My Favourite Five Christmas Creations

Today’s post is on a similar theme to yesterday’s post, but rather than my favourite “anything” items, this post is about my 5 favourite Christmas items.  This post came about because I spotted another of my online friends had done something similar, because she’d spotted the idea on Debby Yates’ blog “A Scrapjourney“.

One of today’s favourites was in yesterday’s favourites, but, as a Christmas item I couldn’t help but put it in today’s list.  I’ve chosen from creations that have a Christmas look, rather than items made to give as Christmas gifts.

(Clicking on each picture will take you to the original blog post for each project where you should find details of what I used in each case – amongst all the other stuff I made the same time.)

1.  A design team card I made that went live online in early NovemberChristmas Tree and Fire 02C

2.  I may make a variety of different types of Christmas cards, both simple and highly decorative, but I do like Christmas cards that show the true story of Christmas.  This very simple card showing the wise men’s journey is one card I love.

cup31086_33 - card02 - Black and White Christmas

3.  Christmas isn’t just about the cards and the food and the drink.  This is a crown I made for “Herod” to wear as part of the Nativity play at our chapel Christmas service.  I’d made the clothes and crowns for the wise men last year, so not part of this year’s Christmas makes.Crown 01 01

4.  A simple Christmas card I made in early November.  It reminds me of the verse “Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness”cup475600_415 - card03 - CANDLE IN STAINED GLASS WINDOW PYRAMIDS

5.  A card I made for a card swap.

NovemberCardSwap 03

 Right, that’s enough looking back.  My next posts will be new creations, so I’ll hope you’ll be back again soon to see what I’ve been making this week.