My 6th “The Dragons Den” Posting for the Monday “Pick of the Week” Slot (22)

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Time certainly does fly when you are having fun, and it’s already four weeks since my last post for The Dragon’s Den blog. Today a new post went live on the blog with a card I’d made showcasing another great digi-stamp. You can see the post – Here!


AutumnLeaves 07

Thumbnail photos of some different areas/angles of this card can be seen below.

Stamping Dragon Designs Item:

Autumn Leaves Bookmark digital stamp




Have a closer look by clicking on the thumbnails below.

1AutumnLeaves 01 2AutumnLeaves 04 3AutumnLeaves 05

4AutumnLeaves 09  5AutumnLeaves 10  6AutumnLeaves 11

  1. After printing and colouring in the image I cut the pieces out.
  2. But rather than keep the little envelope in one piece I cut it down the centre and then cut off the tabs.  The two halves were matted onto a frosted gold cardstock, trimming to leave a 3/16 border around three sides of each but no border on the adjoining side.
  3. The matted images were stuck to the front of a gatefold card I’d made from black cardstock.  I used 2mm tape to attach, using the wider tape to attach the right hand side panel, but using the narrow, shaker tape, around the three sides of the left hand side to leave the central area not stuck down.  I put a little glue gel on the foam tape to give me a little “wiggle time” to move both sides until they were aligned.  I added the glitter glue and peel-off.
  4. But before sticking I’d cut a half circle notch out of the gatefold on the let hand side, and as the topper is only stuck on three sides, and not along the centre on this side the bookmark just slots in.
  5. Just grip in the notch and the bookmark slides out as a little gift within the card.  A nice idea if you are giving a book, or a book token, as a gift.  In fact, If you make the mat large enough you should be able to use the same method to slot in a gift card, or even cash.
  6. Close-up of one of the bookmark itself.

There are other bookmark designs in the shop that you could use to do the same sort of thing.  If this particular image doesn’t suit your recipient then please have a look to see if you can find one that does.



Keep an eye out for my next “Pick of the Week” post for “The Dragons Den” in February. In the meantime there will be further posts by the other design team members before then to inspire you.



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