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It’s time for another inspiration post from me on the “The Dragons Den” blog. Hopefully I can inspire you with a crafted creation made using a download that is available in the Stamping Dragon Designs store.

I thought it was time I went for a card suitable for a man this time.  I also decided to go “back to basics”.

I know I’ve built up quite a collection of crafting consumables and equipment over the years, but I’m also aware that many are either starting new with cardmaking now, or are not as fortunate to be able to afford lots of crafting goodies.  So for today’s post I decided to use very little to make a simple card, and to show you the steps I took to make it.  I’m sorry that some of the photos are not as good as they should be – I was working in the sitting room and shooting pictures as I was making, so the light was not consistent.



This is what I came up with –

Inspiration 04 24

Stamping Dragon Designs Item:

  • “Coffee Cream Papers” – found – Here – in the shop.


  • 250gsm Super Smooth white cardstock – 5 sheets of any printable white cardstock of 250gsm or more will be fine – you can also do the printing onto lighter weight paper or cardstock, but some of the lighter weight stuff buckles or crinkles when used with wet glue if you don’t apply the glue thinly enough.  One sheet does need to be a heavy enough cardstock to make the base card.
  • Glue – I’m using PVA type white glue that dries clear
  • Ribbon – a bit that came holding a tag inside a new dress, so recycling


  • Scissors
  • Ruler – no need for anything with a steel edge as I didn’t use a craft knife, just using it to draw lines
  • Pencil
  • Black Pen – I used a fine tip pen but a gel pen or handwriting pen, anything you are comfortable with will be fine.


This is how I made the card –

No packs of backgrounds and no guilotines or paper trimmers –

After getting the backgrounds kit from the store and unzipping the file I chose four of the backgrounds to print out onto white cardstock.  I then collected everything I needed for the project together.  As the backgrounds in this case are square, and I’d printed them as “fit to page”, I’d got white edges – I cut these off next, keeping the cut off white strips.  Doing this makes it easier when marking the back of the cardstock for strips as I know that the whole of the front I’m left with is printed.

Inspiration 04 01     Inspiration 04 02

No score board or bone folder –

I took the unprinted sheet, used my ruler to find the middle point and put a few marks down the half way point.  I put my ruler down the central line and started folding the card against the ruler edge.  Pressing it against the ruler to give a straight line until it is completely over onto the ruler.  I then removed the ruler and used the back of my scissors to burnish the fold.

 Inspiration 04 03   Inspiration 04 04   Inspiration 04 05

 Inspiration 04 06   Inspiration 04 07   Inspiration 04 08

Preparing the pieces – scissors, pencil and ruller – no paper trimmer –

I took the darkest of the backgrounds I’d printed and marked it on the back at 1.5″, 3″ and 4.5″ to give me three 1.5″ strips.  These were then cut out using my scissors.  I took the other three backgrounds and marked on the back and cut 1″ strips out of them, cutting 2 x strips of 1″ out of the lightest strip.  I then layed these out on my created card to see how they looked.

Inspiration 04 09   Inspiration 04 10   Inspiration 04 11

Minimal decoration with a pen –

I decided that the paper ribbon strip across the middle needed something else, so I took the paper ribbon piece, my ruler and the black pen and drew a wiggly line down either side.  Holding the ruler on the cardstock while drawing the wiggly line stops the pen going all over the panel so helps get a controled wiggly line.  When I put it back on the card I liked the look better.  But the paper ribbon is shorter than the card because there was a white edge when the background was printed out.  It’s easy enough to disguise this – just slide the strip to one edge and then, looking at the downward hanging strip, cut the paper ribbon in two and pull apart where the break won’t be seen under the downward haning strip.

Inspiration 04 12   Inspiration 04 14   Inspiration 04 15

No fine border peel-offs –

I then decided that the whole card needed something more so did a wiggly line along each side, again using my ruler to have the control of the line staying where I wanted it just in from the edge.  Now it was time to start sticking.  To get the paper ribbon strip level I put my ruler against the bottom of the card, put a line of glue along the back of both pieces of the paper ribbon, and stuck them in place.  I then put a line of glue along the centre and put down the ribbon, leaving the ends hanging over the edge for the moment.  This required pulling and pushing down hard.

Inspiration 04 16    Inspiration 04 17   Inspiration 04 18

No sticky foam or glue gel for dimension –

I cut the strips that hung down the card, making the largest 5.5″, with the strip on it being a quarter of an inch shorter.  The next strip was three quarters of an inch shorter and the next again three quarters of an inch shorter.  These were stuck down onto the card front, again I only put a thin line of glue down the centre of each strip.  The smaller the amount used the less chance of any buckling of the cardstock, plus, with the edges not glued tight down it does give a bit of a raise to the edge and no chance of glue seaping out.  I then got to work at cutting out the greetings panels.  The bottom, mat, layers of both are 1″ wide strips of the darkest background, cutting them to size by putting them over the card to see what looked best.  The top white layers being a little over 0.5″ deep cut out of the spare, unprinted, area that I’d cut off the background edges at the start – but I didn’t stick these down yet.

Inspiration 04 19       Inspiration 04 20

No greetings peel-offs or bought in greetings toppers –

What I did was take a bit of “waste” cardstock and write out my greeting.  I then held it up to of the white, trimmed, greetings label and roughly centered the wording.  I could then see where I needed to write the greeting on the trimmed piece.  I then did the same for the second greeting.  You can draw a faint pencil line to get the wording perfectly straight if you want, or print some wording off on your printer.  And by writing before sticking, if you are not happy with how your wording looks you can cut another greetings panel strip from the white bits of cardstock and try again.  But with the wiggly lines used already as decoration I decided that my writing was more in keeping with the card.  The greeting “Penblwydd Hapus” is Welsh for “Happy Birthday”.  Writing your own means that you can make your card in whatever language you want, and being in your writing makes it even more personal.  By the time I’d finished writing and stuck the greetings in place the glue holding the black ribbon had dried so I just finished off by trimming off the ribbon ends at either side of my card.

Inspiration 04 21      Inspiration 04 22

Inspiration 04 24


And that is it from me for today. I hope my little creation will inspire you to visit the Stamping Dragon Designs store and have a play with some of the digital downloads available to buy yourself.

Please keep visiting”The Dragons Den” blog over the next few weeks as you’ll find various “Inspiration by …” posts appear from the other design team members, as well as colouring tutorials and other posts. I’ll be back with more posts for “The Dragons Den” over the coming months as well, so keep an eye out for those too.



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