Card Making In The Last Week Of July 2014

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An Update and A Few Cards


How are you all (well all of you in the UK at least) copeing with the hot weather?  I’ve been finding it far too hot to do much of anything remotely strenuous.  I have sat in bed and put a few cards together, but not a lot else.



At the begining of the year I said that one of my resolutions for the year was with regards to do with my level as a Registered Crafter on the craftsUprint site.  I said I wanted “to steadily work my way up to the magic 2,000 figure before the end of the year” to get to being a “Platinum Crafter”.  I noticed this weekend that I’ve reached over 1900 photos of made up items uploaded, so less than a hundred to make before the end of the year to reach my goal.  I may even make it before then if I manage to keep up a steady rate of creation.

Although I’ve not got any male or child themed cards in today’s post I have also been regularly making cards and other creations for men and children.  So I’m quite happy with how I’m keeping up with my New Year’s Resolutions.

So, as we are now over half whay through the year, I’m wondering how everybody else is getting on with their New Year’s resolutions, whether they were to do with crafting or not?  I wonder how many are keeping up with their resolutions in whole or part, and how many have given up completely?



(If you click on the thumbnail images you can have a look at a larger image of each item.)

1cup555108_1415 - card04 - 624 Triple Easel ScanNCut 2cup555108_1415 - card01 - 624 Triple Easel ScanNCut 3cup555108_1415 - card05 - 624 Triple Easel ScanNCut

  1. 624 Triple Easel *ScanNCut* by Rae Carr (I took the file into the online Canvas application and resized everything and split the layers onto different mats before downloading to my USB stick.  I used my ScanNCut to cut out the pieces out of green and yellow Topsy Turvy cardstock.  I used finger-lift tape and 2mm deep double sided foam tape to attach all the pieces, turning some of the green pieces over to the lighter side.  The flower and leaf decoration was also cut out of the same cardstock using cutting files inbuilt into the ScanNCut  I put flat back pearl embelishments at the centre of the flowers after putting those on the card front.  The greeting was cut out of peel-off vinyl using welded letters.  “Penblwydd Hapus” is Welsh for “Happy Birthday”.)
  2. Side view of the card showing how the easel mechanism works.
  3. Closeup of the flower toppers.

When I showed you a card made using the Simply Lovable Collection CD Rom in a previous post I used a pre-layed out card front sheet.  This time I’ve used lots of individual backgrounds and elements and decided on the layout myself.

1Simply Lovable card 02 01 2Simply Lovable card 02 02 3Simply Lovable card 02 04

  1. Simply Lovable Collection CD Rom by Janette Padley, Dragons Lair Designs (For this card I just printed out a lot of backgrounds and elements off the CD-ROM, without doing any manipulation in any graphics program, although I did resize some of the pages at the printing stage.  I took an 8″ square kraft base card, used my Hougie Board to score half way along the front, and folded the front back.  I cut a panel from one of the backgrounds and used finger-lift tape to stick it to the inside back of the card.  I also cut out one of the paper ribbons and attached it around half an inch in from the right hand side of the back.  Another paper ribbon was attached towards the left of the fold-back front as well.  I cut out one of the mat elements and punched it at each corner to give a decorative element before attaching it to the fold-back front along the left hand side.  I then cut out some of the flower elements and 2mm deep, double sided, foam tape to attach these to the card front.)
  2. Different angled view of the card front.
  3. Close-up of the topper area.

1cup553906_1415 - card02 - 367 Interlocking Gatefold SnC 2cup553906_1415 - card06 - 367 Interlocking Gatefold SnC 3cup553906_1415 - card03 - 367 Interlocking Gatefold SnC 4cup553906_1415 - card05 - 367 Interlocking Gatefold SnC

  1. 367 Interlocking Gatefold *SnC* by Rae Carr (I took the cutting file into the online Canvas application and used the inbuilt fonts to put the names of the happy couple this card is for, together with the date of their wedding on the pieces.  I downloaded the cutting file on my USB stick and opened it in my ScanNCut deleting the cutting lines and making the machine draw out the wording.  Then, without removing the mat from the machine I re-loaded the file and this time deleted the wording before making the machine cut out the pieces.  I used Basal cardstock for this card. The flowers were cut out using an inbuilt cutting file out of the same cardstock as the white layer.  I used foam tape and quick grab glue to build up the card and used Wink of Luna blue pen to fill in the letters.)
  2. View directly to the front of the closed card.
  3. View from the front of the partially opened card
  4. Close-up of the interlocking central panel.

1cup556181_846 - card01 01 - Purple And White Spotty Insert With Pearls 2cup556186_846 - card01 - Purple And White Spotty Paper With Border 3cup556186_846 - card03 - Purple And White Spotty Paper With Border

  1. Purple And White Spotty Insert, With Pearls by Susan Heanes (I printed the sheet out onto 120gsm good quality white paper, trimmed it, and folded it in half, before sticking it in side an A5 card using finger-lift tape.)
  2. Purple And White Spotty Paper, With Border by Susan Heanes (I printed the sheet at half size onto 120gsm good quality paper and cut it out.  This was stuck to the front of a white A5 base card using finger-lift tape.  I’d got a panel, flowers and leaves cut out using my ScanNCut over a period of time and put into a “stash” box so I used these to decorate the card before adding a bow and flat back pearls.  I’ve not added a greeting yet as I don’t know what language it will be needed in.)
  3. Angled view of the card showing the little dimension created by the bow and floral topper.



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6 Replies to “Card Making In The Last Week Of July 2014”

  1. Fabulous selection of cards here Gwyneth – my favourite is the triple easel.
    I decided to stop making resolutions as they usually fell by the wayside, so I stop beating myself up about it now!!
    Take care

  2. Wow, these are all stunning! Love the unique layouts I am seeing. The triple easel, the center openings. Gorgeous works!! Cheers, Holley