Further Early July 2014 Crafting And Cardmaking

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An Update And An Assotment Of Crafting


I wish I could say that my mouth and face feels a lot better after having the two teeth extracted last week, but it doesn’t actually feel a whole lot better, just a little bit better.  I’m still not able to sleep all night as the last pain killers of the night ware off before the morning and if I turn onto my cheak the pain wakes me up.  And today I have another appointment with the dentist for a filling – I just hope that goes according to plan and nothing movers where it shouldn’t.  I’ll get her to check the hole where one of the teeth came out of, and the tooth next to it that’s been giving me about as much grief as the extraction site itself, while I’m there this afternoon.

I’ve been trying to do a little bit out the garden each day as the weather has been good and the fruit is ripening well – and the blackbirds have started attacking them.  You may remember that last year one of my nephews and myself made a “Scare Faces” called “Jack and Jill” (see them – here – on my old blog post if you missed them).  It got wet and the weight of the wet hair pulled it down off its string the end of last summer, but it was basicly in good shape, so “Jack and Jill” have been given a new piece of string, and some glue from my hot glue gun to cover the hole of the old string, and are now hanging out between the Loganberries and Blackcurrants.  I hope it has some effect in detering the birds until I get some more of the crop in.

Today I’ve got a wide assortment of items to show you.  I do hope you like them.



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I’ve been very lucky in winning one of the blog candies that were on offer on “JUDITH’S ADORABLE CREATIONS” blog last month.  A BIG THANK YOU to Judith for her generosity. I got a 10 dollar Gift Certificate to the Robyn’s Fetish site and promptly spent it on 4 lovely digi-stamps.  I’ve no doubt, once I’m feeling better, and once the rush of the summer gardening is over, you’ll be seeing some of them appearing in my creations on my blog.


(If you click on the thumbnail images you can have a look at a larger image of each item.)

The first two cards were made to give to two male family members on their birthdays lately.

1JNM 2014 card 01 02 2JNM 2014 card 01 03

  1. Jayne Netley Mayhew – The Digistamp CD and elements from a previous free Create & Craft Club gift (I simply printed out one of the sheets from the CD-ROM, cut out the panel and backgrounds from the kit, and used finger-lift tape and 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape, to attach the pieces together.  I used a gold Wink of Stella brush pen to write on the greeting on this card.  Although not shown in this photo, before I sent the card I did add a double wrap of baker’s twine, tied in a knot, near the spine of the card.)
  2. Angled view to show the small dimension I built on the card.

1JNM 2014 card 02 03 2JNM 2014 card 02 01

  1. Jayne Netley Mayhew – The Digistamp CD and elements from a previous free Create & Craft Club gift (I simply printed out one of the sheets from the CD-ROM, cut out the panels plus cut out backgrounds and tag from the kit, and used finger-lift tape and 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape, to attach the pieces together.  I used a Wallnut ProMarker to write on the greeting on this card.)
  2. Angled view to show the small dimension I built on the card.



I’ve got a couple more loom elastic band bracelets to show you today.  Both are made in the same pattern but I’m not sure what it’s called – could be fish scales or dragon’s skin or something like that.  One is made over 8 pegs and one over 6 and the colour combinations used are different.

1ElasticBracelet 14 02 2ElasticBracelet 14 01

  1. This cuff bracelet is made over 8 pegs and is made using orange and pink flurescent elastics.  I’ve kept the same colours to the same pegs throughout so that the colour pattern carries through all the way.
  2. Another view of the bracelet.

1ElasticBracelet 15 01 2ElasticBracelet 15 02

  1. This one is made over 6 pegs and I did a whole row of one colour before moving on to another colour, so the cuff bracelet has become a rainbow of colours.
  2. Another view of the same bracelet – sorry that these photos are not as focused as they should be.  I think the different neon colours I used just sent my camera wild.



More of my gardening efforts.

1cup336002_1749 - card01 - Blazing Summer Mini Theme 100 2Gardening2014 10 3Gardening2014 11 4Gardening2014 12

  1. Blazing Summer Mini Theme by Janette Padley (I took lots of elements from the kit, together with three of the photos I took of the cucumbers in my greenhouse, into one of my graphics packages.  I then moved around, resized, digitally punched, etc., until I was happy with the layout. The text on this translates as “What is hiding behind these leaves?” and “The first cucumber of the year”.  After working on it digitally I saved it to send digitally to some family members and printed it out as an 8″ square page to hand to others.)
  2. One of my cucumber plants
  3. A peep through the leaves at the growing cucumbers and flowers
  4. The first cucumber picked this year.



Strictly speaking this isn’t cake decorating as the cake isn’t actually decorated.  This platter of edible goodies was made for a family member’s birthday last month.

1CakeDecorating 10 01 2CakeDecorating 10 03

  1. The “barn” is two ginger cake loafs put on top of each other so the top one is upside-down.  This was cooked by one of my young nephews, although I did the putting in and taking out of the oven.  I was most impressed with how quickly he turned the flour and butter into breadcrumbs perfectly and he did all the weighing out and mixing.  The “farmhouse and outbuildings” I did – a silicone mould and a big bag of Belgian chocolate that I melted and poured in.  After all the pieces had set hard and I’d popped them out I took my edible shimmers and some brandy and painted the colours on.  The “stepping stones” are the contribution of another of my young nephews.  They are icing coin sweets.  He loves these sweets so much I just couldn’t get him to make them any smaller to be more in size with the “farmhouse” – as far as he’s concerned they only need to be small enough to fit in his mouth.
  2. A closer look at a part of our edible creation.



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