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I’ve started a new “A Little Extra Fun” challenge over on the “Dragons Lair Designs Fan Group”  on Facebook.

Often our “A Little Extra Fun” are quick questions, or small makes, but this time I decided to really challenge the group members with a multi tier challenge.  The more steps carried out the more Loyalty Points the group member gets.

Here’s the challenge as it was put up in the group:

This is my multi-level challenge for you (it’s a long one, so read carefully before you begin):
If you were locked in a room with a small assortment of items and asked to make a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day card, would you be able to make it?

This is what is in the room:

  • table and chair,
  • a pair of scissors,
  • an assortment of cardstock some of which have been printed with backgrounds from a Dragons Lair Designs collection of your choice,
  • some quick grab glue,
  • a black fineliner,
  • and a pack of assorted buttons

In my “heads up” post I said that I may be generous and give you something else – well I’m feeling really generous and want you to choose one piece of your crafting equipment to take in with you.

This equipment can be:

a digital cutting machine – but only with the cutting files that came with it when set up out of the box – no extra cutting files bought or downloaded from the internet; a die-cutting machine – but only with any dies or embossing folders that came with it out of the box; a particular punch or set of punches – so long as they came as a set originally; a favourite paper trimmer or guilotine; The Ultimate Crafter’s Companion Pro – but again only with the items that came with it originally; etc, etc.
– well I’m not feeling so generous as to allow you to take in every bit of kit in with you LOL

And this is the multi-level challenge for you:

You can just decide on your must have equipment.

You can make a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day card using your chosen equipment and what’s given and post a photo to this thread.

You can make a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day card using your chosen equipment and what’s given, taking photos as you are going along, and blog the lot, and post a link to your step-by-step blog as a comment below.

It’s up to you how much you want to do.

I’m going to give you 10 days for this “Little Extra Fun” so you have until 8pm on the 30th March to either just answer with your must have piece of equipment, or go further and make, or make and show step by step.

Anybody who tells us your must have piece of equipment, with reason, will get 1 loyalty point. Anybody who posts a photo of a card made using just the items listed and your must have piece of equipment will get 3 loyalty points. Anybody who posts a link to a blog post showing step by step how you made your card using just the items listed and your must have piece of equipment will get 5 loyalty points.

So – on your marks, get set – Go!

 The Dragons Lair Designs collection I chose to print out some backgrounds from is the new “Oh Baby Mine Collection”, and my chosen piece of equipment to use is my Hougie Board.  I decided to go mad and make a Mother’s Day and a Father’s Day card at the same time.  I took photos of most of the steps as I was going through.


Stamping Dragon Designs Item:



Chosen Extra Equpment:

This is what I did:

I printed out a selection of backgrounds onto some of my white supersmooth cardstock.

I took everything with me to the kitchen table and started working.


The first thing I did was use my board to score 2 of the unprinted sheets of cardstock in half and fold them.


I then scored the fronts in half again and folded them back.


These were stuck together back to back so that the foldbacks were on either side.


I also scored another sheet in half for the other card.


I cut one of the background squares out from the rest of the sheet and scored it down twice.


I cut along the scored lines and attached the two panels that were the two sides to either side of my card front.


I scored the third piece at the half way point, cut it into two strips, then scored each every 1cm.  I folded into a concertina at each score and stuck both strips together.

CreateACard09I then stuck the other ends together to make a circle from the concertina fold.  I too another of the printed backgrounds and roughly cut out a circle from it before cutting out a small circle pattern from the pattern.  I also too a chunk of torn plain paper.


I put glue on the torn piece, pushed the concertina circle down onto it and glued the small circle on top to create a rosette.

I then cut a strip off the same cardstock before cutting lots of larger circles from the same cardstock.


I used my scissors to snip in all round the edge of all the circular pieces.


I set the circles out in four sets of three, putting some glue on two circular pieces from each set.


I stacked up the layers and used the fine liner pen to dot a black pattern in the centre of each of the four pieces.


I then used the Hougie Board pokey tool to shape around the edges of my “flowers”.


I took another of the background patterns, scored them at the correct dimension to layer onto the card front, and also used the Hougie Board to score an embossed frame pattern around the edges of these panels.


The panells were stuck to the front of my card and I used the fineliner pen to do a faux stitching line around the largest mats on both sides of the card front.


I also used the fineliner to do a squigly line around the piece of the background I’d cut off before cutting out the “flower” circles.


And fron another of the backgrounds I’d printed from the “Oh Baby Mine Collection” I cut out two tails which I stuck behind the rosette.  I wrote 1af, (Welsh for 1st) on the centre of the rosette.


I cut 2 small strips out from another of the backgrounds I’d printed from the collection and wrote “I MAM” on them (Welsh for To Mother), and again did some faux stitching around the edge before sticking the strips to the centre of my card front.


I then finished off the front of the Mother’s Day card by sticking on the flowers and some buttons.


I then scored at the required size and cut a long strip from the same background I’d used for the “I MAM” and again did a squigly line around it.


I took my other card blank and used my Hougie Board to score a cross hatch pattern towards the bottom right, for texture and interest.


I went around the base card again adding a squiggly line using my fine liner pen, and then I attached the two strips I’d created previously.


The card was finished off by sticking on the rosette and writing on the word DAD.


And there you have it – my simple Mother’s Day and Father’s Day cards made using only what was specified.

 CreateACard21    CreateACard25

Sometimes it’s nice to have the challenge of going back to basics, with just simple equipment and consumables, and creating cards.  Much of what is done here can be made with bits from your bits box – I’m sure most crafters have a bits box that were left over from projects but were too big to throw away.  I’ve got more bits now – what was left over from this challenge LOL.


This challenge is running on the Dragons Lair Designs Fan Group until the 30th, so if you feel like joining the group you too can join in and earn some loyalty points – which will be converted to a voucher to spend in the Dragons Lair Designs store once you hit the magic number.



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  1. Great cards Gwyneth. Love all the explanations. It has also given me lots more ‘simple’ ideas to use with my hougie board. Thank you for showing us you are a very talented lady x