Crafting At The Start Of August 2014

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An Update, A Few Musings And A Couple Of Cards


Well we’ve finally had some rain here, which is good for the garden and means I don’t have to water everything outside, though I still need to water the plants in the greenhouse.

I’ve had over 20 mini-cucumbers so far this year – they are as round as ordinary cucumbers but only half as long.  In the hot weather I was making quick chilled cucumber “soup” for lunch using everything straight from the fridge – just peel any marks off the cucumber and drop into a liquidizer goblet with half a large pot of yougurt (natural is good, but it also tastes nice with a honey flavoured yougurt or a coconut flavoured yogurt), then add anything else I felt like – so one day it was a clove of carlic, another just salt and papper, another a splash of wostershire sauce, and once a handful of walnut pieces.  Then just a whiz until completely liquidized and into a bowl or cup.  It was great for a quick something during the hot weather when I just didn’t feel like eating anything else.



I know that most of you love something that’s free – Well! –  there’s a new item for August in the “Free Samples” section of the Stamping Dragon Designs store.

I know that I love a freebie myself, but with so many people putting up things on the Internet, and saying it’s free when it isn’t theirs to give for free in the first place, I’m rather cautious about downloading anything that says it’s free if it’s not from the website or FB group of the copyright owner him or herself.  But in this case it’s on the designers site so is a great freebie.

I just don’t understand why there are so many people who think that it’s not only OK but desirable to pass copies of graphics on to all and sundry without a thought to the fact that the graphics are actually the graphics/artwork/photographs/etc. are their creators/owners means of getting an income and putting food on their table.  But even if the owner is giving things for free, sometimes for a short period, and sometimes always available as freebies on the owner’s site, I believe that passing on the information and link to others is the nice way to go about sharing, not downloading and then posting on FB or sites like Pinterest or E-mailing all over the place, especially as some have been removing details of the copyright holder from the images before passing on.  By pointing people to the original location at least they are aware who exactly is giving the item for free, and the copyright owner gets a visit to their site with a chance that visitors may stay around and buy something else.  It’s so sad that artists/designers are having to spend so much of their time sending notifications to get their work removed from various places on the Internet where they have no permission to be – time when the artists/designers could spend better creating more lovely creations for us crafters like me who are not able to draw their own images.


(If you click on the thumbnail images you can have a look at a larger image of each item.)

1Simply Lovable card 03 02 2Simply Lovable card 03 03

  1. Simply Lovable Collection CD Rom by Janette Padley, Dragons Lair Designs  (Various papers and elements from the CD-ROM were printed out onto 250gsm Super Smooth cardstock.  I then took an 8″ square white base card, cut out pieces, matted and layered and attached using finger-lift tape and 2mm deep, double sided, foam tape.  I used some of the printed cardstock to make paper flowers following the same style as in my tutorial – No Tools Paper Flowers 02.  I took some leaves I’d cut previously from my box of cut bits and attached these and the flowers using glue gel. )
  2. Angled view of card showing dimension.

1cup553717_866 - card01 - Lace Frames - White 2cup553717_866 - card03 - Lace Frames - White 3cup553717_866 - card04 - Lace Frames - White

  1. 20 Crosses for all Occassions by Vicki Avcin and Lace Frames – White by Lynne Crosskill (I took two of the crosses together with a lace mat into one of my graphics packages and resized the lace to be smaller than an A5 card front.  I then layered up the two crosses, slightly offset, to give a different look.  The topmost cross was also placed a 2nd time on my working area.  This was printed out onto 250gsm Super Smooth white cardstock.  I cut out the card front and also the butterflies from the 2nd copy of the cross.  I took an A5 white base card, attached the card front panel using 2mm deep, double sided, foam tape, and then used glue gel to attach the extra layers to the butterflies after I’d shaped them a bit.  I finished off with a greeting “Gair o Gysur” – which is Welsh for “A Word of Sympathy” which I’d cut out of silver holographic peel-off sheet using my ScanNCut.)
  2. Diferent view of the card which shows up the holographic nature of the peel-off material used.
  3. Close-up, angled view showing the decoupaged butterflies.



20% Discount

You can find a list of all the Designers currently offering a 20% discount by clicking – Here!

CUP Mailer – Here are the links to the mailers sent out by the team at CUP HQ since my last blog post:

  • Friday, 1st Auguast – Here! – IT’S BACK – 1p Penny Paper Offer, CUP News & Latest Freebie Vault Contents

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10 Replies to “Crafting At The Start Of August 2014”

  1. Hi Gwyneth, we are having lots of rain today, cannot complain really as it has been fabulous weather until yesterday, which makes a change from the usual “Wet Kendal”
    Both your cards are wonderful.
    Janet xxx

  2. Two beautiful cards Gwyneth, I love the cross it is very pretty. We had a day of rain yesterday but today has been sunny but with a light breeze.
    Linda xxx

  3. Lovely cards Gwyneth and the ‘soup’ sounds lovely and refreshing. We have not had much rain as yet and it remains very hot.

  4. Hi Gwyneth and I always enjoy reading your very informative musings – thanks so much for supporting my blog during my break very much appreciated – love all your lovely creations you are so talented sending hugs Judith xxx