Crafting Mid May 2014

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An Update, A Few Musings and A Few Cards


I’m slowly working my way through putting together cards from the cuts I made on my machine last week, plus some left-over pieces from previous cards and cuts I’d forgoten I’d made on my Cameo a few weeks ago.  I’ve got four to show you today.  A couple of other ones I haven’t photographed yet because they’ve got wet glitter glue on them and I know I’ll mess them up if I try and move them now.  So call back again before the end of the weekend to see them.

If you are here to see my entry into some challenges then scroll past my Musings section and you should spot it.



Today’s musings are in the form of a totally fictitious little story:

A woman’s mobile phone ran while she was making tea at the town’s community hall.


Mrs Watt?

Yes. Speaking

Mrs Watt, it’s Constable Constable here, speaking to you from Number 1, Your Street.

Oh! That’s where I live.  What’s wrong?  What’s happened?

I know it’s where you live Mrs Watt, your husband gave me your number.  I’m investigating the theft of a motor vehicle from Number 3, Your Street, and your neighbour at Number 2 said that he’d seen you drive it away.  Is this true?

Well, yes Constable.  It was sat there with the key in it, so I thought it was OK for me to drive it.

You thought what?  You are not allowed to do that.  It’s theft and illegal.

I’m not stealing it Constable.  I just saw it and thought what a nice car, and thought I’d show it to my friends at the Crafters Anonamous Group here at the community hall to see if they thought it would be the right type of car for me.  I wasn’t stealing it, just taking it to show everybody to get their input and see if anybody knew where I could get one of my own.  Of course, if I did get a car like that I’d have to customise it a bit.  I was just taking suggestions from the ladies about colours, and I know I want some flowers painted on my car.  And it’s OK to take cars left on the street to show others Constable.  My cousin told me I could.  If anybody leaves a car or something out on the road with the key in it for anybody to see then they expect others to drive it around for a bit.

Mrs Watt.  Is the car with you now.

Well, no.  It’s out in the car park of course.  I couldn’t bring it in to the kitchen of the community hall with me. Some of the ladies were looking at it and thinking that they might like one like it as well.

Wait right there Mrs Watt.  I’m coming over for a personal discussion about this with you.


Police car draws up just as Mrs Watt is coming out of community hall.

Right Mrs Watt, where is the car you stole?

What’s the matter with you constable – I told you, I didn’t steal anything.  It was there on the road with the keys so it’s OK to take it for a drive then.  I told you, my cousin told me so when he took my car husband’s car for a drive a few weeks ago.  His friends said the same when I went over to his place to get it back.  If something is out on the road with the keys in then everybody knows that anybody can drive it, even if it’s on your own property with the key in it people know it can be driven by others.

Mrs Watt.  You are not allowed to take other people’s things without asking them.  It doesn’t matter where you see them.

But she left it out there so that others could drive it.

No she didn’t.  As it happens it wasn’t even her who put it out on the street, it was her son, who only had permission to reverse it out of the garage onto the drive to get his bike out – he hasn’t passed his driving test or got insurance to drive the car on the road.  He put it out on the road without his mother’s consent, and forgot to take the keys back in.  But in any case, it’s immaterial how the car got there – whether the owner put it there or it was put there by somebody without the owner’s consent – the fact is you didn’t have permission to drive it away.  Now where is the car?

Look here constable – don’t be nasty to me.  I know I’m right. It was just me for my personal use to drive it over here for the rest to see – it’s not as if I profited from driving the car – I didn’t charge my friend AB for picking her up and bringing her here, and I’m not charging the others for going for a little test drive in it.  One of the group members must be having a drive in it at the moment.

Whether you profited doesn’t matter.  Can I see your driving licence and insurance please?

Well my driving licence is at home and my name is down as a named driver on my husband’s insurance for our car.

In other words you are insured to drive that one car only and were not insured to drive the car you “borrowed” either.  And chances are none of your friends who’ve been driving it around are either.

Car comes back into the carpark – with a few artistic modifications done to it.

Hi everybody.  I agree with you Mrs Watt, it is a nice car with plenty of room in the boot for carying around all your crafting stash and equipment to the group.  As I was driving it past my house I thought I’d just pop in and get some vinyl stickers I had and pop them on the car’s bonnet to see how it looked.  What do you think?  Looks great doesn’t it?

And I suppose you are going to say that you shouldn’t be charged with receiving stollen goods and vandalism either?

Pardon constable – what stollen goods?

The car you just got out of!

This isn’t stollen.  Mrs Watt brought it over for us all to look at and have a drive in.  And you know what – while I was home getting the decs to put on it, my neighbour came out because she thought I was the taxi she’d ordered and I said I could taxi her to the supermarket if she wanted, for the same as the regular taxi charged her, and she was quite happy with that so I’ve done a detour to the supermarket while I was out as well and got paid for it.  Great isn’t it, more money for crafting stash for me.  And as I dropped her off another lady came over and asked about it, so I said that she could have a run around in it when I went back to collect my neighbour in an hour.  Everybody wants a car like this.

Constable Constable is starting to dispair and takes a walk around the front of the car to the other side.

What’s all these paint splodges on this side of the car?  Did you do this?

No Constable.

No Constable.

Well somebody has because the owner described it as a white car in prestine condition with just one bumper sticker.  Now it doesn’t look much like a prestine white car to me.

It was just too plain so I thought I’d brighten it up a bit with some of my crafting stash of sprays.  I think I like the purple the best so will do mine in purple when I get one.  It drives like a dream you know.  I hit 60mph in a very short time up the high street.

You are all under arrest for a variety of car crimes, you do not have to say anything but anything you say ….

A police van drives up to cart away those who’ve broken the law, and as the women are put inside Constable Constable  says to the van driver:

I’m at a loss at the mentality of these women – somebody’s told them it’s OK to take a car they see outside its owner’s house if they feel like it, and deface it, and drive around in it, even a spot of speeding up a 30mph high street, and accept money for driving others around in it.  Throw the book at them: Theft; Driving without consent; Vandalism; Car for Hire without a licence, Speeding …  And I’ll tell you something – some of them may be a bit stupid and not know it’s wrong, but her who got money for driving somebody around in it definately knows it’s not allowed – she was in the police station as an “appropriate adult” when her 15 year old son was charged with the theft of a motor vehicle just three days ago.

And as the women are being driven away in the back of the police Mrs Watt says:

You know what my cousin said as well – If you go to Google maps you can see all the cars that people have outside their houses and choose which car you’d like to drive around in next.  Of course, some have been moved since the pictures were taken, but sometimes there’s an even better car there instead.  So long as you don’t intend to sell on the car for you to keep the money then it’s OK to do that!  Google is great for finding things like cars.


A bit of a crazy story isn’t it?  Nobody could possibly believe that it’s legal to do what the ladies were doing in the story, (though some people choose to do similar things and knowingly break the law).

I know I’m preaching to the converted here and don’t believe that any of my regular visitors are classed as either stupid or willfully breaking the law – But over the last few weeks I’ve heard practically all the excuses used in my little story given as a reason for stealing people’s digi-stamps, photos and other images from various locations on the Internet.

  • People expect things they put online to be used by everybody! – NO!
    (Copyright owners usually put stuff online for people to see, sometimes with a view to making a sale, sometimes for inspiration, sometimes for comments, etc.  And often what’s online isn’t there with the copyright owner’s consent in the first place, breaking the Terms of Use, it’s already stollen property)
  • It’s OK to use anything you find online so long as it’s for personal use! – NO!
    (If you are using something without the copyright owner’s consent then you are breaking the law, it doesn’t matter if it’s for personal use – and how personal can it be if you post a picture of your law breaking efforts on a group of 10,000+ people)
  • You can search Google and then take anything it finds! – NO!
    (Google is a search engine or directory, it finds out where everything is on the Internet, it doesn’t own anything it finds so can’t give you the right to use them – it’s just there to point you to the original location so that you can go and find out about it for yourself)
  • Pinterest is full of free stuff! – NO!
    (It may have some free stuff but a whole lot of what is on there is on there without the owner’s consent.)

You don’t have to be a legal expert to know you can’t just take somebody’s car without consent, and I know I’m no legal expert but I also know you can’t take other people’s creative work without consent either.

As for anything else on my blog, please feel free to point people at this post if you think it would be of interest, but don’t copy.

I’ve been collecting snippets of information about Copyright and how it affects crafters, and links to information sites about it, for quite some time.  It’s in a document online with me, but only visible to me at the moment.  I may give it a bit of a tidy up and make it visible to others if anybody’s interested.



(If you click on the thumbnail images you can have a look at a larger image of each item.)
(Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards. Where these linked pages are on the CUP site you will usually find a longer description of how I made the item at the bottom of the page.)

I’m entering this card into the following challenges:

1cup491598_1025 - card02 - Beach Fun Santa Digital Papers 2cup491598_1025 - card01 - Beach Fun Santa Digital Papers

  1. Beach Fun Santa Digital Papers by Amanda Vande Zande and Penny with Butterflies by Janette Padley (I printed three of the papers, together with digi-stamp at smaller than the size provided, onto 250gsm Super Smooth white cardstock.  I coloured the image using ProMarkers, FlexMarkers, Wink of Luna and Wink of stella pens before cutting it out as a circular topper.  The colours I used were: Silver, Red, Violet, Light Green, Pear Green, Olive Green, Henna, Blush, Tan, Frosted Leaf, Cloud Blue, Dove Grey, Clear.  I then cut two larger circles and from two of these backgrounds and one rounded corner square panel from the other.  I cut out leaves and flower layers out of the backgrounds as well.  The base card is a white 6″ square scalloped edge card.  I went round the edge of the square panel with violet Wink of Stella, And put red Wink of Luna in the centre of the flower before using finger-lift tape to attach the base mat to the card and the orange layer to that.  I used 1mm deep double sided foam tape to attach the green to the orange, before once again using finger-lift tape to attach the topper to the green.  I shaped the flowers and leaves and attached using quick grab wet glue.)
  2. Angled view of previous card.

1cup537513_1056 - card03 - 242 Charlie 2cup537513_1056 - card05 - 242 Charlie 3cup537513_1056 - card01 - 242 Charlie 4cup537513_1056 - card02 - 242 Charlie

  1. Romantic Framed Easel 314 *SVG* by Rae Carr, 242 Charlie by Karen Wyeth and 6 Swirl Patterned Papers by Diane Furniss (I took one of these lovely ladies, together with a couple of the paper designs into one of my graphics programs and and created a topper size panel of the right size to work with the cutting file.  I also put two other areas of the same coloured backgrounds onto my working area.  This was then printed out onto 250gsm Super Smooth white cardstock, taken to my cutting machine and cut out.  I also cut out the stopper and flourishes and flowers.  I built up my card and finished off by putting on a few sticky back faux gems.  I’ve not put any greeting on yet as I don’t know what language it will need in.)
  2. Closer look at the topper.
  3. Closer look at the stopper area.
  4. Side view at dimension of card.

The next card is made with bits left over from two cards I showed you previously.

1cup430933_117 - card12 - Digital Stamp Daffodil with coloured version too 2cup430933_117 - card10 - Digital Stamp Daffodil with coloured version too

  1. Scalloped Shape set 2…..SVG by Tina Fitch and Digital Stamp Daffodil with coloured version too by Pamela West (For this card I went for the square version of the scalloped shapes. I took the file into my Silhouette Studio software and cut out all the layers out of yellow Create and Craft Blingalicious cardstock and also out of 250gsm linen textured pale yellow cardstock. This means that I’d got two frame sets of alternating colours for my cards. For this one I used two of the pale and one of the bling, the opposite of my previous card which you can see here.  I used a 6″ square scalloped edge card and used glue gel to stick the layers and give some dimension.  The daffodil version is the coloured version from the file – I’d coloured in the digi-stamp version and used it on a card previously that you can see here.  I gently shaped the dafodils after cutting them out, and attached them to the card front using glue gel.)
  2. Angled view of the same card.

1PP card02 02

  1. Polyanna Pickering’s World Wildlife DVD ROM (I printed the image out onto 250gsm Super Smooth white cardstock and cut the topper out.  I took a small black card left over from when I’d cut up a larger black card for another project.  I cut a couple of mats from Buttermilk, Baseal, cardstock and used finger-lift tape to attach everything together.  I’ve not added a greeting yet as I don’t know what language it will be needed in, but I think that this would make a loveley card for both a man or woman who love wildlife.)



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  1. Great set of cards! Thank you for joining the Crafty Girls Challenge, hope to see you again soon.

    Victoria DT

  2. Hi Gwyneth I absolutely love them all having said that No.3 is gorgeous love the image, colours and the shape of the card.
    Janet xxx

  3. So sweet card! Love that dragon! So cute. Thank you for playing along with us over at Passion for Promarkers this week. Hugs Lotta xx

  4. Beautiful selection of pretty cards and all so different again. I really adore the easel card. The dancing woman looks so elegant and the colours are beautiful.
    I’ve said it before, you truly are a very talented crafter as you make such wonderful things in all different mediums.

    I appreciate you taking the time to always comment on my blog posts

    <3 & hugs
    Lisa xxxx

  5. Hi Gwyneth, what a gorgeous card. I love the image and your colouring is fab. Thanks for joining us at PFP this week. Hugs, Denise x

  6. Hi Gwyneth,
    What a lovely selection of wonderful cards. These look fabulous. Thanks for joining us at Passion For Promarkers this week.
    Andie xx