Crafting In The 2nd Week Of July 2014

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An Update, A Few Cards and Some Other Crafting


Well I went to the dentist again on Tuesday afternoon – an appointment booked to have a small filling replaced in one of my front teeth. The good news is that I didn’t have an injection, filling or extraction – though really that’s the bad news, because by the time she’d prodded and poked and taken three X-rays of the two teeth that had been giving me problems during the period since I had the two extractions a week previously, the short time slot I was booked in for the filling was over. I was right that the pain I’ve been in this last week is down to more than the two extractions I had done a week ago – the teeth directly behind both the extractions both have lost fillings. X-rays showed that one has a rotten core down to the bone and will have to come out. The other is more painful at the moment because the nerve is exposed. So all she had time for was to put in a temporary dressing that should stop the sensitivity until my next appointment in a fortninghts time. So back home via the shop to pick up more painkillers and another lie down to try and recover from the little excursion. Unfortunately the dentist is away next week so no appointments available until the following week. The dental nurse has already put me on the list to have a call in if anybody cancels in the meantime. At least with the temporary dressing in place the pain killer are working better, which is more than the were doing, so I’m feeling reasonable even if I’m not feeling good at the moment.

But the birds wait for nobody, so I’ve had to battle on and pick what blackcurrants were left – not nearly as big a crop as I’d have hoped to get but I knew that the blackbirds and probably other birds were getting there before me every morning.  Did a push early Wednesday morning and got all the ones I could still see on the bushes.  And I’m still getting some Loganberries ripening every day so hopefully we’ll have a few more pounds of those to put in the freezer before they finish cropping.  Digital Scrapbook page layouts showing these will be appearing on my blog over the next few weeks as I get them done.

The other stuff I’ve sown and planted are also comming along slowly, so today I’ve got some more digital Scrapbook layouts of photos from the garden to show you, as well as some more quick and simple Christmas cards..  At least the bundle of Christmas cards is growing.



(If you click on the thumbnail images you can have a look at a larger image of each item.)
(Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards. Where these linked pages are on the CUP site you will usually find a longer description of how I made the item at the bottom of the page.)

While I’ve gone for quick and easy Nativity Christmas cards for the majority of todays cards, the first two are more whimsical.

1cup336083_1749 - card 02 01 - Whimsical Christmas Mini 2cup336083_1749 - card 02 02 - Whimsical Christmas Mini

  1. Whimsical Christmas Mini by Janette Padley (I took quite a few elements and backgrounds from this kit into one of my graphics packages and resized, moved around, etc., until I had two layouts of card fronts of around 5.5″ that I was happy with.  The page was then printed out onto 250gsm Super Smooth white cardstock and cut out.  I took two 6″ square scalloped edge cards from my crafting stash and stuck the card fronts onto them using finger-lift tape.  I then used an assortment of my glitter glues to add sparkle to the cards I made.  This is one of the cards.  The greeting “Nadolig Llawen” is Welsh for “Happy Christmas”.  With lots of different elements in the kit it is possible to make cards with different layouts and either print out the elements and cut them all out, or do the designing in the software like I did.  This means the card produced is flat enough to go through the UK post on a standard letter stamp.)
  2. Angled view of part of the card to show the sparkle achieved using the glitter glue.

1cup336083_1749 - card01 03 - Whimsical Christmas Mini 2cup336083_1749 - card01 02 - Whimsical Christmas Mini 3cup336083_1749 - card01 01 - Whimsical Christmas Mini

  1. Whimsical Christmas Mini by Janette Padley (This is the second card produced with the second card front I designed the same time as the card above and made the same way.)
  2. Closer, angled, look at part of the card.
  3. An even closer look.

These are more cards I’ve made using the same Hunkydory Christmas kit as I’ve shown you previously, but this time I decided to go through the kit and pull out some of the toppers and background cards that had more of a Nativity theme to them.   I hope you like them.

12014 Hunkydory card09 01 22014 Hunkydory card09 02 32014 Hunkydory card09 03

  1. For this card I took a sheet of A4 background from the kit and scored it and cut off a piece to make it into a 6″ square card.  I went over areas of the image such as the wings with clear Wink of Stella brush pen, and added the greeting banner using 2mm deep, double sided, foam tape.
  2. An angled view to sow that I’ve kept the card dimension down.
  3. A closer look at the wing and halo area to try and show some of the sparkle added.

12014 Hunkydory card10 02 22014 Hunkydory card10 01


  1. For this card I used a part of one of the backgrounds and stuck it to a plain cardstock to make the base card.  I then used small strips of 2mm deep, double sided, foam tape to attach the frame element and greetings banner, and glue gel to attach the central topper and the four corners.  Using glue gel like this meant I had time to slide the pieces into place.
  2. A closer, angled, view at part of the card.

12014 Hunkydory card11 01 22014 Hunkydory card11 03 32014 Hunkydory card11 04

  1. The base card is an A4 sheet of Hammered cardstock from my crafting stash that I scored using my Hougie Board and folded in half.  I used one of the paper ribbon elements from one of the topper sheets as well as two strips cut off one of the background cards in the kit to give some interest to the card before using 2mm deep, double sided foam tape to attach the frame and the the greetings panel.  I then put in the topper using glue gel as a flat glue just to give me time to make sure it was in place central to the frame.
  2. An angled view of the card front to try and show where I’d introduced a little dimension while still keeping the card flat enough to go through the UK post on a standard letter stamp.
  3. A closer look at the Nativity scene topper.

12014 Hunkydory card12 01 22014 Hunkydory card12 02 32014 Hunkydory card12 03

  1. This is just one of the background cards from the kit that I scored to give three equal panels, taking care not to score through the image of the wise man.  I then cut around the edge of the image before folding the card back.  I put on a greetings banner on the front and a large star peel-off on the back.
  2. A different angled look at the card.
  3. A closer look at the wise men.



This page is showing the development of one of my tomato plants – the label on the plant when I got it said it is a “Tumbler” tomato plant – so it is a spreading and falling down over an edge breed of tomato rather than one that is tied in to a cane and growing upright.

1cup335984_1749 - card01 - Walk in the Park Mini Theme

  1. Walk in the Park Mini Theme by Janette Padley (I took the elements of the kit, together with photos taken of the tomato plant on two different dates, into one of my graphics packages and moved around, resized, digitally punched, etc., until I was happy with the layout.  I saved it as a digital page to send to a member of the family and also printed it out as an 8″ square page to give to a member of the family who doesn’t do digital.)

The base of this bracelet is a piece of black leather.  I’ve used a clear jewellery thread to attach the string of diamantes also the blue beads to this.

1Bracelet 27 01 2Bracelet 27 03 3Bracelet 27 02

  1. The sparkle of the gems isn’t visible from the side like this.
  2. This side view gives you more of an idea of what the beads look like.
  3. Closer look at the beads – it’s difficult to show in a photo how sparkly they look in the light.



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7 Replies to “Crafting In The 2nd Week Of July 2014”

  1. Hi Gwyneth, A fabulous selection of cards, love them all. Great designs on them all.

    Hugs Erin x

  2. Wow, so many lovely Christmas theme cards. That’s probably one of the only holidays that I don’t do cards for.

  3. Afternoon Gwyneth and another super selection – I just adore that scrapbook page hugs Judith x

  4. Love your Christmas cards Gwyneth – difficult to pick a favourite, but I think the Three kings wins by a head!
    hthe dental problem is resolved soon for you.
    Take care!