Assorted Crafting Mid November 2013

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An Bit Of An Update And An Assortment Of Crafting


 I have coloured in several digi-stamps over the last few days, but none of them are made up into cards yet, so you’ll have to wait until a future post to see what they turn out like.

I’ve also had a few sewing and jewellery making projects on the go.  Some of these are now finished so these are what I’ve got to show you today.  I hope you like them.  Please let me know what you think.



(If you click on the thumbnail and medium sized images you can have a look at a larger image of each item.)

1cup478392_5 - card01 - Vintage Pretty Pink Roses 5x5 Envelope

  1. Vintage Pretty Pink Roses 5×5 Envelope by Ammie Sanders (I printed the sheet out onto 120gsm Super Smooth white paper, scored along the indicated lines using my Hougie board, then cut it out.  After folding I used finger-lift tape to attach the sides, putting another strip along the flap that can be used to close the envelope when needed.  I’ll be using it with a card made using matching Vintage Pretty Pink Roses Topper Sheet.)



Back in my post of the 8th of May I showed you a pair of earrings that I’d made with a bead put on a piece of Kumihimo.  At the time I’d made enough Kumihimo braid to put onto a bracelet and necklace as well, but I didn’t have the right size end-caps to complete them all.  Well I’ve now bought in the pieces I require and finished making up the set of jewellery.

1MakingKumihimo 04 04 2MakingKumihimo 04 07 3MakingKumihimo 04 08

  1. The complete set, including the earrings I showed you previously
  2. The necklace.
  3. The bracelet.

I use some silver plated chain in the project because this means that I can adjust the length of each piece depending on what’s required by the warer.

This next necklace was made in a similar way to the one I showed you in my post of the 6th of November, but this time I’ve used clear beads that are lined with silver or purple.

1MakingKumihimo 09 01 2MakingKumihimo 09 02 3MakingKumihimo 09 03

  1. I’ve used Crystal Transparent silver lined and purple lined long magatama beads on this kumihimo necklace.  These were threaded onto purple S-lon cord for making this, one pack of each bead colour used for each side, so four packs in total were used for this.  The back end of the cord is finished with bell shaped end caps. The back of the necklace is made of silver plated chain.  By using a chain at the back I can adjust the length of the necklace, by shortening or adding to the chain, to suite the warer.
  2. The central glitterball detail at the front.
  3. The glitterball is actually a magnetic clasp, so this necklace attaches at the front making it easier for those with dexterity problems to ware.

1MakingKumihimo 07 02 2MakingKumihimo 07 04 3MakingKumihimo 07 06 4MakingKumihimo 07 07

  1. This set of kumihimo jewellery is made using a cream and gold satin rattail cord. I worked it all as one piece and then used thread wound around and tied either side of where I wanted to cut.  The cut ends were then stuck inside gold end caps using Zap glue.  Shell beads from my crafting stash were added to each piece.
  2. Closeup of earrings.
  3. Closeup of bracelet.
  4. Closeup of front of necklace.

1MakingKumihimo 08 01

  1. I used black rattail cord for the kumihimo piece on this keyring.  One of the little items I’ve made to put into crackers.



In my post of the 13th November I showed you a little cushion cover that one of my young nephews had made with some help from me.  He’s now made, and stuffed with soft toy filling, a cushion to put in the cover (note to self – need to order some more micro-stitch strips as he used a whole strip to tack the sides of the cushion before he stitched it together with my machine).  He also bought over his favourite quilt that he’s had since he was very young and is looking very worse for ware.  It’s been patched by various family members, but now some of the edges were looking a bit frayed – so Saturday afternoon he sat at my sewing machine and used the blanket stitch to go all round his quilt, with me just sitting to the side to help hold the weight and turn the corners.

Of course, if one of the young nephews gets to make a cushion cover for his teddy, the other little nephew then decided he had to make one for his favourite soft toy – a lion.  And where as his brothers teddy is a girl teddy and would love a flower on her cushion this nephew’s lion is a boy – so a flower wouldn’t do – but he’d love a lion’s face with a mane on the front of his cushion – Oh Dear!  Well have a look and let me know what you think –


  1. He raided my materials bag to find what he wanted for the main cushion cover and what he wanted for the lion’s face.  The same shape as used for petals on his brother’s creation were used for ears on the lion (I’ve just spotted that a few of the white micro-stitch tacks he put in haven’t been taken out before taking this photo).  The face was made using a triangular template, but we sewed a bit round the pointed end.  It was then stuffed a bit before attaching to the front of the cushion front.  The nephew wound lots of yarn from my knitting stash around his fingers in bunches to make the lion’s mane, which we stuck behind the lion’s face before stitching it in place.  I did the stitching round the lion’s face, but the nephew stitched the sides.  He also sewed and stuffed a cushion to put inside this cushion cover.

It will be quilts for both soft toys before long I’m sure.

1Cushion Cover 01 03

  1. This is a project I made myself.  It’s the first finished of several I’m working on.  Some are going to be Christmas or housewarming gifts.  A couple of years ago I won a large assortment of patchwork material packs, so the cushions are going to be all different but several will be made using materials from the same packs so will co-ordinate.  The central panel is decorated using a sunflower made using a dresden plate template and the outide border of squares is quilted in a free-motion wavy pattern.



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10 Replies to “Assorted Crafting Mid November 2013”

  1. Wow Gwyneth your jewellery is stunning – they are all beautiful! My favourite is the second one with the Crystal Transparent silver lined and purple lined long magatama beads. I love the little lions face on the cushion – so cute.

  2. Wow,you have been busy,i love how the glitter ball is a clasp, stunning jewellery…. the little lion is adorable.
    I like how you’re filling your crackers, i don’t know what to put in mine.
    Your quilting is superb, your talent knows no end………………… Happy crafting Sweetie xxx

  3. Absolutely stunning jewellery Gwyneth, I do love the purple set. The cushion is fabulous and love the lions face too.

    Linda xxx

  4. You have been a busy bee this month, and your nephews sound fabulous, and must keep you on your toes…they are very talented and very lucky to have such a patient Aunt, hugs hun xxx

  5. Gorgeous jewelry projects. I make some jewelry too. I did a bunch of projects a couple weeks ago for my local church bazaar. Much fun. Cheers, Holley