Welsh New Baby And Birthday Card

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An Update, A Few Musings, And Two Cards


Hi Everybody! If you don’t want to read all my ramblings and just want to see my creations then I don’t mind if you whiz past the first part of this post.  The cards are near the end!

Following on from my last post –

Well, I’m still plowing my way through the photos of the items I crafted last year but didn’t put up on my blog.  I’m also in the process of crochetting another wooly hat for another nephew.  Hopefully I’ll be able to show you that before long.



I have to admit that, while I can appreciate the work that goes into them, and the tallent of the crafter, one type of card just isn’t my style and that’s “dark” cards generally. I prefer my cards bright and cheerful, or nice and pastel.  Something to make me smile or chear me up.  But of course that’s me, not everybod.

I know that there are those recipients who are into that sort of thing and that the cardmaker is spot on with their creation, but what does a crafter do with cards of this type if, say they are really into this type of card themselves, or ar on a design team that wants this type of card, but actually have nobody to give them to afterwords?  Do you keep them in a box forever?  Do you give them to charities?  Do you box them up and give them as a boxed set gift to somebody?  Do you find some way to display them yourself – say in a picture frame or something?

The same goes for any other style of card of course.  What do all you crafters out there do with all the cards and other creations you make?  Do you manage to sell some cards.  I read online lately that somebody on the TV had quoted a really large price for a hand made card that had been personalised, and that she was actually getting that sort of money.  I didn’t manage to actually see what size and standard of card was involved, but I doubt whether it was of any better standard than some of the stunning creations I’ve seen online over the last year.

So then I got to thinking about whether those I’ve read sell their cards for £1, £1.50 or even £2.50, and still not getting sales, are under priceing their cards (I’m sure they can’t be covering the cost of everything they’ve used yet alone the cost of their time to make them), and does having the balls to charge £10 + for a card make those with no sense think that the card must be better in some way than a card that the maker is charging much less for?

Does the fact that some people just want to have the space and are practically giving their cards away for realy cheap prices make it harder for others to charge realistic prices for their creations?

For all my thinking I haven’t worked out the answer to any of the questions I’ve thought of while being incapacitated.  Anybody out there getting a steady stream of card sales for reasonable prices?



I’ve got two cards to show you today.

Both were made using the same butterfly die – not quite sure which company’s die it was – that’s one big problem with not having the health or energy to blog soon after making cards – I just can’t remember exactly what I used to make my creations, or where I got the items from to link to them.  Thinking back to who they were for – these cards must have been made between Christmas and the New Year.

Both were also made using the same type of cardstock and backing paper – It was a paper with a wide variety of colours going across it and by cutting out of different areas I got a different affect.

I do remember that the two greetings dies came from Tattered Lace – because Tattered Lace are the only Welsh greetings dies I’ve got.

Babi Newydd – New Baby card

Babi Newydd 01 02 Babi Newydd 01 03

Penblwydd Hapus – Happy Birthday card

Penblwydd Hapus 02 01

Penblwydd Hapus 02 03


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6 Replies to “Welsh New Baby And Birthday Card”

  1. Two gorgeous cards…I particularly like the orange one. In answer to your question…I personally have such a big family I spend my time making their birthday cards, anniversary and Xmas cards. I can just keep up. Occasionally I have a commission which I fit in. I did have a shop on folksy where I sold some cards and also did personalised ones to order. I just about broke even but I enjoyed it and have toyed with opening it back up now I can no longer work. Happy crafting xxx