More Crafting At The Start Of June

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An Update, Cards, A Bracelet And Another Owl


I’ve now finished the antibiotics for the absuss on my tooth.  The pain is much reduced, though I’m not sure the infection is completely cleared – I suppose time will tell as the antibiotics clear from my blood whether it flares up again or continues to settle down – either way I’ve got a few appointments for drillings, etc., to come starting before the end of the month.

I’ve still managed to do a bit of crafting though.  A bit of this and a bit of that crafting – some of it just putting together bits I’ve cut out ahead of time.  I hope you like my latest assortment.



(If you click on the thumbnail images you can have a look at a larger image of each item.)
(Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards.)

1cup545576_1051 - card01 - Blue Sky and Clouds Backing Paper 2 2cup545577_1051 - card01 - Blue Sky and Clouds Insert 2

  1. Blue Sky and Clouds Backing Paper 2 by Apetroae Stefan and Delightfully Dotty Backgrounds by Tanya Hall (I printed the sky sheet out onto 120gsm good quality white paper.  I cut a panel from the printed background and matted this onto a piece of white, hammered, cardstock using finger-lift tape.  I then went around the edge of the mat using an Aubergine ProMarker.  I prepared my base card by scoreing a sheet of A4, hammered white cardstock using my Hougie Board and then folding it in half.  I put a strip of blue blingalicious cardstock down the left hand side some half a centimeter out from the side.  I used my ScanNCut to cut out a hot air baloon using an in-built cutting file – the back layer of the baloon is cut from one of the dotty backgrounds printed onto 250gsm Super Smooth white cardstock and the other layer and basket was cut from purple 270gsm Basal cardstock.  The greeting “Penblwydd Hapus” – which is Welsh for “Happy Birthday” – was also cut out using my ScanNCut.)
  2. Blue Sky and Clouds Insert 2 by Apetroae Stefan (I printed the sheet out onto 120gsm good quality paper, trimmed it, scored it using my Hougie Board and then stuck it inside the previous card using finger-lift tape.)

1cup539353_1056 - card05 - Daphne Rose Print 2cup539353_1056 - card03 - Daphne Rose Print 3cup539353_1056 - card02 - Daphne Rose Print 4cup524788_596 - card03 - Someone Special Floral Dress Topper...ScanNCut Only

  1. Someone Special Floral Dress Topper…ScanNCut Only by Tina Fitch and Daphne Rose Print by Karen Wyeth (I put the downloaded cutting file on my USB stick and took it to my ScanNCut to allow me to cut the various layers out.  I used Basal and Blingalicious cardstock to cut the layers out of.  I then built up the topper, using finger-lift tape to attach some layers and 2mm deep, double sided, foam tape to attach others.  I made a base card by scoreing and folding an A3 sheet of cream Adorable Scorable in half  to make an A4 card.  I took some of the young ladies from the Daphne Rose kit into one of my graphics packages and copied, resized, played around until I got a card front slightly smaller than A4 that I was happy with.  This was printed out onto 250gsm Super Smooth white cardstock, trimmed, went round the edge using a Ruby ProMarker, and stuck to the front of my prepared base card using finger-lift tape.  The cut out layered dress topper was then stuck on top.)
  2. Angled view of the previous card.
  3. Closer look at one of the “Daphne Rose Print” images.
  4. Closer look at “Someone Special Floral Dress Topper”.

1cup341420_1749 - card02 - Jiggy plays the Drums Card Kit 2cup341420_1749 - card03 - Jiggy plays the Drums Card Kit 3cup341420_1749 - card04 - Jiggy plays the Drums Card Kit

  1. Jiggy plays the Drums Card Kit by Janette Padley (I printed the sheet onto 250gsm Super Smooth white cardstock and cut the pieces out.  I scored an A4 sheet of 300gsm hammered white cardstock using my Hougie Board and then folded it in half to create my base card.  I used finger-lift tape to attach the main layer to the card.  I used 3mm deep, double sided, foam tape to attach the greeting panel and second image layer.  I went over the wings, horns, and front of drum using a clear Wink of Stella brush pen.  This final layer was then shaped a bit and then added to the card front using glue gel.  I finished off by adding the greeting “Penblwydd Hapus” – which is Welsh for “Happy Birthday” – which I’d cut out using my ScanNCut.)
  2. An angled view of part of the card.
  3. Closer, angled, look.



1ElasticBracelet 05 02 2ElasticBracelet 05 03

  1. The latest of my fishbone pattern elastic loom bracelets.  This time I’ve gone for a pattern made of every other red and green eleastic bands. This format of joining the eleastic bands together produces a square braid of bands.
  2. Closer look at the pattern made by entwining the bracelet.



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This is the third owl I made.  This one is for my niece who asked for one with a purple breast.

1Owl 03 02 2Owl 03 03

  1. This one, like the previous two that you can see in the posts here and here, was based on a template from Blue Sky Confections, that I’d then adapted and added to it to make each one different.
  2. Another angle of the same owl.



Most crafters I’ve ever talked to have a “box of bits”!  It starts off as a folder or small box of bits of cardstock that were left over from a project that were just too nice and a little too big to throw away.  Then, before you know it, it’s either several boxes or one cavenous box.  You can’t find the bit you want when you want it, or by the time you do need it it’s looking a bit frayed and tattered and you were not planning on doing distressed edges on the card you are working on.  Regular readers of my blog will know that I’ve started cutting up the spare little bits into embelishments as I’m going along now, and only putting the larger cut off pieces into my plastic tray to keep.  So …

Bits and Bobs 03Today’s tip is – If there’s spare space on your working area when cutting out with either an electronic/digital cutting machine, or a die cutting machine, put flowers or flourishes or leaves, or even small greetings size panels, on to cut out at the same time.  Flower layers can be shaped and layered and built up into larger flowers while sat in front of the TV at night if you want.  Put them all into embelishment boxes and you’ll have things ready to dip into when you need a little something extra on any of your cards.  The more you do this the more likely you will be to have something to match every card you make.  You might even like to have a look at the “Making Paper Flowers” section of my blog for ideas on how to build up different shapes to make flowers, you don’t always have to cut out flower shapes from your bits to make paper flowers.



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12 Replies to “More Crafting At The Start Of June”

  1. A super selection of cards today Gwyneth. Funny how you’ve posted a fishtail bracelet today, because Lexie has taught me how to make one today and I’ve posted mine on my blog!! Love the colours you have used!
    Tha’ts another super owl you have made – great projects!

  2. Oh, I love that owl. It’s just too cute. My brother and my brother in law are both drummers, they would totally love that dragon card. The die cut dress is just beautiful.

    Cheers, Holley

  3. Three fabulous cards Gwyneth and I love the cute owl. I hope the antibiotics have finally worked and you’re pain free x

  4. Hi Sweetie, I hope the antibiotics work for you……
    Your cards are amazing, As always, I love your loom bracelet (My 10 year old grandson is into making them) I adore your cute little owl xxx

  5. Fab selection Gwyneth, love that owl he’s adorable, always a pleasure visiting your blog xx Zoe xx

  6. Hi Gwyneth, a gorgeous selection as always. Always so much to look at.

    Hugs Erin x

  7. Wow Gwyneth hun fabby assortment of makes busy lady – my favourite is that delicious dress – love dresses and this one is especially special hugs Judith x