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An Update, Some Musings, A Few Cards And A Small Mat


On Wednesday I had a cutting out day using my Brother ScanNCut machine.  For cutting out quick mats for layering, and some simple shapes it is very good, and easier than getting my Cameo out and connecting it up to my laptop.  But I really don’t think that it is up to the standard of the Cameo for intricate cutting.  I also think that the blades are not good enough.  Other than one slip-up with the first blade when I forgot to change the depth when I changed my cardstock, I’ve not been cutting deeply into the carrier mats, or trying to cut out any of the really think stuff that is advertised that it can cut, but I’ve been finding that the blades are not as long lived as I would think that they should be.  I even had a project that involved lots of pieces being cut out of a standard 12″ x 12″ American Crafts 216gms cardstock starting off cutting perfectly, but without cutting through the mat so was at the correct depth of blade, and then half way through it stopped cutting, just marking the surface.  No gradual worsoning of the cut or anything, just went from perfect cut to not cut at all.  I’m going to have to go back and re-do some of the cutting as it simply isn’t good enough.

I’ve not made up all the things I did manage to cut yet, but you will see some of the cutting I did on the small number of cards I’ve got to show you today.  I hope you like them.



(The following musings are my personal thoughts as the result of information I’ve read, both on the “Stamp Out Stamp Theft” group on Facebook and elsewhere online.  I’ve not studied law, so could have misunderstood some of the technicalities and small print of some of the laws involved, so don’t take my word for anything without doing your own research and contacting an expert in the field if you are worried about what you are or are not allowed to do with “crafting stamps”).

OK – how many of you have heard of the latest scheme to make money from your crafting equipment?  The one where you lease/rent out any rubber or clear stamps you’ve bought!

Only one problem – If you read the “Terms of Use” or” Angel Policies” of the companies who create these stamps, using artwork either created in-house or licenced, none that I’ve heard of list leasing/renting out of the actual stamps for others to stamp as much as they want and then return the stamps to the physical stamp owner as being allowed (any more than you are allowed to stamp out the images using stamps you’ve bought and then sell, share, or swap the stamped images with others).  In fact, most ToU or policies that I’ve read actually say that the purchaser of the stamp is only allowed to use the stamps for their own “personal use”, sometimes also for creating crafted items to sell on and make money either for the purchaser or a charity.

The price paid by crafters who buy rubber or clear stamps in effect includes a personal use licence – but the leasing, or renting out, of stamps isn’t personal use – it’s commercial!  And commercial use of the images means paying the copyright owner for a commercial licence – But why worry about a little thing like the law and providing an income for the artists/designers to live on!  Let’s find a way to make as much money as possible by making stamp rental a commercial enterprise and forget about the starving artists.

Never fear – one person who, despite copyright law pertaining to the actual images on the stamps and any ToU or policies, has decided to go ahead and create a business leasing out “crafting stamps” and has worked out a way around this little legal issue – she’s written it into her own Copyright and Terms of Use notification – “Through Your use of the Site and lease of the crafting stamps, you agree to abide by any applicable and lawful limitations on the use of the crafting stamps during the lease period” – so any customer is agreeing to abide by any “lawful limitations” on the use of the stamps while they lease the stamps – without telling them that actually the stamps are only legaly allowed to be used “for the Personal Use” of the person who bought them and leasing the “crafting stamp” doesn’t legally allow the person who has the “crafting stamp” out on loan to stamp anything with them.

Now, I’m assuming that anybody who’s read this far does have some common sense, and by now you’ll be thinking that if this company does go ahead and actually lease out stamps (if anybody actually pays to join their leasing scheme and stamps are sent out on loan) that the copyright owners of the actual images, or their agents, will sue this company, and the stamp leasing company will have their comeuppance.  You’d think so wouldn’t you – but anybody thinking about paying this stamp leasing company to receive the stamps on loan would do well to really read the Terms and Conditions – “The Site might also include trademarks, service marks, or copyrighted materials that belong to third parties.  These other trademarks, service marks, or copyrighted materials are the property of their respective owners. You agree to indemnify and hold Creative Therapy LLC harmless from any claim or suit due to Your use of these other properties without the permission of the proper party. You also agree to reimburse Creative Therapy LLC for all losses, attorneys’ fees and costs that Creative Therapy LLC incurs in connection with such claim or suit.” – So everybody who pays the lease fees should be aware that “Your use of these other properties without the permission of the proper party” makes the person who has the stamps out on rent, not the stamp leasing company, responsible for “all losses, attorneys’ fees and costs that Creative Therapy LLC incurs in connection with such claim or suit“.

I’m sure that some of you are now curious as to how much you’ll need to pay the company for this dubious chance to pay all their legal fees, etc., – “A low monthly charge provides you access to thousands of stamps“.  That’s nice – “a low monthly charge” doesn’t sound too bad.  People are bound to be tempted by that – cheaper than buying a couple of stamps or stamp sets a month that might only get used a dozen or so times. Woa! – “Starting as low as $29.99 per month!” – that soesn’t sound “low” to me.  Must mean that I’ll get to rent a lot at at the same time – “Plans start from two sets and go up to four sets a month“, “Each stamp set is on a 5X7 piece of acetate“, “You cannot have more sets then your plan amount in your possession at a given time” – so only 2 sets out on loan at any one time for $29.99.  Oh, but there is a positive side “You may exchange the sets as often as you like! Creative Therapy pays shipping both ways.”  That’s nice – the fee includes postage, “we provide a postage paid envelope for each stamp set, so return them when you are finished.”  But what happens if you loose the envelope – “Because it is a very large part of the cost of rental, we cannot replace it. You must send the stamps back at your own cost.”  But what if for some reason the stamps get lost, say a house fire, or the envelope doesn’t arrive back with them, or perhaps never arrives with you in the first place – “You will be charged to replace them. If they are still available, it will be the retail price for them. If they are no longer available, it will be $40.”  What!?  That much!  Well I suppose for the business it makes good sense and a good way to get more money in.

I’ve no idea how much of their playing around with words is legally binding, if any is at all.  And I’ve no idea whether any companies who’s stamps are listed on the site as being available for leasing will legaly challenge the company.  I do know that I won’t be considering signing up – well I couldn’t in any case – “The information on this Site is intended for residents in the United States and those seeking residency in the United States, in particular in certain localities where Creative Therapy LLC currently does business, and it could contain information about products or services that are not available in Your jurisdiction.  In the event Creative Therapy LLC does not offer products or services in a particular jurisdiction, this Site shall not be construed as a solicitation to do business in another jurisdiction.”  I haven’t spotted yet where the company “currently does business“, but do see that they say “These Terms shall be governed by the laws of the state of Delaware, United States, without regard to conflict of law provisions“, but I don’t believe that the address they give for returning stamps if you’ve lost the pre-paid envelope is anywhere near Delaware – but there again, I’m not really up on my American geography.

Is any of this money making scheme legal – I don’t believe so, but I’ve already said that I’m no legal expert so the stamp compaines, artists, and their legal teams will have to sort the legalities out.

What I know is that it certainly isn’t very nice.  If people are shareing, renting, stamping and selling or swaping stamped images, then far more people are using stamped images than have actually paid for the right to do so, and artists and stamp compaines are loosing out on income – and no income means that they go elsewhere to make a living, so no more creation of new stamps for crafters to use.



(If you click on the thumbnail images you can have a look at a larger image of each item.)
(Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards. Where these linked pages are on the CUP site you will usually find a longer description of how I made the item at the bottom of the page.)

I thought I’d give you a quick reminder about the challenge running this month on the ”Stampin’ with the Dragon” challenge blog – the theme for April is : Spring Time.

One thing that we’ve had a lot of here this spring is – rain.  So I thought I’d grab one of the freebies that’s available to the Stamping Dragon Designs Facebook group members – a boot – and make it a focal point of a card.  The backgrounds are from elsewhere, but in the end I decided on doing the boot twice to make a pair.  What do you think of it?

1cup533188_1025 - card02 - Rainy Days Digital Papers 2cup533188_1025 - card01 - Rainy Days Digital Papers

  1. Boot by Janette Padley – available as a freebie for Stamping Dragon Designs Facebook group members – and Rainy Days Digital Papers by Amanda Vande Zande (The digi-stamp was printed onto 250gsm Super Smooth cardstock twice and then coloured in using my ProMarkers – the colours I used were: Green Shoot and Canary.  I took several of the designs from the papers pack into one of my graphics packages and cropped, resized, and moved around, until I was happy with the layout for a 20cm square card front.  On the rest of my A4 working area I put two further small panels, one with the welly background and one with a small piece of the raindrop background.  I printed the sheet out onto 250gsm, Super Smooth, white cardstock and cut out the main panel.  I went round the edge of this using the same green pen I’d used when colouring the two boots.  I made a 21cm square base card from hammered cardstock and attached the created panel to it using finger-lift tape.  I then used glue gel to attach the digi-stamped boots after I’d cut them out and shaped them.  I finished off by cutting up the two other panels of backgrounds to create little embelishment boots to stick on the top and bottom right of my card and water “splashes” coming from the boots.)
  2. Angled view of the card to show the dimension – I think the “splashed water” shows better in this photo because I shaped them a bit before attaching with glue gel.

1Marci with Umbrella - card01 2Marci with Umbrella - card02

  1. Rainy Days Digital Papers by Amanda Vande Zande and Marci with Umbrella (with Sentiments) Digi Stamp from La-La Land Crafts (The background for this card was created exactly the same as for the previous card, only this time I stuck it onto an 8″, or 20cm, square base card, so there’s no white margin showing. I actually think I prefer it with the white margin on a 21cm square card – what do you think?  The digi-stamp was printed onto the same 250gsm Super Smooth cardstock at smaller than the size provided. This was also coloured in using ProMarkers plus a couple of FlexMarkers.  This time the colours used were: Canary, Summer Sun, Gold, Green Shoot, Cappuccino, and Light Fawn. After colouring in the image I cut it out, shaped it a bit and used glue gel to attach it to the card front.  I again cut boots and raindrops from the extra background pieces to embelish the card front.)
  2. An angled view of part of the previous card to show the dimension.

1cup310719_1492 - card01 - Scrolls Frame and Layers SVG 2cup310719_1492 - card02 - Scrolls Frame and Layers SVG

  1. Scrolls Frame and Layers SVG by Ann Smith and Strawberry Shortcake Papers by Janette Padley (I printed out three of the backgrounds from the papers kit onto 250gsm Super Smooth cardstock before feeding them into my machine and cutting out three of the layers of the cutting file.  The fourth layer I cut out of white, linen textured, cardstock.  I took a 6″ square, scalloped edge, white base card, scored it at the half way point of the front using my Hougie Board and folded to make an easel.  I used quick grab wet glue to glue the top three layers of the frame together and then clear foam squares to attach the frame to the back layer before attaching the bottom of this to the front half of my card using finger-lift tape.  While cutting out the frames I also dotted some flower shapes and a greetings panel over the background areas not used and I then used these to decorate my card, using 2mm deep foam tape to attach the greetings panel as a stopper and glue gel to attach the flowers after shaping them a bit.  The greeting I’ve got on this card is “Dioloch” – which is Welsh for “Thank You”.)
  2. Angled view of previous card to show dimension.

1cup437867_1141 - card03 - Disabled Kids Digital Stamps 4 2cup437867_1141 - card02 - Disabled Kids Digital Stamps 4

  1. Disabled Kids Digital Stamps 4 by Angela Wenke, and Blue Harmony Papers by Janette Padley and Green Green Grass Papers by Janette Padley (I printed the digi-stamp out onto 250gsm Super Smooth cardstock at smaller than the size provided and then coloured it in using my ProMarkers and FlexMarkers.  The colours I used were: Cinnamon, Auburn, Tan, Yellow, Cool Grey 3, Cool Grey 4, Cool Grey 5, Prussian, and Reef Blue.  I also printed out 3 blue backgrounds and 2 green background onto the same type of cardstock.  I cut out graduated size mats from two of the blue backgrounds and one of the green using my Brother ScanNCut.  I also cut out grass and leafy branches from the other green background and a different shaped mat from the other blue background.  I created a 7″ square base card from hammered cardstock and attached the elements to the card using a variety of different sticky stuff from my crafting stash.)
  2. Angled view of an area of the previous card to show dimension.



This little rug is made in exactly the same way as the fluffy one to put by the shower that I showed you in my previous blog post, but this time, rather than using the fluffiest fleace fabric strips I used really tough upholsery type material strips to make a little mat to put just inside the door to wipe wet shoes on.

1RagRug 03 01 2RagRug 03 02 3RagRug 03 05

  1. This is the piece after I’d completed weaving the strips back and fore, but before I took it off the loom.
  2. A closeup of the finished piece.
  3. The finished mat after taking off the loom.



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  1. Beautiful selection of projects as usual Gwyneth.
    I don’t have any of the electronic cutting machines, but I was very interested in what you wrote about the comparisons, very informative, thank you xx Zoe xx

  2. Very interesting read and enjoyed reading your thoughts on the brother cut and scan. I don’t have a cutting machine and have been thinking about getting a cameo. Your cards and rug are fabulous as always.
    Linda xxx

  3. Love all your projects Gwyneth, and found your piece on the leasing of stamps really interesting. Didn’t realise that stamps are only licensed to the owner. I too had problems with one of my blades but put it down to using core’dinations paper which so I’ve been told blunts the blade quickly because of the chalk content. Happy Easter, and take care x

  4. Morning Gwyneth great makes hun – bit disappointing for your re the Brother Scan and Cut though – I also indulged and albeit I don t have a Cameo have to say far superior than anything I ve used before. Wishing you a very happy Easter hugs Judith xxx

  5. Happy Easter Gwyneth.
    Lovely cards – love the yellow wellies one!!
    You rag rugs are really good – and practical too!! I remember having a go at this with my mum, we used half of an odl dolly peg to prod the clipping through the hessian (at least I think thats what we did!
    Enjoyed reading your musings – quite interesting!
    Take care.

  6. Lovely spring cards, the Welles are fab! Your rag rug is great too, I should make one for my dogs to wipe their wet paws on! Hope you had a lovely Easter. Xxx

  7. Hi Gwyneth, A fabulous selection of creations here. Love the wellies such a great colour.. A very interesting read too.

    Hugs Erin x

  8. Such fabulous selection again Gwyneth. Love the little rag rug and your lovely card creations.