Crafting And Card Making Into The 2nd Week Of June 2014

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Cards, Bracelet and Bag


Well the good news is that my tooth is feeling much more comfortable, though I’ve still got the joy of a few visits to the dentist to go – the bad news is that I’ve tweeked my back around the top of my hip and my usual slow waddle with my damaged let is now a very painful, even slower, waddle.  It’s been a few years since I’ve done something to set it off quite this bad and it took over 6 weeks to settle down then – though it was the other hip that time.  Just what I didn’t want to happen at the moment with my trying to putter more out the garden.  Mam recons that I’ve probably been doing more than I should, even though I do the vast majority sitting down, and that’s why I’ve managed to pull something.

So between the rain and my aching muscles I’ve been doing less out in the garden and more crafting the last couple of days.  I hope you like what I’ve got to show you this time.



(If you click on the thumbnail images you can have a look at a larger image of each item.)
(I try and provide some information regarding what I’ve used to make my creations below each set of photos.)

Every month on the Stamping Dragon Design Facbook Group we have a “Colouring Challenge”.  This time we were challenged to use the silhoutte stamp “Happy & You Know it”.  This posed a different challenge to the usual where we could use our prefered colouring medium to colour the image.  This time we need to colour in the background.  I think, of those who’ve already done and uploaded their June entry, most have gone for some sort of background behind and cutting out the silhouette.  It’s so interesting to see what different crafters make with the same image.  As it happened, I’d already been tempted by this image and bought it the end of last month, before I knew it would be this months challenge.

1cup355893_1749 - card03 - Happy & You Know it Stamp 2cup355893_1749 - card05 - Happy & You Know it Stamp 3cup355893_1749 - card04 - Happy & You Know it Stamp

  1. Happy & You Know it Stamp by Janette Padley and Blue Sky and Clouds Backing Paper 2 by Apetroae Stefan (For this card I took background cup545576_1051 into one of my graphics packages and re-sized it before adding a green background below it and printing it out twice onto 250gsm Super Smooth white cardstock (should have done on 300gsm cardstock because it wasn’t quite heavyweight enough for the base card).  I used my HougieBoard to score and mark cutting lines on one of the printouts and made it into a central stepper card.  I printed out this image at a smaller size than provided, cut it out and stuck it to the 2nd copy of the background, putting a semi circle of mottled orange cardstock behind the figures before sticking down.  I trimmed around the octagon shape and around protruding limbs, stuck it to a piece of white hammered cardstock and trimmed around to leave a border.  I used 3mm deep, double sided, foam tape to attach this to the front of the card.  I then raided my box of pre-cut embelishments for leafy branches and flowers to decorate around the outside of the card.)
  2. A different angle of the card.
  3. Another slightly different angle of the previous card.

1cup79836_379 - card04 - SVG Tags & Mats 2cup79836_379 - card02 - SVG Tags & Mats 3cup79836_379 - card06 - SVG Tags & Mats

  1. SVG Tags & Mats….. by Angela Burke (For this card I cut out various layers of a tag out of 270gsm Basal cardstock using my ScanNCut.  The middle layer was cut out of the same “buttermilk” coloured cardstock as the top layer but I went around the outside quarter of an inch with a gold Wink of Stella brush pen before attaching it behind the front.  This was then added to the base layer using 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape.  The scalloped 6″ square base card was bought in a while ago.  I went round the edge of the card with a pink FlexMarker in a bit of a deckle pattern.  I’d cut some flower layers out of the same cardstock as the base layer of my tag.  Some of these I randomly stuck to my base card as a background.  Some of the other flower layers I snipped and shaped and made into a dimensional flower before getting some leaves from my stash of cut pieces and attaching both to the tag front.  I put on a peel-off greeting “Penblwydd Hapus” – which is Welsh for “Happy Birthday” – that I’d also cut out using my ScanNCut.)
  2. Angled view of the previous card.
  3. Closer angled view.

1cup363264_1051 - card04-  Pirate Ship Circle Pyramid 2cup363264_1051 - card01-  Pirate Ship Circle Pyramid 3cup363264_1051 - card03-  Pirate Ship Circle Pyramid

  1. Pirate Ship Circle Pyramid by Apetroae Stefan and Anchor with Rope Backing Paper by Apetroae Stefan (The pyramid sheet was printed onto 250gsm Super Smooth white cardstock and the layers were cut out.  I also printed out background sheet onto 120gsm Super Smooth white paper at half size.  I took a 7″ x 10″ base Kraft card from my crafting stash.  I attached a piece of card to a panel of the background and attached it to the card using finger-lift tape.  I went around it using a Wallnut ProMarker.  I also used the same colour ProMarker to put a double wiggly line around near the outside of the card.  I used fingerlift tape to put the base pyramid layer in place and used 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape to attach a few of the layers on top.)
  2. Angled view of previous card.
  3. Slightly different angled view of the card.



This beaded bracelet is actually two black fishbone/fishtail patterned bracelets – as I showed you in a different colourway in my last blog post.  I then took some jump rings and every other elastic band I joined both bands together using the jump rings, putting a small acrylic rondelle bead on the jump ring before closing it.  This gives a wider band bracelet with some sparkle from the beads.  I’ve joined the bracelet ends up using jump rings as well.

1ElasticBracelet 04 02 2ElasticBracelet 04 06 3ElasticBracelet 04 05



This bag was made for one of my nephews to keep his knitting and textile work in.  It’s been a project I’ve had on the go for months but only got around to finishing when I had to get my sewing machine out to do a job for my mother last week.  The nephew’s learnt to knit “with sticks” with one of my sisters and has been wanting some knitting needles of his own and a bag to keep the two knitting projects he’s got on the go for a while.  I let him choose some pieces of fat quarters and strips from a jelly roll for me to make him a bag.  It is lined with cream material – I’d got a new bed sheet for odd jobs like this to keep my nice fat quarters for the outside of projects.  I’ve bought him some bambook knitting needles and then made sure that the bag was wide enough for those to fit in across the bottom before deciding on sizes.  My mother had a re-sizeable strap with hooks either end, that had come off a bag at some point, which we’ve cliped onto the loops either side – nephew had insisted that he wante a big strap that he could carry his bag over his shoulder – and as he’s a growing boy a re-sizeable strap seemed the most obvious choice.  As well as the pack of assorted knitting needle pairs I put in a pack of kniting notions that included plastic sewing needles, knitting needle point protector balls, measureing tape, etc.

1Bag 01 02 2Bag 01 01 3Bag 01 03

  1. This is the back og the bag with a fold over flap and a tie closure.
  2. I used my ScanNCut to cut out the pieces for this Fat Cat.  I sewed it to the front of the bag before the bag was sewn together and then did some free-motion sewing to put on eyes, nose and mouth.  My nephew is going to finger-knit a tail for the cat at some point and we’ll just attach that after it’s done.
  3. Close-up of Fat Cat.



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