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An Update,  A Couple Of Cards and Other Crafting


 Yes – I know!  It’s March now!  But those of you who follow my blog, or have read some of my FB posts lately, will know that I’ve had broadband problems for a while with slow and intermittent problems all year and loosing my access completely mid-February.  This resulted in me being without online access for a while, and then depending on a mobile Internet dongle with a low data allowance for the last couple of weeks -which meant that I couldn’t do all my usual blogging.

But – I’ve now got broadband access back – Hurray!  And it looks as if it’s faster than it’s been at any time the last few months – though I do feel it could be faster but I can live with it like this, and the BT engineer who came out and did some tidying up of our BT master socket and capped it off properly did say it could take some 10 days to find its optimum speed again.

So now I can show you some of the progress I’ve made with some of my longer term crafting projects as well as a small number of items finished in February that I’ve not shown you yet.

I did spend some time in February watching bits of the winter Olympics with some craft projects on my lap slowly working on them, but not pushing myself to try and do so much in any session that would result in making my hands and arms too painful.  These included knitting on a knitting loom and rag rug making.  You can see how I’m progressing below.



(If you click on the thumbnail images you can have a look at a larger image of each item.)
(Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards. Where these linked pages are on the CUP site you will usually find a longer description of how I made the item at the bottom of the page.)

A very dear person who’s became a friend through crafting was having a hip opperation in February, so I made her this simple card.

1cup349408_1749 - card01 01 - Peach Blossom Papers 2cup349408_1749 - card01 02 - Peach Blossom Papers

  1. Peach Blossom Papers by Janette Padley (This is quite a simple card made with an 8″ square ivory card as a base.  Several of the backgrounds in the papers kit were printed onto 300gsm, Super Smooth, white cardstock and the pieces were cut out.  I did a faux stitching line around the outside of a mat I’d cut from one of the backgrounds, and used a gold pen to edge flowers I’d cut out.  Gold glitter glue was used in the centre of the flowers.  I also added a piece of white lace.  “Brysiwch Wella” is Welsh and basicly means “Get Well Soon”.)
  2. Angled view of previous card to try and show some dimension.

1cup239442_1307 - card01 - Vintage Ladies, Gents, Horse and Cart Silhouette Set - PDF

  1. Digital Papers-Vintage Horse and Cart by Di Simpson and Vintage Ladies, Gents, Horse and Cart Silhouette Set – PDF by Kim Paley (For this card I printed my chosen colour of background paper from the kit onto 300gsm Super Smooth white cardstock.  I then trimmed this to fit on an 8″ square, ivory, Crafty Bob base card, and then went round the edge with a brown ProMarker.  I attached it to the card front using fingerlift tape.  I added a piece of brown ribbon and dots of two shades of black and brown glitter glue.  The silhouette topper was cut using a template cup239442_1307 and this was attached using glue gel before the card was finished with a peel-off greeting that says “Penblwydd Hapus” – which is Welsh for “Happy Birthday”.)



My two youngest nephews went for a beach walk with their mother, her friend and the friends young son, at the start of the half term week.  They brought back a bag full of shells and a stone and gave me instructions that they’d brought them to me as they wanted to decorate a mirror with them.  I actually got quite a cheap mirror delivered and we got to work on the project when they spent some time here towards the end of the holidays.

1CC577380 mirror01 01 2CC577380 mirror01 03

  1. Mirror, 19x27x1,5 cm, poplar, 1 pc
  2. The decorated mirror.  Decorated using Maimeri Iridescent Paste, plus shells and stone stuck on using hot glue gun.



I’ve show you the start of my rag rug, and the tool used, in a previous blog post – so I thought it was time to give you an update of how I’m progressing.

1RagRug 01 02 2RagRug 01 05

  1. This is how the rug looked the end of January when I showed you the tools and “work in progress” – here.
  2. This is as far as I’ve got now – as you can see I’ve gone all the way around bending under the edge and putting in the strips.  I’ve also worked all the way around, working inwards, adding more to the sides, with quite a wide band at one end now.  As I’m not pushing through the double thickness of hessian, to give a neat edge, any more it is now easier to work the material strips through.



I made this bag to hold my patchwork templates.  It’s one of my creations that I finished in the last few weeks.  It was the “work in progress” I showed you at the start of February in my post – here.

1PatchworkAndQuilted Bag 01 02 2PatchworkAndQuilted Bag 01 04 3PatchworkAndQuilted Bag 01 03

  1. For this bag I started off with two pieces cut from a bed sheet of the correct size for front, sides and flap.  Onto one I sewed strips off a Jelly Roll of co-ordinating materials.  I then cut a piece of wadding/batting the same size and did some free-motion quilting on every other strip – the ones without a defined pattern.  I then sewed the quilted outside, face to face, with the inside – leaving a section unsewn in the inside lineing piece.  The bag was then turned inside out, the gap in the sewing finished.  I also stiched across the front of the flap to make it a flatter finishe.  I finished off with the Yo-Yo’s I’d made using my “Clover Yo-Yo Maker Round – Extra Large” that I showed you in my previous post – here.
  2. A close-up of the free-motion embroydery on a strip visible on the flap.
  3. A close-up of another piece of free-motion embroydery on the last strip of the flap – sewn by one of my youngest nephews as he wanted a go after seeing me moving the material about – much more fun than trying to go straight I think.  Of course he was strictly supervised to make sure he didn’t do anything silly like putting his hands too close to the needle.



It’s been a while since I did any yarn flowers on a flower loom.  So long ago that I’ve long since lost the little one sized loom I had when younger (a lot younger), so a while ago I got my hands on a new loom.  It’s just the sort of easy thing to do while watching TV, especially when waiting for the next push in curling or the next competitor off a ski jump, or whatever.

1Flower Loom 01 01 2Flower Loom 01 02 3Flower Loom 01 03

  1. The flower loom I’ve got is the Clover Hana-Ami Flower Loom.  It comes with several different shaped pieces with pegs.
  2. For my current project I’ve cosen to use the largest square shape and the middle size of the circular shapes.
  3. I’m using purple yarn for the square shape, yellow yarn for the circular “flowers” on top, and white yarn to both sew the “flowers” to hold their shape (the large, plastic, needle that came with the loom, and the fact that the spaces between the “petals” are easy to go through mean that I can manage this sort of hand sewing provided I do it on a day when my hands are not in pain) and to crochet the squares together.  I need to do a lot more becore I have the little blanket complete, but this is another of my “works in progress”.



This creation will also be a blanket when finished – a baby blanket.

1Baby Blanket 02 01 2Baby Blanket 02 02 3Baby Blanket 02 03

  1. It’s being knitted out of three different colours of knitting yarn.  The colours don’t appear very “true” in the pictures with the darker pink appearing more red than it is in reality.  I’m working this on an Authentic Knitting 18 Inch All-In-One Loom.
  2. But I’m not knitting it “in the round”, but rather I’m turning around at the end of every row and turning back.  I’m knitting it in a two stitch knit, two stitch purl, moss stitch pattern.
  3. This is a closer look at the textured effect I’m creating.



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11 Replies to “More February 2014 Crafting”

  1. Another lovely selection of crafts Gwyneth – love the nephews’ shell mirror, great progress on your rag rug, your bag to hold the templates is beautiful – love the colours. Your Flower loom blanket is coming on nicely and I love the colours of your crochet baby blanket.
    Great update Gwyneth!!

  2. Hi Gwyneth, I hope you are back on line for good this time.
    As always you have created lots of lovely work, I do like the sea shell mirror and flower loom looks very interesting.
    Janet xxx

  3. Hi Gwyneth really fab makes the mirror is my favourite hun taking a trip to the seaside in April with some ladies might pick up some shells then too – have a great day hun x

  4. Fabulous varied creations. Love the rug. Have made a couple of these in the past, so rewarding to watch these grow and develop.