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An Update, Cards, Scrapbook Layout, and Strange Elastic Bands


Well that’s it – I’ve finished picking the gooseberries for this year, with some help from the two youngest nephews who picked a couple of pounds between then one evening.  Between the 11th and 21st of June, from three goosberry bushes, 31lbs 4.4oz of gooseberries have been picked, topped and tailed, washed and bagged.  It’s going to be gooseberry crumble for pudding today.

It’s been hard going with my back/hip playing up, but with doing it in short sessions and resting in between, and spreading it over 10 days, it’s one job in the garden that’s done.  One problem is that, with the tenseing up I’ve been doing when the spasms from tweeking my back have struck, It’s made the M.E. pains in the tops of my legs and around the back at rib level worse than usual.  And another problem is that I noticed tonight that some of the Loganberries are ready to be picked – they didn’t look ready this morning and I thought I’d have a couple of days rest from picking before I had to start on the next fruit type.  Oh well – lots more Loganberry smoshies to come over the next year if we have a good crop of those as well, which is quite a good thing.

You’ll see a scrapbook double page layout of gooseberry photos below.

I haven’t made a lot of cards this last week, but did make two simple ones using a sentiment topper and some of the flowers from my box of bits that I’d pre-cut to use up bits leftover from other project.

The other crafting I’ve made has been more pieces of jewellery using elastic bands and loom.  One of the projects is a bit different – have a good look and let me know what you think.

One of the nephews has also finished off the elastic loom bracelet he was making for me as well.



(If you click on the images you can have a look at a larger image of each item.)

These two cards are quick and simple ones made as samples for Stamping Dragon Designs to display in the online store.

110466753_10204166522271355_1285769640_n- card01 02 210466753_10204166522271355_1285769640_n- card01 01

  1. Each Flower Quote Set by Janette Padley and Blue Harmony Papers by Janette Padley (I printed the quote topper out onto 250gsm Super Smooth white cardstock at smaller than the size provided and then cut it out.  I put it onto a white mat of the same cardstock and then onto a mat of one of the blue papers, also printed onto the same cardstock.  This was then stuck to the front of a 6″ square white hammered base card.  I decorated with some of the flowers and leaves from my box of cut bits – the box contains an assortment of leaves, branches, flourishes and flowers that I cut out of any “empty” areas of cardstock when I’m doing projects and then keep in a box ready to embelish.  In this case at lease one of the flowers has been cut out of the flowers has been cut out of another of the papers from the Blue Harmony kit.  I finished off by sticking on some faux pearls using glue gel.)
  2. Angled view of the previous card.

110477945_10204166413828644_157248552_n- card01 01 210477945_10204166413828644_157248552_n- card01 03

  1. Each Flower Quote Set by Janette Padley (I printed the quote panel out at much smaller than the size provided and cut it out.  I cut an A4 sheet of white hammered cardstock in half and then scored a half in half again using my Hougie Board then folded to make an A6 base card.  I went again to my box of cut bits but couldn’t find flowers of exactly the colour I wanted – so I picked a few light ones out and coloured them with my Antique Pink ProMarker.  I gave the flowers a little shape and then used glue gel to stick them over the card, cutting some in half and sticking them over the edge.  I used 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape to attach the greetings panel near the centre of the card.  I took some white “pearl” gems and coloured them using my Pink Lobster ProMarker before using glue gel to stick them in the flower centres.)
  2. Angled look at the previous card.



1cup351676_1749 - card03 - Age of Innocence Papers 2cup351676_1749 - card05 - Age of Innocence Papers 3cup351676_1749 - card04 - Age of Innocence Papers

  1. Age of Innocence Papers by Janette Padley (I’ve used several of the papers from this kit to create an 8″ scrapbook layout double page spread to show the gooseberries I’ve been slowly picking in our garden over the last week or so.  I took the papers and four of the photos I’ve taken into one of my graphics packages and copied, resized, digitally cut, etc., until I had a layout I was happy with.  The layout has then been saved in a digital format to send to some family members and also printed out so that other family members can see it)
  2. Closer look at 1st page of the 2 page spread.
  3. Closer look at the 2nd page.



I’ve seen some examples of creatures made using elastic bands on the band loom and thought I’d have a go at making an octapus.  Despite looking different colours all these photos are of the same octapus.  I’d used bands that change colour in direct sunlight.  There’s a jump ring at the top of the octopus so that I can add it to a bag charm or keyring.

1ElasticOctapus01 02 2ElasticOctapus01 03 3ElasticOctapus01 04

  1. This photo was taken away from sunlight with just enough light to take the photo.  The bands look practically clear with no indication of colour.  Each of the legs, and leading up through the body, are pieces of the classic fishtail pattern of combining the elastic bands.
  2. This photo was taken after just putting in direct sunlight for a short while.  As there was no way to tell what colours the bands would change into when I made the octapus in bed with no direct sunlight the pattern of pastel colours that develop are totally random.
  3. I don’t remember the octopus actually looking quite this vivid a pink so I think it may be a bit of a trick of the camera as there was a bit more blue to be sceen.

Only a few seconds out of direct sunlight and the octopus lost all its colour.

1ElasticBracelet 13 01 2ElasticBracelet 13 02

  1. This bracelet is for my brother-in-law.  It is made using yellow, lemon scented bands, every other with two coloured green and blue banded, bands.  And yes, my brother-in-law does milk and other farm work, so it was one my nephews had stated needed a smelly bracelet to help him smel better after work.
  2. Close-up of band pattern.

This is the bracelet that one of my nephews has finished making for me.

1ElasticLoomBracelet IMG 01 01 2ElasticLoomBracelet IMG 01 03 3ElasticLoomBracelet IMG 01 04

  1. This bracelet was made using an assortment of coloured bands all with embedded glitter.  A really sparkly bracelet.  He made it in the fishtail pattern.
  2. Slightly different angle in different light.
  3. Closer look at part of the bracelet



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19 Replies to “More Mid June 2014 Crafting”

  1. Oh Gooseberries, takes me back to my best friends garden (met her when I was 4 at school, and she is now my SIL), her dad used to grow them, they were so sweet, yum. Fabulous memories evoked here hun, I love your cards and jewellery, hugs my friend xxx

  2. Morning Gwyneth a beautiful array of crafty creations! The gooseberries look fabulous, we have an abundance of strawberries this year and they are delicious.
    Linda xxx

  3. Gwyneth if its gone right than I have just follow you with bloglovin.

    your cards are beautiful.

    gr karin

  4. Lovely floral cards and the bracelets are fab too. All the children in the school where I work are making these bracelets too, the latest craze! Xx

  5. Morning Gwyneth and love the sentiment re the flowers hun loving the octopus too and the lovely bracelets – thanks for dropping by my blog too hugs Judith x

  6. Nice projects! I love the sentiment on that pink card. Wonderful. All those loomwork projects are darling. That has been a huge craze here in the USA for the last year or so. I think every kid got one for Christmas, though most kids probably already had one before. Even the boys!!

  7. Fabulous read Gwyneth, apart from you feeling poorly, hope you feel better soon. Lots of lovely projects to view. Love the soft colour palette of your card creations. Those gooseberries look fabulous.

  8. Love your flower cards, the gooseberries look yummy – I love gooseberry tart!! The octopus is a proper work of art – and I love the loom bracelet your nephew made for you – lovely colours!.

  9. A fabulous selection of goodies Gwyneth. I love the poem on the pink floral card and your crop of gooseberries looks delicious.
    The loom band projects are wonderful, especially the colour changing octopus and the bracelet from your nephew/
    I hope your pains ease x

  10. Thank you so much for your well wishes on my blog. I’ve felt ill for weeks, but never thought I would go down hill so quickly! It’s lovely to be in my own bed rather than the god awful hospital ones. Sounds like you have had a painful and poorly time of it as well. It’s awful when you just feel so rubbish 🙁

    I have never tried gooseberries and not sure I ever will. I like sweet things and I get the impressions gooseberries are sour… Love your scrapbook pages, what a great way to remember the last ten days.

    <3 & hugs
    Lisa xxxx

  11. WOW you have been busy hun. Love all your projects, but the scrappage really stands out hun. Well done xx

  12. Fab cards love the octopus there so cool your home grown goodies look amazing xxx

  13. Hope your back is feeling better soon, I just love gooseberries could eat them all day. Your loom octopus is ace as are your other projects.