1st Crafting Of May 2014 – Some Cardmaking

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An Update, A Few Musings, A Few Cards and A Bracelet


On Wednesday I had a “cutting” morning when I had my electronic cutting machines out.  I then put a few of the cuts together as finished cards.  By the time I’d picked all the cuts off the mat after every cut, and cleaned off the mats of debri my arms and hands were aching quite a bit, but at least I got far more items prepared than I ever would have if I was cutting out by hand – and of course the most intricate stuff I’d never have been able to cut by hand in any case.  Thursday morning I spent in bed making some Jewellery.  Then I had a bit of a restful afternoon – trying to decide how much of the crafting items I’ve got my eyes on I can actually afford.  The decision I came to was – not a lot!



With more and more people getting a ScanNCut machine now, I’ve become aware that many don’t know where to get cutting files that are already in the right format for it so that they don’t have to do any taking into the Brother on-line “Canvas” application to convert and re-download, etc..  Some designers of cutting files for various machines are also becoming aware of this need and have now started creating files for sale in the correct .fcm format that you can copy to your USB stick and put into your ScanNCut machine without having to bother about converting the files online.  One place you can get these is -> Here!  As these are put online for sale by the designers themselves, none of the designs should contraveane anybody’s copyright – just check the Terms of Use on each page/file, and if nothing is stated then the general site ToUs apply.

It is very unfortunate that there are people who think that if they’ve got their hands on a cutting file that they’ve got the right to share, or give it away, and sometimes even sell it, when it is rarely true that people can do any of these.  Even when a designer does not charge for their designs and allows others to use them for free on Personal projects, they usually ask that people who use the file point others back to the source, rather than passing on copies of the files themselves.  After all, for most designers who make their living from designing, the freebies are usually there to draw people to their site so that they can see what’s on offer, and to allow prospective customers to have a sample of the type of thing produced to try out and see the standard of what’s on offer for sale.  If somebody’s looking for a free cutting file from the person I call “The Queen Of The Cutting Files”, Tina Fitch, then pop over to her blog – here – as she’s currently got a beauty of a file being given free for personal use.

While I’ve had a go at converting .svg files to .fcm files in Brother’s online “Canvas” application (they appear to have resolved initial problems I found with importing and converting some .svg files) I suddenly thought today that I’m not totally sure that this is allowed with all files.  I think that the impression given on C & C originally was that there was no issue with converting cutting files like this – but there again they initially gave the impression that anything you saw you could scan in and save and cut as well, and I know that some stamp designers complained about C & C giving that impression, and after that C  & C presenters and demonstrated started stressing that owning the machine didn’t change any Terms of Use or Angel Policies of stamps, decoupage sheets, or other items a ScanNCut owner might want to use with the machine.  So I think I need to re-visit the Terms of Use of .svg files I’ve got to see if there’s anything in them, either way, about converting.  I know that .svg files can be used in several different software for several different cutting machines, including the Silhouette Cameo that I’ve been buying them for.  But does the fact that it’s a format that can be used in different software and machines mean that it can be converted to use in yet another cutting machine?  When I bought the .svg files that I have already bought, I did look at each of the designers ToUs, but what I was mentally noteing was whether the different designers allowed selling of creations made with items cut using their files, not whether it was allowable to use an application to change the format.

I’ve still got my Silhouette Cameo so can continue cutting any .svg files I’ve got using that machine (and in some cases of ultra detailed cutting files I think it produces better results), so it’s no problem for me either way, but I’ve heard that some are selling their Cameo, or other machines that used .svg files, on the assumption that there’s no problems with them converting any .svg files they’ve already bought for use with the ScanNCut.  It will prove less of a hassle all round if, once a crafter has bought any .svg file for use with a cutting machine, that crafters are free to cut that file out with any machine irrespective of file format.

But files such as the .studio files created specifically by Silhouette for use with their cutting machines are another matter.  As Silhouette have locked down their ToU to the point that, although you can save anything you design yourself in the Silhouette Studio software as .studio files, you can not sell or give any of them away, with sale of .studio files only being allowed via the Silhouette store.  So, I may be wrong, but I can’t see Silhouette being happy with people trying to convert files bought via the Silhouette store to be used with the ScanNCut.  Of course, if somebody designed something in Silhouette Studio from scratch themselves, then there wouldn’t be a copyright issue with them printing it out and scanning it into the ScanNCut for cutting out, but designing from scratch doesn’t include taking elements and designs available within the software or from the store and merging them into a new design.

Generally, not specifically to do with cutting files, but for a wide spread of digital items for crafting, I’m getting rather fed up with people saying that they found something on Pinterest, or using Google, and just that they just downloaded and used it.  Google is just a giant directory of what people have put online over the years, it doesn’t own the copyright to the items, or have the right to give people the permission to use them for anything – it is just there as a tool to finding things online.  It is up to everybody to trace something back to the copyright owner and checking their terms before using anything.  And it’s amazing how many people think that because something is on Pinterest it must be put there for everybody to take and use, or to copy.  Although some of it may have been uploaded by the copyright owners (who will quite often put a watermark on somewhere to make it clear who the copyright owner is – and still people will try and use it by cropping, obliterating or covering the information), some people seem to think that they have a right to give away for free what somebody else has created and is trying to make a livelyhood from.



(If you click on the thumbnail images you can have a look at a larger image of each item.)
(Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards. Where these linked pages are on the CUP site you will usually find a longer description of how I made the item at the bottom of the page.)

You’ll see that more than one of today’s cards has floral embelishments on them.  Like one of the cards from my last post – these are from my box of cuts that I make using my various cutting machines while cutting out larger projects when there are empty spaces on the working area.  While the last project had mostly ones cut out of cardstock that had background patterns printed on them, on today’s cards the flowers were cut out of coloured cardstock.

1cup343731_1749 - card01 - Sally Framed - Dog Stamp 2cup343731_1749 - card03 - Sally Framed - Dog Stamp

  1. Sally Framed – Dog Stamp by Janette Padley (I printed the digi stamp out at smaller than the size provided onto 250gsm Super Smooth white cardstock.  I used my ProMarkers and FlexMarkers to colour the image in before cutting it out. The colours I used were: Canary, Amber, Red, Cloud Blue, Black, Cool Grey 5, Cool Grey 2, Tropical Orchid, Dove Grey.    I played around with some red satin board and red glitter card to do different, part, mats behind the image and then stuck them to the front of a black base card.  I used some yellow flowers to embelish using glue gel and then put spots of red glitter glue at the corners and flower centres.  I used Black glitter glue to write “Diolch” – which is Welsh for “Thank You” on a panel of red satin board.)
  2. Angled view of card front.

1cup440613_1415 - card01 - Piano Card SVG 2cup440613_1415 - card03 - Piano Card SVG

  1. Piano Card *SVG* by Rae Carr (I took the file into my Silhouette Studio software and I used my cutting machine to cut out the base card and black keys out of a black cardstock, and the white keys and insert out of ivory, linen textured, cardstock.  I then stuck everything together using glue gel and 2mm deep, double sided, foam tape for the black keys.  I finished off by putting on a peel-off greeting “Penblwydd Hapus” – which is Welsh for “Happy Birthday” – along the top curve of the piano.)
  2. Angled view of open card.

1cup440624_1415 - card03 - Lattice A Card SVG 2cup440624_1415 - card02 - Lattice A Card SVG

  1. Lattice A Card *SVG* by Rae Carr (Having opened the file in my Silhouette Studio software the pieces were all cut out of buttermilk 270gsm cardstock using my Cameo  I then stuck a sheet of red glitter card behind the lattice front using glue gel.  I used 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape, to attach the central panels.  I wrote the word “Diolch” – which is Welsh for “Thank You” – on the centre using a Ruby ProMarker.    I finished off by putting dots of red glitter glue in various places on the card.)
  2. Angled view to show the slight dimension of the central panel.

1cup534200_1937 - card02 - cherish scallop layered card 7x5 snc 2cup534200_1937 - card04 - cherish scallop layered card 7x5 snc 3cup534200_1937 - card03 - cherish scallop layered card 7x5 snc

  1. cherish scallop layered card 7×5 snc by Amanda Davis (I opened the file in the Brother online “Canvas” application and separated the layers out to separate files so that the 2nd layer would be cut out of a different colour to the 1st and 3rd layers, and also so that the main base card was in a separate file.  After putting the files on my USB stick and putting it into my ScanNCut I cut the base card out of buttermilk 270gsm cardstock, the middle topper out of Blingalicious cardstock and the other layers out of a 250gsm, linen textured, pale pink cardstock.  The bottom topper layer was attached to the card front using finger-lift tape, and the other layers were attached with narrow strops of 2mm deep, double sided, foam tape.  I decorated using flowers cut out of the same Blingalicious cardstock as the middle layer, putting black, sticky back, faux gems in their centres.)
  2. Angled view of part of card front.
  3. Different angled view.



I spent a one morning during the last week, in bed, knotting this shamballa style bracelet.  The makings were from a kit I bought via Create and Craft.  I don’t often buy kits now, but I do like to have two or three in the house for when I want to make something but don’t want to have to think about what I’ll need, or what colours will go together.  Things I can do without fetching out several bead storage boxes to collect the tools, beads and findings needed.

1Bracelet 100 01 2Bracelet 100 02 3Bracelet 100 03

  1. The “bronze” shamaballa Bracelet
  2. Different angle look at the bracelet
  3. Closer look at part of the bracelet



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14 Replies to “1st Crafting Of May 2014 – Some Cardmaking”

  1. Fabulous cards Gwyneth and love the bracelet. Have just received my first Shamballa kit, goodness knows when I will get round to making the bracelet!!! Take care x

  2. Great cards today – love the piano and scalloped layers card in particular.
    The colour of that shamballah bracelet is beautiful – love it!!

  3. Wow, awesome works. The lace cut card is just stunning, but my favorite is totally the piano shaped card. I have a brother in law who was a music major in college. He would so adore that! Cheers, Holley

  4. The piano card is very clever, and I love that lattice you’ve used on the 3rd card. (just treat myself to a SP, so hoping to be able to do some nice lattice work like this.) All lovely creations xx

  5. A fabulous selection of cards and bracelet Gwyneth. I love the design of the piano card and the ‘scallop’ card is very pretty x

  6. Hi Gwyneth, Fabulous creations as always, I do love the Piona card though.

    Hugs Erin x