Crafting At The End Of May 2014

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An Update, A Card And A Scrapbook Page


Bara Menyn 04 In my last blog post I showed you the sultana loaf and butter that the two youngest nephews had made, with some supervision from me.  Well on Tuesday they were here again and we cut the loaf open for them to have as elevenses and to take a few slices each and a small pot of butter home with them.  It looked a nice texture when cut and tasted nice as well, and because we only added sultanas and cinnamon to the bread mixture, so no sugar, we can give a slice to my father who’s a diabetic.

Gardening2014 07The boys also put the decorated wheelbarrow that I showed you in a previous post to good use and wheeled the growbags I’d bought at the garden centre last week in from the car to the greenhouse.  So the work of planting out has now started, although I’ve got to get my canes in and tied together before the tomato plants can be planted into the grow-bags, but the basil, coriander and two different types of salad leaves have been planted.  They go directly into the earth in the raised beds.

Gardening2014 06We did make another visit to the garden centre to get slug pellets and liquid tomato fertiliser ready for when I need to start feeding, and the boys persuaded me that they needed their own little trowel and hand fork so that they could be of more help.

We also inspected the growth of the seeds I’d sewn in the raised bed outside.  On the 22nd, when I showed you the cloche over the half of the raised bed I’d already sown (I’ll be sewing in the other half in a week or so to have a succession of salad crops), there was nothing showing, but now the raddishes and the spinach are up and growing well – a reason why slug pellets were needed quickly.

Part of my crafting that I’ve got to show you this time is actually digital “designing” of a digital scrapbook page to show how things look at the moment.  I can E-mail the digital scrapbook page to my nephews, and I’ve also printed off a copy as an 8″ square page to give to my mother.



(If you click on the thumbnail images you can have a look at a larger image of each item.)
(Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards. Where these linked pages are on the CUP site you will usually find a longer description of how I made the item at the bottom of the page.)

Every now and then the tallented, and very generous, designer – Janette Padley of Stamping Dragon Designs – creates a design that she puts as a freebie that’s available to members of the Stamping Dragon Design Facebook Group.  A week or so ago she gave us all a link to another freebie which included some backgrounds and other elements.  This free kit is what I’ve used to make this card.

1ThankYou - card 01 01 2ThankYou - card 01 03

  1. I  started off by taking several elements from the kit into one of my graphics packages and created a layout I was happy with that was just over 7″ square.  I then printed this out, together with two of the backgrounds at a smaller size than provided, onto 250gsm Super Smooth white cardstock.  My base card is a white 8″ square card.  I attached the main layout to this using finger-lift tape.  I then cut flower shapes out of the two backgrounds, using the paterns as a guide.  These flowers were shaped and then stuck onto my card front using glue gel.  I finished off by adding fuschia neon glitter glue to the centre of each of the flowers.
  2. Closup of one area of the card.



As the little nephews have said they’ll help with some chores when they are around – extra things like in the garden and washing the car, not day to day things like clearing up their own toys or helping with making food and laying the table – I’ve said that I’ll give them a little pocket money when they do help, the same as I did with their older cousins when they were youngsters (and still do now).  Their cousins had pots and money boxes that they put anything they earned into, so when I saw that craftsUprint had reasonably priced wooden moneyboxes available, and I’d got the boys vouchers to get some crafting stuff from there earlier in the year, a box each were purchased.  The boys have now decorated the boxes themselves, though they may come back and add to the scenes they’ve put on already.

1Money Box 06 2Money Box 04 3Money Box 02

  1. Money Box, size 10x8x7 cm, pine, 1 pc (These money boxes can be decorated in a variety of mediums but I bought 2 of these boxes and gave them to my two youngest nephews to decorate.  They used stamps and paints and metalic markers and had fun making the boxes their own.  One’s got a scene with an owl on the end and the other went for horses on all sides and this side has a horse and cart.)
  2. One went for country scenes
  3. The other went for horses – horses jumping, horses pulling large cards, horses pulling trotting carts.



I’m not a big scrapbooker, although I have done some.  But I’ve decided to do a little more digital scrapbooking of the piecces of the garden I’m able to manage while sitting down, to show the development of the plants this year.  I’l will be printing them out as flat pages for my mother to see as well.  This is the first of them.  I wonder how long I’ll be able to keep it up?

1cup351729_1749 - card01 - Gentle Waves Papers - Pack 2

  1. Gentle Waves Papers – Pack 2 by Janette Padley (I decided to use these papers to make a digital scrapbook page to show what my outside raised bed and the raised beds in my greenhouse looked like at the moment – May 2014.  I took the papers into one of my graphics packages together with three pictures taken in our garden this week.  I resized and used digital punches on the papers to create the background, frames, and other elements on my page before saving the file in a format to send to other family members.  As well as E-mailing the digital scrapbook page I’ve also printed it out as an 8″ square scrapbook page to give to my mother.)



Today’s tip is – “Watermark” your photographs.  Some digi-stamp designers actually have it in their Terms of Use that if you show a photo of your coloured in digi-stamps, or finished card made using a digi-stamp, that you are required to put a mark over a portion of the digi-stamp image itself.  This is to prevent the unscrupulous from downloading your photographs and using part, or all, of the image as either a topper on their own cards (without buying the digi or doing the colouring), or even re-uploading the photo “as is” and claiming they made it and entering it into competitions to win crafting prizes.  So even if it isn’t actually part of the requirements of the designer of any item you’ve used on your card, or other hand crafted item, please mark your image in some way so that it is difficult for others to steal them.



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  1. Hi Gwyneth and thank you so much my blog comments – appreciated – another set of fabulous projects and thanks for the tip on watermarking something i always do on my own original designs must try to remember to mark the others – have a great day hugs Judith x

  2. So glad the sultana loaf and butter went down well! A great scrapbook page and congratulations on the fab money boxes boys. Take care x

  3. Good news on the gardening front! The card is fabulous – it’s good to get freebies to make cards with. The boys’ moneyboxes look lovely, they have decorated them well.. (I did look on Crafts U Print site, but couldn’t find the money boxes.)

    • Clicking on the link in my blog post is working for me Kate. They may have been out of stock for a while and just came back in.

  4. Hi Gwyneth, Fabulous makes as always, the fruit loaf looks so yummy and thank you for the tips on watermarking.

    Hugs Erin x

  5. That loaf has made my mouth water ! you certainly have some talented nephews.
    I love your card, beautiful x

  6. The sultana loaf looks lovely and has made me hungry lol it’s always the way. When you are on a diet you see lovely food that you then crave! I have been wanting Nutella for days now 🙁

    Your money boxes look great and such a brilliant size. I really like the curved top of the box, really makes them look professional and gorgeous.

    <3 & hugs
    Lisa xxxxx