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An Update, A Few Musings, A Few Cards and Some Other Bits

If you don’t want to read my musings, or know what I used and how I made a card you can just click the thumbnail images to view each card at a larger size, and then click “Back” and scroll down to the next section.
I know that I write a lot in each blog post – this helps me remember what colours or cardstock I’ve used in case I want to get a similar effect in the future, in addition to providing information that some readers might be interested in – so please don’t think that you have to read every word I’ve written.



I had a bit of a session of crafting Thursday and yesterday.  Didn’t get as much done as I wanted, especially as a lot had already been coloured and cut out ahead of time, but at least it’s a bit done.



Christmas is getting nearer – and I’m slowly getting my Christmas crafting done.  But people are already talking about having their decorations up.  No chance!  We’ve never put up decorations this early.  I like having time to sit and enjoy the decorations when they go up, and there’s no time to do that until Christmas itself.  So with us the decorations go up during the last week before Christmas – when we were young I remember rushing home when we were let out from school after lunch the last day of term to put up the decorations because the holidays had arrived – and we had to thoroughly dust and hoover the sitting room before putting anything up.  I’m guessing that those who put up decorations earlier do so because it was a tradition in their family when they were growing up to do so.

I’m wondering what everybody else’s traditions are as far as Christmas decorations and their Christmas tree – do you put everything up early?  Do you take them down as soon as Christmas has been?  Do you like to put them up just before Christmas day but sit and enjoy them once Christmas day is past – not taking them down until a week or two into the New Year?  And what about the Christmas cards you receive?  Do they all go up in a prominent position?  All hung but overlapping?  Or do you only have room to put a few favourites on display, or perhaps swap them round over the holiday period?

It facinates me how the cellebration of one event – the birthday of Jesus Christ – can have so many different traditions associated with it, not only around the world but even within one country.



(If you click on the thumbnail images you can have a look at a larger image of each item.)
(Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards. Where these linked pages are on the CUP site you will usually find a longer description of how I made the item at the bottom of the page.)

Firstly a couple of Christmas cards:

1cup445481_688 - card01 - Sweet Jesus 2RecCard 01 01

  1. Sweet Jesus by Debra Jenkinson (I printed the sheet out onto 250gsm Super Smooth white cardstock and then cut out.  As I’m working on cards that will go through the UK post using a standard letter stamp I split the layers in two, to make two shallower cards from the one sheet.  One card was made as an A5 card front with two extra layers added, and this card was made with the full circular layer and the middle and smallerst layers, built up and stuck with 1mm deep, double sided foam tape.  The card is one I bought pre-cut and scored.  I went round the edge with a blue ProMarker and stuck the built up topper to this.  I then did a dotty pattern with the same ProMarker over the background.  I finished off with a very subtle, white, “Nadolig Llawen” peel-off – which is Welsh for “Happy Christmas”.  I do like sheets that can be used in different ways and this sheet ticked the boxes for lovely image and versatility for me.)
  2. This is one of my recycle/upcycle cards where I’ve chopped the front of a card off to use as a topper on this new card.  It is attached to the front of a 6″ square, scalloped edged, card from my crafting stash and I finished it off by spotting blue glitter glue around the edges.  Another card with a bit of sparkle but still flat enough to go through the post on a standard letter stamp in the UK.

One of the groups I belong to on Facebook, called “Let’s Make Marks” , is running an event called “Tickled Pink” at the moment.  The idea is to create crafty creations incorporating markers with a PINK theme.  Photos of the creations are to be uploaded into the event album in the group, and the cards themselves are to be sent off to the event organiser.  After the closing date mid December the original works will be distributed amongst Breast Cancer Charities for them to sell towards their much needed funds.

1TickedPink 03 01 2TickedPink 03 03 3Mixed Pink Background 01

  1. The image is from a “Collection of 3, A6 Black and White Sketch Pads” of Lili of The Valley images.  I coloured this in using: Cool Grey 3, April Shower, Pink Carnation, Rose Pink, Blossom, Coral, Cocktail Pink, Pastel Pink, Henna and Satin ProMarkers and Dove Grey FlexMarker.  I cut out the image, and a small greetings panel, out using the Spellbinders Distressed Edge set die.  I also cut mats one size larger out of flourish foiled Adorable Scorable cardstock.  I coloured in a white cardstock in a blotchy pattern using the pinks I’d used on the image and cut these out using flower dies from a Spellbinders die set. I went round the edge of a pre-cut and scored card with Pink Carnation ProMarker.  Attached the top layers to the flourish mats using fingerlift tape and then used 2mm deep, double sided, foam tape to attach the matted layers to the base card.  Glue gel was used to attach the flowers and I finished off with some pink sticky back gems.
  2. Angled view of same card.
  3. The piece of 300gms Super Smooth white cardstock I coloured in blotches of the pinks I’d used to colour the image.  This is what I used to die-cut out the flower embelishments for the previous, and the next, card.

1TickedPink 02 03 2TickedPink 01 02

  1. I’d cut out more flowers out of the ProMarker coloured panel than I needed for my 1st “Tickled Pink” card, plus some flourishes and a butterfly (the flourishes are from a Marianne die set and the butterfly is from a Joy butterfly die set), so I decided to use some of them to create another pink card.  The base card is from the same set of blank cards as the previous card and I went rougn the edge of this with a Pink Carnation ProMarker.  The mat was cut out using a Spellbinders Square die out of a pink, marbled look, Score Perfect cardstock.  I used foam tape to attach the square and then glue gel to attach all the embelishments, finishing off with some sticky back pink gems.
  2. This card isn’t quite as “pink” as the previous two.  The image is from the same LoTV pack of black and white outline images as the first card, and the first time I saw this image I thought that the little child looks as if he’s dome something a bit naughty and is now legging it.  I then thought – what if what he’s doing wrong is playing with his little sister’s nice new pink scooter?  I like pink and brown together so I used the same type of base card as previously for this one and then went round it firstly with a Pink ProMarker to put quite a wide border, then with a brown ProMarker to give a very narrow line right at the edge.  Both these ProMarkers were used to colour in the image.  The colourse used were:  Amethyst, Cinnamon, Cocoa, Cool Grey 5, 3, and 2, Black, Denim Blue, Satin, Orchid, Blossom, Pink Carnation, and Dove Grey FlexMarker.  I cut the image out using a Spellbinders Square die and used one sized larger to cut out another square out of white Super Smooth cardstock.  This white panel I coloured with the same Cocoa ProMarker I’d used on the dog in the image so that I had a perfect match as a mat for the image.  Finger-lift tape was used to attach the image to the mat and 2mm deep, double sided foam tape was used to attach the matted image to the card front.



Last week I took all my distress Inks, a bag of makeup sponges, some The Three Kings StenSkape stencils and some cut up pieces off a roll of white poster paper – and yes, I did remember to put down a covering before letting the children loose to create their pictures.

Of course, it isn’t easy to blend with makeup sponges on poster paper, but the children had fun and it kept them quiet while other stuff such as sorting out the order for the Christmas services was being attempted.

These are not what the children made though.  Some of them have taken their creations home and the others have left them in the vestry until this coming Sunday School as they want to add finishing touches.  What interested me was that they’d all gone for very sandy colours with the nativity manger, but none did the journey of the wise men or the shepherds in the fields at night.  So being me – I had to have a play myself when I got home – not taking much time over it I must admit, just doing something to fill in the gaps in the story.  As I said – not easy to make anything other than a very textured look with what they were provided with, but I finished off my creations with die-cut a die cut star, an angel, shepheards and sheep cut out using Signature Dies – Nativity 2013 from Joanna Sheen.  I used my ProMarkers to colour the shepherds and added some clear Wink of Stella to the angel’s wings.

1Picture02 01 2Picture01 01

  1. Wise men following the star as the sun goes down.
  2. Shepherds watching their sheep spot the angel.

1Crown 01 01 2Crown 01 02 3Angel 01 03

  1. This is Herod’s crown.  The base is made of Centura Pearl Snow White cardstock.  One A3 sheet was cut in half along it’s length and I then die-cut the pattern at the top out of it with a Tattered Lace Die. While I had my Joy machine out I also embossed along the length of the cardstock using a long mask.  I used super sticky tape to attach the two pieces together to make a long strip. I took some Sirdar Funky Fox purple yarn and knitted a strip over 6 peg pairs on my knitting loom until it was long enough to wrap around the length of the joined cardstock.  I put some holes around the bottom edge of the cardstock and threaded pieces of the yarn through, then round the bottom and round the knitted strip and knotted in place.  I did this every 2 or 3 inches.  Before joining the other end together I went round the cut out top section with gold coloured  Wink of Stella brush pen and added spots of various colours of Martha Stewart glitter glue.
  2. This strip was knitted on the same knitting loom from the rest of the Funky Fox yarn and Herod can have it pinned across the front of his cloak as it isn’t long enough to go all round the neck and down the sides of the cloak.
  3. An angel made of linen textured white cardstock and white parchement, stuck together using ultra tacky tape and quick grab glue.  I used a stencil to emboss the outline and pattern before cutting the pieces out.



Some more cracker gifts.

1KeyRing104 01 2KeyRing104 02

  1. The same macrame knot as used in Shamballa bracelets was used for this one, but always going from left to right, rather than alternating both sides, to get a twist rather than a flat knoted piece.
  2. Closeup of flower end of keyring.

1Necklace101 01 2Necklace101 03 3PhoneCharm 01 02

  1. A simple cord necklace with a stone on a bail as a pendant and finished off with silver toned findings including a magnetic clasp.
  2. Closeup of the pendant.  It has a faint vain of the same colour as the cord I chose.
  3. This is again a knotted item that’s knotted to produce a twist. This time it’s a mobile phone charm with two different sizes of Sodalite beads used in it.



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