Crafting – But Not Cardmaking – April 2014

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Crafting – But Not A Card In Sight


It isn’t often I make a post with no papercrafting whatsoever to show you. But I’ve not made any cards over the weekend, but made a couple of jewellery items and been back rag-rugging.  So today, these are what I’ve got to show you.



Having watched some programs on using rags on Create & Craft I decided to do some weaving with lengths of cut up fleece.  This has made a very soft little mat for the nephews to put in front of their shower at home to stand on while they dry.  It was a quick project on a small loom.  If a larger mat would be needed it would be easy enough to make several of these panels and sew them together, but they’ve only got small feet.  One of the nephews was watching TV with me when I was finishing making this and I let him remove it from the loom – he wasn’t totally convinced that it wouldn’t completely fall loose once it was removed and was delighted when it remained in one piece and felt so soft and fluffy – he had to take his socks off and stand on it straight away just to make sure it was right for the job intended.

1RagRug 02 03 2RagRug 02 02

  1. This is the loom I used.
  2. This is the resulting little soft mat.

With all the little bits of fleace left over after trimming the strips needed for the above little mat, and the three rag rugs that each of my two youngest nephews and myself are working on, I was wondering what to do with them.  Then I saw them make “pebble cushions” on the same show.

1Pebble Cushion 01 01

  1. These involve cutting shapes that are roughly circular, and I mean roughly here – I’m not trying to be anywhere near acurate about it – of various sizes.  I then gathered up the edges and stuffed them with the little left over trimmings from the other projects.  Only made five “pebbles” so far, but I’ve got enough pieces to make the circles and plenty of little bits for filling left to make a lot more.  Once I’ve got enough made I’ll sew them together as the top of a cushion.  So this is a work in progress – keep an eye out for future pictures of my progress.

I’ve been working on my rag rug for months now.  Doing a little bit in front of the TV of an evening a couple of times a week.  I can’t do a lot in one go, so it is slow going, but I am seeing the area done growing and the area left shrinking.  I’ve shown you my progress a few times before, but I thought I’d show you how far I’ve got with it by now.

1RagRug 01 05 2RagRug 01 07

  1. This is how my rag rug looked when I last showed you in my post of the 5th March.
  2. This is how my rag rug looks now.  As you can see, the central, unmade, area is shrinking slowly.



I saw a “Tree of Life” pendent being made on Create & Craft last week and thought – “I’m sure I’ve got enough bits in my crafting stash to make one of those without having to buy anything else”.  So out came my pack of freshwater pearls and my case of jewellery wire, and a couple of tools, and the result follows.

Also on C & C on another show I saw a bracelet made with a combination of beaded Kumihimo and Shamballa style knotting.  So out came my Rat-tail cord, S-lon cord, some small glass pearl beads and a Mix and Mingle bead.  The resulting bracelet also follows.

1TreeOfLife 01 01 2TreeOfLife 01 03

  1. Tree of Life pendant made using freshwater pearls and two widths of silver tone jewellery wire.  I actually used a fly spray tin as a form to wrap around the thickets wire to make the circular shape for the pendant.  I then cut five long pieces of the thinner wire, folded them in half and wrapped around the thick wire at the bottom of my pendant a few times to make the roots.  The shape was then made up of twisting then twisting some more, feeding on some beads and kinking the wire before twisitn on the ten ends as branches.
  2. Close-up of one area of the wire-work.

1Bracelet 01 01 2Bracelet 01 02

  1. I started this by cutting four long lengths of the rat-tail and four of the same length of the S-Lon cords.  I tied a knot in the centre points of these and threaded it down through the centre of my Kumihimo round disk.  10 beads were put onto the four S-Lon cords.  I did a couple of passes of all the cords to make a short braid piece before I started passing the beads down, one every time I passed an S-Lon cord over.  After using up all the beads I did a few more passes to again make a short piece of plain braid before knotting off the S-Lon cords.  I removed the braid from the Kumihim tool, unknotted the central knot, fed the Mix and Mingle bead down the cords and fed the braided cord down the hole in the tool and repeated the braiding process, again passing beads one by one down the S-lon every time I passed an S-lon cord over.  After the Kuminimo braiding was finished I used two of the rat-tail cords as the centre and knotted the other two around it, Shamballa style, on both sides, until the bracelet was the desired size.  I finished off by knotting a piece over both ends as the clasp.
  2. Close-up of the area near the Mix and Mingle bead.



On Sunday it was my turn to put flowers in the front for the service.  I have to admit that I really not a good flower arranger.  I just went out to the garden on Sunday morning with some loppers and a bucket and picked an assortment of what was in bloom and some varigated leaf twigs to fill in.  I then went up to our chapel and put the flowers into the vase in the flower display holder, trying to space them out a bit.  Whatever had short stems were showing towards the bottom and whatever had long stems were taller in the vase – and that was it.  No skill required.

1Capel13-4-14 02 2Capel13-4-14 03

  1. My “flowers from my garden” display.
  2. Closer look at the flowers.



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