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I had started putting together this post over the weekend, but hadn’t finished it.  Today I’ve been to the dental clinic for a dental surgeon to extract a problem molar.  So today’s post is going to be quite short.  I hope you like what I’ve made the end of last week.



(If you click on the thumbnail images you can have a look at a larger image of each item.)
(Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards. Where these linked pages are on the CUP site you will usually find a longer description of how I made the item at the bottom of the page.)

This is the card I gave my mother on “Sul Y Mamau” – “Mother’s Day”.

1SulYMamau 01 01 2SulYMamau 01 03 3SulYMamau 01 04

  1. All parts of this card have been cut or written using my ScanNCut machine.  I used the online “ScanNCut Canvas” to put together a cutting file of the pieces I needed as it is easier to view and move shapes on a laptop screen than it is on the small screen of the machine.  (Please note – the “ScanNCut Canvas” doesn’t work in the Firefox browser, but does work in Internet Explorer – I hope that this is addressed soon because I hate switching to use Internet Explorer for online work.)  I merged a semi circle with a rectangle to create the main base of the card.  This was cut out twice, once with the wording written in the centre and once with three apertures – an oval in the centre and two elongated shapes either side.  I also cut out the oval frame in red, two elongated frames in red, and two wider elongated frames in gold pearlescent vellum.  I also cut out paper bows and flowers that I’d drawn myself, scanned, and then cut.  I used my Hougie Board to score the card front and back in the relevant places.  I glued the wider, gold frames behind the side apertures using wet glue.  I also used the same glue to attach the red frames in front of the card front.  I attached the front to the back at the two side wings using 2mm deep double sided shaker tape.  I then used glue gel to attach the bows and flowers.
  2. Photographed from the bottom to show the boxed shape of the main card dimension.
  3. Angled view of the card front.

1cup527817_1937 - card03 - lace easel 4 scan n cut 2cup527817_1937 - card02 - lace easel 4 scan n cut

  1. lace easel 4 scan n cut by Amanda Davis (I put the cutting file on my USB stick and took it to my ScanNCut.  The main card base was cut out of white, 300gsm, cardstock.  I then cut one layer out of pink, linen textured 250gsm, cardstock and the other out of some unusual, pearlescent finish, aper I had in my crafting stash.  I also created a panel that a wrote a greeting “Brysiwch Wella” – which is Welsh for “Get Well Soon”, and a frame from the pink cardstock.  I drew some flowers and scanned them into the ScanNCut and the resized them and cut them out of the same pearlescent paper as the layer.  I then scored the base layer using my Hougie Board and used glue gel to build up the layers, 2mm deep, double sided, foam tape to atach the stopper layer and greetings panel.  I finished off by using glue gel to attach the frame and flowers and put some sticky back gems in the centre of the flowers.)
  2. Angled view to show easel shape dimension

1cup527009_596 - card01 - Aperture topper set.....ScanNCut 2cup527009_596 - card05 - Aperture topper set.....ScanNCut 3cup527009_596 - card04 - Aperture topper set.....ScanNCut

  1. Aperture topper set…..ScanNCut by Tina Fitch (I put the cutting file onto my USB stick and took it to my ScanNCut.  I cut out two layers from very pale yellow, linen textured 250gsm, cardstock and two layers out of gold vellum. I also cut out a base card out of 300gsm white cardstock and had the machine draw the greeting “Penblwydd Hapus 80” – which is Welsh for “Happy Birthday 80”.  I drew some flowers, scanned them into my ScanNCut, resized them, and cut them out of the same gold vellum as used for the layers.  I shaped the flowers using a ball tool and then constructed my card, using 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape to stick some layers together and some glue gel to attach the vellum layers and flowers.  I finished the flowers off by adding some sticky back, faux gems to the flower centres.)
  2. Angled view of card to show dimension
  3. Slightly more of an angled view.



This is a plain photo frame that I decorated quite simply as a Mother’s Day gift to give to my mother.

1CC575260 Double Frame 02 2CC575260 Double Frame 01

  1. Double Frame, 21×15 cm, pine, 1 pc (Firstly I painted the frame with a watered down white acrylic paint.  After it was dry I mixed white acrylic paint with a small spot of ultramarine paint to make a pale blue and dry brushed it over the frame to give a hint of colour.  I then used some shimmer paint to paint swirls over the frame. I drew some flower shapes, scanned them into my ScanNCut machine, resized them, and cut them out of gold vellum.  I used a ball tool to shape the flowers before sticking them onto the frame using glue gel and putting sticky back faux pearls in the centre.)
  2. Closeup of an area of the decorated frame.



For this layout I used a really old photo of members of my family – well you know that it’s really old because I’m one of the three girls in the photo.

1cup376829_1749 - card01 - Mothers Love Mini Theme

  1. Mothers Love Mini Theme by Janette Padley (For this 8″ square scrapbook digital layout I took lots of elements from this kit into one of my graphics programs, together with an old picture of our family, and resized, moved around, etc., until I was happy with the layout.  The beauty of a kit like this is that they can be used for a totally digital layout like this, or printed out and used in traditional, paper based, scrapbooking.)



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5 Replies to “Last Blog Post Of March 2014”

  1. Three lovely cards – my favourites today are the lacy easel and the 80th birthday.
    Delightful photo frame and great scrapbook page – which one’s you??
    Take care

  2. Wonderful cards and decorated frame Gwyneth. I love the lacy easel card, it’s so pretty . Your layout looks fabulous too x