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An Update, A Few Musings, And A Hat


Hi Everybody!

A lot of writing in this one, but if you’ve not got the time to read then you will find my crafted make towards the end if you want to scroll forward.

I know that over the last year my blog posting, as well as my crafting, has been very sporadic.  It’s not that I’ve not crafted at all, or that I’ve not blogged at all, just that my health was such that even when I did feel up to crafting it quite often left me too exhausted to blog, and a lot of the time I was in too much pain to do much crafting at all.

2015 started with me in a bad way with a cellulitis infection on my ear and part of my face.  Then I had a sucession of other colds and other infections.  Then I badly damaged my sacroiliac joint and couldn’t even sit up for more than a couple of minutes never mind walk or craft.  And of course, with all those going in it knocked my M.E. symptems up a few levels.  I finally feel as if I’ve turned a corner and am working my way back to my “normal”, which, if any of you know about M.E., you’ll know isn’t anywhere near “good”, but is bareable.

I did manage to get photos of most, but not all, of the bits I did manage to make during the year – a lot of it made when on my side in bed so not always of as high a standard as I strive for – so I’m now hopeing to sort slowly through the photos and blog my makes that haven’t made it onto my blog during the year.

I hope you’ll be able to pop back regularly to see how I’m getting on with my catchup, and to see any new creations I manage to make this year.



I’m sure that, bareing in mind what I’ve said above, you’ll realise that I’ve had a lot of time for thinking and musing.  I may not have managed to get my laptop out a lot during the last year, but I have managed to get online on my tablet as I could manage that when lying in bed.

One of the things I have noticed while browsing around online is the growth in the “Adult Colouring” field.  Now of course a lot of us “crafters” have been colouring for years and have appreciated the artists for creating stamps and digi-stamps that we could buy and colour in to our own taste and in our own time.  We’ve all known that colouring in can be a nice, relaxing, activity that allows those of us who are hopeless at drawing to be “arty”.

Unfortunately, as has been happening in the stamp and digi-stamp field for a while now, no sooner had “Adult Colouring Books” hit the newsagent, supermarket, etc., shelves, or that artists released some “Adult Colouring Pages” for free or that could be bought online, than some less than honest people decided that they were free to do whatever they liked with them and share them with whomever they liked.

Scanning in of pages from books, taking “promo” shots of colouring pages and taking out the watermark, or blowing up small “promo” shots to use as colouring pages (but of course the quality is poor and pixellated), etc., etc., and then just posting these illegal copies as “free” for others to use.

Of course, some who come across these “free” “Adult Colouring” material quite possible don’t come from the “crafting” world, and won’t have come across the ongoing issues with theft of copyright material that most crafters have already come across.  They genuinely believe that anthing that appears on the Internet, anywhere, marked as “free” must be free.  And then pass it on to even more people – thus compounding the problem.  They don’t realise that the 1st person to post it online for “free” wasn’t the “owner” of the image and therefore didn’t have the right to put it up as “free” in the first place.

Then of course there are those who know full well that you just can’t take images and pass them on for “free” to others, whether you got them for free in the first place or not! – but still choose to do so.

There are those who know full well that what they are doing is wrong but use excuses like – I’m poor, disabled, etc., and can’t aford to buy.  Well do without then I say – they’ve obviously been able to afford, or get somebody to buy for them, the colouring medium they are using. Do without until you can afford – it’s not as if buying Adult Colouring images is super expensive either in book form or as digital downloads – and if you’ve got a computer and Internet connection and a printer to print out these stolen “free” images, then you are not that desparate for money (and there are Adult Colouring images available online that the artists themselves have chosen to give for free on their own websites if you are that badly off.  But an artist giving things for free at a particular time doesn’t mean that anybody who gets a copy for free has the right to post it elsewhere and give it for free to others, not unless the artist themselves has given them permission to do so, but of course they can give a link to the original location to others so that they can go and get their own free copy.  We know that artists can use these freebies to draw people to their website and work in the hope of making a living from sales of their other work, not for others to seem like benevolant benefactors passing stuff on for free without any reference to who the artist owner is.)

What’s even worse is those that do know, because they’ve been told what they are doing is wrong even if they didn’t know before (and from the reactions I’ve seen I suspect they already knew but didn’t care about the law or what’s right), who go out of their way to verbally attack anybody who tries to educate them about the law regarding what they are doing.  Sometimes the people who are attached and called names for pointing out that what they are doing is wrong is actually the artist who’s work they are abusing.

I just find it quite sad really when artists are told to get a job to put food on their family’s table – when they already have a job – it’s called being an “artist”.  I think that those who steal and then pass on the stolen goods should get a job themselves to pay for what they want instead of stealing, or if on a pension or benefits because of genuine health reasons should save just a few pennies a week to get what they want.



I’m not great at crochet – my hands don’t always manage to get a consistent tension – but I do manage to do a few simple bits every now and then.

I had some unusual yarn that had tufts of yarn sticking out of it every now and then and decided to make an unusual hat out of it in a shape with two corner tufts that’s quite popular at the moment.

This is it –

Crochet Hat 01 01

Not the best picture, but you get the idea I’m sure.

Quite funky I think.  It was given to one of my nephews as a birthday gift.  And it fitted!

For some reason the nephew prefered the corner tufts sticking out front and back, not to the sides like in the photo.  But who cares if he’s happy and wants to be different.

This is the band off the yarn I used if you want to know about it –

Crochet Hat 01 03

Crochet Hat 01 04


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