A Few Welsh Birthday Cards

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An Update, A Few Musings, And Some Cards


Hi Everybody!  Following on from my last post –

Would you believe it but I’ve found I’ve got close to one and a half thousand photos from last year to sort through.  That doesn’t mean that I crafted nearly that many items during the year though.  Some of the photos are of family members, etc.  Of those that are of my crafted items – there are quite a few photos of every item.  I take several photos of each piece from slightly different angles and distances so that I can choose the best image to use here on my blog, and also have close-ups of some things.  Sometimes I still don’t get a good photo – but I go with the best I’ve got and hope people like what they see.

So, while I’m on a roll of sorting out, and if my health doesn’t take a downward turn again, you may find that I manage a few blog posts every week for a while.  I’m not going to push for daily posts as I do want to do a bit of new crafting as well, not just post what I did last year and in January this year, so we’ll see how I get on with things.



I said in my last post about my health problems last year – and that I had lots of time to lie here and think.

One thing that caught my attention is the shear variety in card styles that the tallented crafters who post pictures of their cards online have made.  Trying to write comments on blogs on my tablet is difficult, erratic and frustrating.  But the fact that I haven’t done a whole lot of commenting either on blogs or on Facebook for quite a while doesn’t mean that I haven’t been browsing around and appreciating everybody’s work and being so thankful that there are so many tallented crafters out there who are willing to take the time to photograph and write about their work.  Just being able to see what everybody has been creating cheared me up a lot when I couldn’t do much myself – and gave me some ideas of things I’d like to try as I get better healthwise.

One thing that I thought quite often was “where did she/he get the idea to do that!”.  I’ve seen some stunning work appear online.  There’s been the nice, the good, the excellent, the stunning and the downright outstanding (very rarely a “what was she thingking!”).  And sometimes it seems as if it’s the tinyest difference or the little detail that turns a lovely card to a stunning card.  And sometimes I can look at a card for ages and try to put my finger on what I like about a card and just can’t get it – I just know that I think it’s stunning.  And then I got to wondering about whether others thought the same cards stunning.  And thought – probably not, because everybody’s different and has their own take on things and own preferences.  And that’s good, isn’t it.  The world would be a boreing place if we all liked everything the same.

One of the most facinating things has been browsing around lots of blogs where the crafters have been using the same images or collections and seeing the variety of the makes.  Hard to believe sometimes that the material they were working from is the same.



When my health is middling and I feel like making something but don’t feel I’ve got the energy to colour or die cut or get lots of things out, that’s when I turn to kits, especially those with die-cut elements in them.  I like to keep a few kits in the house ready for times like this.

I got tempted lately by the Hunkydory kit with the Megapage die-cut decupage in it.

Some fingerlift tape, Pinflair Glue Gel, a trimmer and scoreboard, and I made several cards for up and coming family birthdays without using up my energy getting out loads of crafting equipment and consumables.

So today I’ve got 4 Welsh birthday cards to show you.  I hope you like them.

Megapage 01 01    Megapage 02 01 Megapage 03 01    Megapage 04 01


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