the branch added using glue gel.  I took a “Penblwydd Hapus” greeting panel from my crafting stash and stuck this in place using 2mm deep, double sided, foam tape.  By keeping to only branches and leaves around the image I think that this makes a masculine card for a birthday or get well, but if blossom was added to the branch and flowers were draped around the well it would make a lovely card for a female.  I do like it when a digi-stamp can be used in more than way.)



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