Crafting Mid June 2014

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With the good weather I’ve been trying to do short sessions out the garden and then resting to give my back/hip more time to heal, so I’ve been crafting less.  I’ve been sitting out trying to pick gooseberries.  At least this year I’m getting them before the birds – I’m sure I’ll get around to putting them into scrapbook pages to show you before long.  So today I’ve got less projects than usual to show you.



(If you click on the thumbnail images you can have a look at a larger image of each item.)

1cup349821_1749 -  card02 - Christmas Basics Papers 2Gardening2014 08 3Gardening2014 09

  1. Christmas Basics Papers by Janette Padley (This is a digital scrapbook page I put together to show the development of the plants in the raised beds in my glasshouse and the “black mulch” area outside where we’re growing courgettes and pumpkins.  I took some papers and the two photos I decided to use into one of my graphics packages and moved, copied, re-sized and digitally punched until I had a layout that I was happy with.  I put on the date that the photos were taken as well.  As well as saving the page as a digital scrapbook page I also printed it out as an 8″ square scrapbook page so that it could be shown to family members.)
  2. A photo of inside the greenhouse.  The cucumber and the tomatoes on the right were the first things planted in the grow bags but all five grow bags now have three plants each so let’s hope that the last batch like their place as much as the first few and grow as well.  The first tomato plants now have flowers on them.
  3. Slightly different shot of the black mulch area.  You can just see the top of the potato sacks closest to the camera, then the courgette plants, tumbler tomato plants on a raised tray with compost in the bottom, then pumpkin plants ready to be planted out.  Some fruit trees are beyond that.



Today’s assortment of loom elastic jewellery has been made with a variety of different types of elastic bands.

1ElasticBracelet 10 06 2ElasticBracelet 10 04 3ElasticBracelet 10 03

  1. This bracelet was made for my brother using ordinary black bands and lemon smelly yellow bands.
  2. Different angled view of bracelet
  3. Close-up of the pattern.

1ElasticBracelet 09 03 2ElasticBracelet 09 02 3 ElasticBracelet 09 01

  1. This bracelet is for my sister and is made using pink and blue spotted bands and jasmin smelly blue bands.
  2. Angled view of the bracelet.
  3. Slightly different angled view.

1ElasticBracelet 08 01 2ElasticBracelet 08 04 3ElasticBracelet 08 02

  1. This bracelet is for one of my nephews.  It is made using yellow and green spotted bands with every other band being lemon smelly yellow bands.
  2. Different angled view of the bracelet.
  3. Close-up view of the band pattern.

1ElasticBracelet 07 01 2ElasticBracelet 07 02 3ElasticBracelet 07 03

  1. This bracelet is for my sister-in-law.  The front of the band is made using purple as well as neon pink bands with a white band framework, and the back of the bracelet is a fishtail design in white.
  2. Angled view of the bracelet.
  3. Close-up view of the pattern at the front of the bracelet.



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  1. great projects Gwyneth, hope your scrap page doesn’t get too messy putting the gooseberries on it that you’ve picked!!! lol xxx