My Latest “Inspiration by Gwyneth” Post For “Dragons Lair Designs” Blog – January 2016

Unfortunately there was a problem with this blog earlier in the month, when I did my main monthly post on the Dragons Lair Designs Inspiration Blog, so I couldn’t put a copy of what I said up on my own blog at that time – but “better late than never” as they say – so there follows a copy of what I said on the Inspiration Blog.

Hi Everybody!

I know it’s usual to do a “Look Back” at the end of the year, but I thought I’d do a bit of a look back at how I got to be writing regularly for what is now called the Dragons Lair Designs Inspiration Blog, at the begining of this year.

I first came across the work of Janette Padley on the website craftsUprint.  Having been doing a variety of crafting most of my life I joined craftsUprint as a registered cardmaker way back in 2010.  But it wasn’t until October 2012 that I made my first couple of cards using Janette’s work.

These are the first two cards I ever made using two of Janette’s wonderful digi-stamps of fun dragons –

Jiggy Dragon at the Beach Stamp – available in the Dragons Lair Designs Store and on cUp.

Rupert says Hello – available in the Dragons Lair Designs Store and on cUp.

Most of my early creations made using items from Dragons Lair Designs (DLD) were made using digi stamps bought via cUp, but I did then venture into using other digital downloads created by Janette as time went on.

After I’d done the first few creations using DLD items I was introduced to the Dragons Lair Designs Fan Group on Facebook and asked whether I’d like to join.  Having found out a bit about the group I jumped at the chance and it wasn’t long before I was joining in the chat and challenges on offer there, and posting pictures of my creations made using DLD items.

When Fan Group members were asked if anybody would like to do a Guest post on this Dragons Lair Designs Inspiration Blog I put my name forward and was given a date some months ahead.

Then, out of the blue, before my Guest post had even gone live, I was offered the chance to be a permanent member of the DT.  With my health being up and down, and no saying when I would or wouldn’t be able to do postings, I agreed to take the DT member position on the understanding that the then DT leader was aware that I might be missing out on posts and other DT member activities occasionally.

So, I was in the strange position of my 1st post as a DT member on this Inspiration Blog (19-09-2013) actually appearing before my Guest post (16-11-2013).

This was my 1st creation to be blogged on this DLD Inspiration Blog –

Made using a digi-stamp of a Giraffe – available in the Dragons Lair Designs Store and on cUp.

I also joined the Design Team for the DLD Challenge Blog with my 1st creation for that team going live in April 2014.

Over time things like the names of the blogs and the name of Janette’s online store might have changed, I’ve even been made the Design Team Leader for the DLD Inspiration Blog, but the quality of the digital downloads available is still the same high quality, and the variety just grows as Janette adds new items.

So, looking forward to what’s going on in 2016 – well, there’s a new collection coming out 1st February so you’ll see lots of inspiration posts appearing in this blog showcasing some things that can be done with that.  Also, after having a break for January, there will be a new challenge starting on the Dragons Lair Designs Challenge Blog the 1st Friday of February as well.  And for an even more regular fix of all things Dragons Lair then please do join us in the Dragons Lair Designs Fan Group.


There are two things I’d like to add –

Dragons Lair Designs are currently running a Design Team Call


There’s currently a big discount available in the Dragons Lair Designs Store

And that is it from me for today.

Please visit the “Dragons Lair Designs Inspiration Blog” regularly over the next few weeks as you’ll find various “Inspiration by …” posts appear from the other design team members. I’ll hopefully be back posting more regularly over the comming months with Dragons Lair Designs and other crafty makes.



Dragons Lair Designs Links

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