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An Update, A Few Cards and Other Crafted Items


 I hope that none of you are badly effected by the very bad weather we’ve been having in these parts lately.  The wind has been blowing very badly here, especially yesterday and overnight.  Schools were closed early and even our closest town was closed due to the danger from flying tiles, etc.  There’s even mention of the Tesco at the top of town having to close because it’s roof started lifting off.  Plus there was some white stuff on the ground when I went out this morning to let our dog out of her night kennel for a run around the garden before being put into her enclosure for the day – I rather think she did a quick dive into her kennel in the enclosure as soon as she was in as well – she’s not a dog who likes being outside in bad weather.  It looked like a mixture of hail and snow blown into the corners by the shed, the door, etc., not a big enough covering to cause any problems, and I don’t think it was freezing on the the ground underneath.

We did have a few short power cuts yesterday, which meant the TV and stuff not being available.  But I had my rechargeable battery OttLight and could carry on with some crafting until it came back – mind you it only went off for around five minutes at a time, but it must have gone off at half a dozen different occasions.

I don’t suppose the bad weather will have helped the intermittent Internet access problems either.  I’ve mostly got access now, but slow access.  By the time I’ve check my E-mails and done important stuff like paying bills, etc., its taken so much longer time than usual that I’m exhausted before I get to Facebook, and even more exhausted before I get to blogs – both writing my own (which is why this is only the 2nd blog post of new stuff from me this month – plus the one showing an old card swap) and visiting others.  So once again I must appologise that I’ve not been commenting on all your latest blog posts – I have been visiting some and loved the work but have been having timeout notices.

It’s been quite a few days since my last blog post so I’ve got a bit of a variety of crafted items to show you today – starting with five cards –



(If you click on the thumbnail images you can have a look at a larger image of each item.)

1cup436692_66 - Digital Stamp - card02 - Framed Orchid 2cup441471_1894 - card01 - Nautical boat design card for male birthday or father's day

  1. Digital Stamp – Framed Orchid by Sheila Rodgers (I printed the sheet out onto 300gsm, Super Smooth, white cardstock.  I coloured it in using various markers. The colours I used were: Forest Green ProMarker; Crimson, Celestial Blue and Dove Grey FlexMarker; Gold, Violet and Clear Wink of Stella brush pens. I then put Anthresite  Glitter glue in the centre of the red flowers.  I cut the image out and stuck it to a sheet of embossed gold mirror card using finger-lift tape, trimming to leave an even border using a Perfect Layers ruler.  I then used 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape to attach the matted topper to the front of a sheet of foiled Adorable Scorable cardstock.  I also added a panel of the embossed gold card ready to add a greeting when I know what language the card will be needed in.  A lovely image that can be used on a simple square card, or blinged up for a bigger card, and is suitable for many occasions depending on the colours used to colour it in.)
  2. Nautical boat design card for male birthday or father’s day by Toni Martin (I printed the sheet out onto 300gsm, Super Smooth, white cardstock.  I then cut out all the pieces.  As I think the card will bee needed in Welsh I flipped one of the greetings panels over and cut the centre out of the other before sticking it on top to make a blank greetings panels.  I made a base card by scoring an A4 sheet of turquoise pearlescent cardstock at the half way point using my Hougie Board and then folded it in half.  I stuck the base image to this using finger-lift tape.  I then used 2mm deep, double sided, foam tape to add the topper and greetings panel.  I finished off by going over the sea and some of the rope elements on the card with clear Wink of Stella brush pen to add a twinkle – although this doesn’t show up in the photo – and I also added some dots of turquoise glitter glue.)

1Ellie_Elephant card01 03 2Hunkydory2014 card02 03

  1. Ellie Elephant by Janette Padley (I printed the sheet onto 300gsm, Super Smooth, white cardstock.  I then coloured the digi-stamp in.  I used Cardinal Red, Cool Grey 1, 2, 3, and 4 ProMarkers, Dove Grey FlexMarker, and Gold Wink of Stella brush pen.  I then cut out the image.  It was then matted onto old gold frosted paper, and cut to leave an even border of a quarter of an inch using a Perfect Layers ruler.  Then it was matted onto red Satin Board and trimmed to leave a border of 1/16″ before being stuck to the front of a base card of approximately 15cm square in size mad of linen textured white cardstock.)
  2. (Card made using a cut down piece of background and a topper from the kit that came free with the Hunkydory magazine number 15 with the addition of a piece of yellow ribbon that I further coloured with a Gold ProMarker to make it tone in more with the daffodils.  I also went round the edge of the background with the same ProMarker before sticking it to the front of an A5 base card made from a white hammered sheet of A4 card.)

1cup433863_1873 - card01 -  'Flying Home' Bird Card Topper

  1.  ‘Flying Home’ Bird Card Topper by Tammy Clarke (I printed the sheet out onto 300gsm, Super Smooth, white cardstock.  I then cut out the pieces.  I stuck the base layer directly to an embossed gold cardstock using fingerlift tape.  This matted image was stuck to an A5 base card made by scoring an A4 sheet of white hammered cardstock in half using my Hougie Board and folding.  I then used  1mm deep, double sided, foam tape to attach the panel layers in place.  I haven’t added a greeting yet because I don’t know what language it will be needed in, but I have taken a clear Wink of Stella brush pen and added a little glitter shimmer to the bird’s wings and tail, and also the little “starlight” areas on the three panels – though unfortunately this added twinkle isn’t showing up in the photograph of my card.)



In my post of the 9th February – here – I told you that when my two youngest nephews were staying over a few weeks ago I’d told them that they could design a cake and I’d attempt to decorate it.  I showed you the first one I made previously.  Well I left over a week before making and decorating the next one – leave them plenty of time to finish eating the first one and for them to settle down after the sugar rush – though I rather think their parents and their friends ate a lot of it from what was said.  In any case.  The second cake, made and decorated to the design of the second nephew, was suppose to look more like an old farm with the house based on an Iron Age fort house (Castell Henllys is an Iron Age village less than ten miles away that they’ve visited a few times and he’s facinated by it – plus he loves it when I get my giant cupcake silicon mould out.)

1CakeDecorating 09 04 2CakeDecorating 09 03 3CakeDecorating 09 05

  1. The Iron Age house is a giant vanilla sponge cupcake decorated with fondant icing around the sides and chocolate icing as the roof, with a moulded piece of chocolate as the door.  The yellow icing ducks were placed on the jelly “duck pond” before they arrived for tea after school.  The “grass” and “duck weed” in the pond is green edible shimmer powder.
  2. There are two chocolate horses and a foal going round the house and one foal behind the open door of the animal shed.
  3. The animal shed is a loaf of “bara brith” that I bought, with it’s top cut off at an angle and a sheet of chocolate icing put on top.  I marked the chocolate icing on the shed and house with the point of a kebab skewer to look like really old thatching.

The one thing on his plan that I failed to make that disapointed my nephew were a herd of cows.  Just couldn’t make those out of icing, my other animals are a bit dodgy and the sheep coming out of the shed is only the front half and the head.  What I did do was make some “cow pat” burgers – nice mince beef burgers with some capers and other things inside, just shaped into balls, put on a baking tray and half flattened and cooked in the oven rather than frying flat on both sides.  I told him that I’d tried to make icing cows but they kept producing cow pats and vanishing – once he got over the disapointment of no cows on his cake farm I think he got the joke and loved the burgers in a roll – Big rule of coming here for a meal is that they have to eat savory “proper food” before they can have anything sikly sweet!



In my post of the 28th January – here – I showed you the first half a dozen Suffolk Puffs I’d made using my new little circular YoYo/Suffolk Puff template gadget.  After using up nearly a whole charm pack of squares to make up puffs for this project (the other half a dozen have been put asside to decorate a quilted bag for holding quilting templates) I threaded the resulting Suffolk Puffs onto a round elastic.  I created a cone shaped tail and a round shaped head from felt and pulled either end of the elastic through and knotting off before finishing to stuff and sew around.

1SuffolkPuffs02 05 2SuffolkPuffs02 03 3SuffolkPuffs02 04

  1. View from the top of my “catapiller”.
  2. A more frontal view.
  3. Catapillar curled completely round so that you can see the face.  As you can see I’ve sewn the mouth and nose dots and glued on two googlie eyes using glue gel.



In my blog post of the 28th January – here – I showed you a piece of kniting I’d done on one of my knitting looms out of “Wash + Filz-it! Felting wool”.  Well I’ve now put the piece into the washing machine to felt, and this is how it’s come out (I’ve put the same knitting loom in the photo so that you can compare the size with the photo of the piece pre-felting.)  It is now stiff and felted and ready to be used to make a slipper.

1Scarf 102 09

Keep an eye out over the next few weeks for photos of the finished slippers to appear once I’ve made them.



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  1. Evening Gwyneth, it was very windy here last night and pouring with rain! Not too bad today but very cold. Gorgeous cards and loving the farm theme cake.

    Linda xxx

  2. Sounds like your having it pretty rough where you are? It’s been very windy and raining with thunder and lightning but on the whole we’ve been very lucky here down on the South East Coast, compared to a lot of places!
    Fabulous selection of projects as usual Gwyneth xx Zoe xx

  3. busy hands as alwys Gwyneth,. Lovely makes. some people are having an awful rough time witht he weather, We always complain in the North East about not having the lovely sunny and hot summers that the southern parts of the country have but thankfully we also seen to escape the worst of the severe weather too..x Keep safe. and thank you for shareing with The Crafty bloggers network.x

  4. A fabulous selection of crafty goodies Gwyneth. I love the daffodil card.
    We had a rough day of it down in Pembroke yesterday but at least today has been a sunny respite. I hope you’ve had a nice day too x

  5. Lots to see and read Gwyneth. Hope your weather settles soon. We have been very lucky so far, but it doesn’t do to tempt fate. Looking forward to the spring. Love the cards and your fabulous cake. Looks yummy.

  6. Lovely selection of cards – particularly love the mans card and the one with the daffodils. Your caterpillar e is great – super project. And the Iron Age house s fantastic – what a mammoth project. Love the ducks, pond and sheep!! That giant cupcake house ilooks delicious – bet the nephews loved eating that little lot!!
    Take care

  7. Very busy as always. Fabulous show case of projects and cards. I love the cake brilliant idea from your nephew!!!

  8. Oh Gwyneth, I hope you stay safe hun, every time the news is on, I just think, hope my lovely friends are all okay, fabulous cards and projects as always, I love how you mix up your crafting hun xxx

  9. Fab cards and makes , popping by from the Stamping Dragon FB Blog Ladder xx