Crafting Into The Last Week Of June 2014

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An Update, A Few Musings, And Some Crafting


After overdoing it in a long session in the garden last week I’m slowly getting back to my normal, but not quickly enough for my likeing.  Other than watering everything thoroughly – which I do with a hosepipe and moving to sit in a chair by each selection of things to be watered – and picking half a pound or so of Loganberries every day or two, I’ve not done sessions of general gardening over the weekend, though I really do need to sit out in the greenhouse and do a bit of weeding.

I have made a few cards, but it has mostly been digital crafting followed by a bit of hybrid crafting, and also making a few Christmas cards using toppers and cardstock from a kit.  I’ve not got photos of everything sorted yet so I’ll have to show you the things I’ve made in a blog post later on in the week.  In the meantime I have got photos of a few items to show you – I hope you like them.



The fact that Create & Craft have had their week of shows on crafting for Christmas has made me think that I really need to step up my card making for Christmas.  Of course, I have already made some Christmas cards, but I don’t think the rate I’ve been making them will result in enough cards for Christmas.  I wonder how everybody else tackles Christmas card making?  Do you make all your cards on the same theme? – one year I did make some 70 cards for us to send out as a family more or less the same, but I’ve not done it since.  Do you make elaborate ones for close family and friends, some less elaborate ones for family and friends further away, and quite simple ones to distant framily or neighbours you just nod to in the street as you are going past?  I do tend to make more dimensional Christmas cards for anybody I can hand a card to in person – such as close family, or pop through their letter box – such as neighbours, or people I’m sending a gift to – because the card can go in with the parsel.  The additional cost of posting Christmas cards to lots of people if the cards are dimensional does put me off making dimensional cards for anybody who I have to post cards to.  The difference between the cost for a stamp for a standard letter and the cost of a stamp for a large letter is enough to make quite a difference to the cost of Christmas when you consider posting some 30+ cards.  Also getting them ready and posted early on a 2nd class stamp, rather than making and posting last minute on a 1st class stamp makes quite a difference as well.  Having had to retire early because of my bad health and disability issues means that I have to be concious of the money I spend – I’d rather use my money for crafting goodies and on items to help me with my various hobbies and keeping my brain and body as active as I can, rather than a larger proportion than is necessary going on more expensive postage stamps than is absolutely necessary.  I do know that different contries that my different readers come from have different rules with regards to size of items being posted, but I do wonder whether watching sizes of cards is a big consideration to others?



(If you click on the thumbnail images you can have a look at a larger image of each item.)
(Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards. Where these linked pages are on the CUP site you will usually find a longer description of how I made the item at the bottom of the page.)

1cup393290_359 - card02 - Little Chick Scallop Corner side stacker Topper 2cup393290_359 - card03 - Little Chick Scallop Corner side stacker Topper 3cup550471_1051 - card01 - Easter Chicken Yellow Insert

  1. Little Chick Scallop Corner side stacker Topper by Carol Clarke and Easter Chicken Yellow Backing Paper by Apetroae Stefan (I printed the sheet onto 250gsm Super Smooth white cardstock.  I also printed out background  at half size onto 120gsm good quality white paper.  I cut the panel of background out and went round the edge with a gold ProMarker before sticking it to the front of a pre-made 8″ square Kraft base card using finger-lift tape.  I cut out the topper and used 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape to attach it to the card front and to build up the layers in order.  I finished off by putting on three gold “card candi” using glue gel.  I’ve not added a greeting yet as I’m not sure what language it will be needed in.)
  2. An angled view of previous card to show a bit of the dimension created by the built up scalloped corner layers.
  3. Easter Chicken Yellow Insert by Apetroae Stefan (I printed the sheet out onto 120gsm Super Smooth white paper.  Although this sheet is made to be trimmed, folded in half, and stuck inside an A5 sized card, for this card I wanted to show that it could be used in other sized cards.  As my card is an 8″ square one, I simply trimmed this insert to a little smaller than the inside back of my card and stuck it inside using finger-lift tape.  From the bit cut off I cut out a chick and used it as an embelishment at the top right of my card.)

1cup547207_1294 - card02 - Everlasting 2cup547207_1294 - card01 - Everlasting

  1. Everlasting by Marie Wolman (I took several elements from this kit into one of my graphics packages and resized, moved around, etc., until I was happy with the layout for a card front together with some elements to decoupage on the other half of my working area.  I printed the design out onto 250gsm Super Smooth white cardstock, cut out the main panel and the added pieces.  I went around the top of the “envelope” element with ProMarker Wild Cranberry.  I took a sheet of A4 hammered white cardstock and scored it using my Hougie board before folding it and cutting to the right size for my card front.  This was attached using finger-lift tape before the other elements were added using glue gel.  The greeting “Dymuniadau Gorau” is Welsh for “Best Wishes”.)
  2. An angled view of the card to show the little dimension I’ve added to the card by using the glue gel.

1Christmastide 01 card01 01 2Christmastide 01 card01 04 3Christmastide 01 card01 03

  1. Christmastide Collection – Page Kit by Janette Padley – Dragons Lair Designs (I took elements from the kit into My Craft Studio software and resized, built up, moved, etc., until I was happy with the layout for this digital card front.)
  2. Christmastide Collection – Page Kit by Janette Padley – Dragons Lair Designs (I put extra layers of some of the elements onto my working area and resized the card front to just under 6″ square before printing it out onto 250gsm Super Smooth white cardstock. I cut out the elements, stuck the card front layer to the front of a 6″ square white card from my crafting stash.  I went over the holly berries on the card front nad extra layers with clear Sakura Glaze pen.  I also went over the centers of the Christmas roses with a gold Wink of Stella brush pen and around the outside of the tag with a silver Wink of Stella Brush pen.  The added elements were then added to the card front using glue gel.)
  3. Angled view showing the little dimension created on the card front.



I’m continuing to regularly take photos of things in my garden on a regular basis and then making little scrapbook layouts with the photos to show the progress of my little gardening projects.  This time it’s strawberries in my strawberry tower – you may remember that because of my disabilities my gardening is done in tubs, raised beds, potato sacks, etc.

1cup336033_1749 - card02 - Lost & Found Treasures Mini Theme 2DSCF1690b

  1. Night Bloom Mini Theme by Janette Padley (I’ve taken several photos of the same strawberry plant over the last few weeks so I took those, together with several elements from this kit, into one of my graphics packages.  I then resized, copied, moved around, digitally punched, etc., until I had a layout I was happy with for an 8″ square digital scrapbook page to share with family members.  I also printed the page out to share with other family members who are not online.)
  2. The actual photo of the ripe strawberries that I used.



Have you got some foiled background cardstock that you feel is wasted when used as a background or matting and layering on a card?  Sometimes a large panel is just too much for a project but a small panel doesn’t look enough.

Today I’m going to show you how I turned a foiled sheet of Hunkydory Adorable Scorable cardstock into foiled embelishments for several Christmas projects.

1 Cutting Up Backgrounds 01 07  2Cutting Up Backgrounds 01 06  3Cutting Up Backgrounds 01 04

  1. This is the sheet of cardstock I’m working on for this project.
  2. I took my circle scissors and cut out different sized circles around the foiled snowflakes.
  3. This is what I was left with – perfect to use as embelishments on Christmas cards.

4Cutting Up Backgrounds 01 03  5Cutting Up Backgrounds 01 02  6Cutting Up Backgrounds 01 01

  1. Some of the circles may well have cresants cut out of them from cutting out other snowflakes.
  2. I just overlap these slightly with another snowflake – which is a chance to give dimension to the project by lifting one snowflake more than others either with glue gel or foam tape.  Just a little collection of 3 snowflakes gives a bit of interest to a card.
  3. If you don’t want circular embelishments you can cut by hand closer to the snowflakes.

Just one sheet gives a lot of snowflake embelishments.  You can do the same with other patterns of foiled cardstock – say ones with flourishes on where you can place your circle scissors on in such a way to give the flourishes you want on your embelishments.



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