Further December 2013 Crafting

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An Update,  Boxes, Cakes and More

I know that I write a lot in each blog post – this helps me remember what colours or cardstock I’ve used in case I want to get a similar effect in the future, in addition to providing information that some readers might be interested in – so please don’t think that you have to read every word I’ve written.


Well, Christmas is getting nearer, and I’m busy finishing off and packing some of the gifts I’ve got planned.  I feel I’m pacing myself nicely at the moment, with around half the parcels already wrapped and under the tree, a batch more ready to pack, and a few hand made items that just require a few finishing touches.

We had the Christmas service at the chapel yesterday, followed by a visit by Santa Clause and a tea party.  The service went well and everything was great until just after I’d given Santa the last chocolates and tangeries to give to a child with their gift – and that’s when I stepped back, the knee of my damaged leg gave out on me (yes I knew I’d done too much the last few days, bobbing up and down, and standing to do the story telling during the first half of the service, and my leg, as well as most of the rest of me, was aching and tired) and I landed in a heap on the floor taking out a coffee table on the way.  Thankfully I had tied off the scenery and backdrop very well – to prevent the children topping them during their acting or playing – so that just wobbled and stuck in place.  And Thankfully I didn’t break any part of me either, though I do think a bruise will come out across the bottom of my back a few inches below my waist where it made contact with the edge of the coffee table.  Not very dignified though getting back up with a whole congregation watching.

Normally Monday is a more of a rest day for me to get my energy back after making family lunch and going to the chapel on Sunday, but this afternoon was the first performance of the Christmas musical plays at a concert at my two younger nephews school, and I’d got a ticket.  My niece picked me up and drove me there and dropped me at the gate from the carpark to the school yard and drove round to pick me up there at the end, so I didn’t have to walk across the carpark and get even more tired.  It was so nice to see the boys taking part in their respective plays.

So, this evening I’m sat in bed taking it easy and finishing off this blog post and browsing around a few Facebook groups and blogs online.  I hope you like the assortment of crafted items I’ve got to show you this time.



(If you click on the thumbnail images you can have a look at a larger image of each item.)
(Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards. Where these linked pages are on the CUP site you will usually find a longer description of how I made the item at the bottom of the page.)

You’ll have seen this card in my post of the 11th December, but I’d forgotten to take a photo of the insert for that post – so here it is again, this tiem with the insert.

1cup484567_1051 - card02 - Antique Plum Pink Rose Insert 8x8 2cup484567_1051 - card01 - Antique Plum Pink Rose Insert 8x8

Beautiful Horse Card Topper 3 by Tammy Clarke and Antique Plum Pink Rose Insert 8×8 by Apetroae Stefan (I printed the sheet out at a little smaller than the size provided.  I also printed out the insert twice at a little smaller than size provided. I took a scalloped edged base card and went round the edge with a purple ProMarker.  I also cut out one of the insert pieces and went round the edge with the same ProMarker before attaching it to the front of the card as a layer using finger-lift tape.  The second insert was attached inside the card.  I then used 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape to attach this beautiful horse topper and finished off by wrapping a piece of purple jute string twice around the top of the card and tieing in a simnple bow.)



I’ve been decorating boxes to put an assortment of hand made greetings cards into as a gift for some family members.  This means that they’ll have nice cards to send their friends during the year.  The first one is in blues to give to a male, whereas the rest are for females.

1cup238969_131 - card01 - soft blue lace 2cup238969_131 - card03 - soft blue lace

  1. Imagine 9 by Anna Babajanyan and soft blue lace by Karin Johansson (I printed out the backgrounds onto 300gsm Super Smooth white cardstock.  I then trimmed one background and stuck it over the top of an old chocolates box that I was recycling.  I cut panels from the other background, stuck one onto a mat of silver paper, and attached them to the front of the box.  White cardstock was put onto the bottom of the card and the two sides not covered with this background.  I finished off by writing “Cardiau” which is Welsh for “Cards” on the top and putting a dotted pattern around using a French Navy ProMarker.  The box is going to be used to give a dozen hand made cards and their envelopes as a gift so the recipient can use them during the year.)
  2. A different angled photo of the same gift box.

1cup262893_905 - card02 - LACE BACKING PAPER SHEET #L50M 2cup262893_905 - card01 - LACE BACKING PAPER SHEET #L50M 3cup262893_905 - card03 - LACE BACKING PAPER SHEET #L50M

  1. Salmon Pansies by Tom Curtis and LACE BACKING PAPER SHEET #L50M by Janice McFarlane (I printed both backgrounds onto 300gsm Super Smooth white cardstock. This project was to recycle an old chocolate box to make a gift box to give a dozen handmade greetings card as a gift so that the recipient had them to send throughout the year. I trimmed the backgrounds, one to put over the box and one as a panel, putting a strip of white linen cardstock across the top on the diagonal.  The linen textured cardstock was also put on the bottom of the box and the two sides not covered by the background.)
  2. A different angled photo of the same gift box.
  3. A different angled photo of the same gift box.

1cup77062_376 - card01 - beautiful butterfly vellum 2 2cup77062_376 - card02 - beautiful butterfly vellum 2 3cup204093_33 - card02 - Ivory Roses

  1. beautiful butterfly vellum 2 by Michelle Johnson and Layered Doily 2 & Butterfly…SVG by Tina Fitch (I printed the sheet onto 300gsm Super Smooth white cardstock and trimmed it and stuck it over the top and down two sides of an old chocolate box that I wanted to recycle as a gift box.  I put white linen textured cardstock over the other two sides and under the base of the box.  All pieces were stuck in place using glue gel.  I took a die-cut panel and wrote “Cardiau” – which is Welsh for “Cards” – on it using a Mulberry ProMarker.  I added a flower that I’d die-cut using a Tonic die, and a butterfly cut out using my Silhouette Cameo.)
  2. A different angled photo of the same gift box.
  3. Ivory Roses by Tom Curtis (This is a box of approximately A4 in size with an acetate front that I wanted to decorate up to use as a gift box.  I printed this background onto 300gsm Super Smooth white cardstock and cut it out to use as a border around the box front.  I attached the strips with ultra tacky tape before attaching some die-cut embelishments and flowers.  The panel says “Cardiau” – which is Welsh for “Cards” – as this box has been made to contain an assortment of hand made greetings cards to give as a gift to a family member so that they can be on hand for them to use throughout the year.)



Some more Kumihimo Keyrings with a bead for you to look at this time.

1MakingKumihimo 14 02 2MakingKumihimo 14 03 3MakingKumihimo 15 01 4MakingKumihimo 15 02

  1. The Kumihimo braid is made from a 2 to 3mm wide purple cord and finished off with end caps to add to the keychain.
  2. Closeup of beaded charm added.
  3. The Kumihimo on this one was made in exactly the same way, but it is a much narrower cord because it is made with a card that’s only 1mm diameter.  I started this one by putting the cords through a jump ring so that it didn’t need gluing into an end cap, although the other end is stuck in a small end cap.
  4. Closeup of Sodalite bead put inline with Kumihimo braid.



Saturday morning, while waiting for Tesco to deliver, I put a batch of cupcakes in the oven, and then simply decorated them after lunch, so that I had something to take with me to the tea at our chapel after the Christmas service yesterday.

1CakeDecorating 06 01 2CakeDecorating 06 02

A dosen vanilla cupcakes with a circle of ready to roll icing on top and then snowflakes made out of the same icing with some sugar on top.  I used Snowflake Plungers to cut out the snowflakes.  The second photo is a closeup of one of the cakes so click on it to see a larger version of the picture.



I’ve added a new Pictorial Guide! You can find it at number “08” in my “Making Paper Flowers” section.



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  1. A lovely selection of goodies Gwyneth.
    Sorry to read about your fall and I hope you are not too sore in the coming days x

  2. Morning Gwyneth, I hope you are recovering from your fall and not too sore. Another beautiful array of crafty goodies you have made. Love the boxes.

    Linda xxx

  3. Oh, Gwyneth, I hope you are okay my lovely friend, sounds painful, healing huggles being sent….love your crafting hun and a great idea to use chocolate boxes…cakes looks yummy, now where is that church, I am on my way xxxxxx