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An Update, A Few Musings, Fancy Dress And Pumpkins


Hi Everybody! If you don’t want to read all my ramblings and just want to see my creations then I don’t mind if you whiz past the first part of this post. The creations are near the end!

Just found the photos I took of two quick and easy fancy dress outfits I made for my two youngest nephews.  For the last few years they’ve been phoneing me up asking me to make something for them to ware to the school fancy dress disco just before Haloween – and the call has usually come the day of the disco or the day before, which really only leaves time for the quick cutting up of a white sheet or some calico to dress up them as ghosts, with no time to stitch or over-sew the cut edges to prevent further tareing along the head, eye, arm, etc., holes.

So in 2015 I thought I’d be prepared and made them some outfits well before the day.  Starting a month ahead and just doing little bits as I could, and buying in a few cheap gloves and face masks (think the masks were biker masks and were only a few pounds).

And guess what – they both decided they didn’t want to go!  Just typical when I was actually prepared for the call.

Never mind, they did wear the fancy dress outfits here, and they did carve a couple of pumpkins and we made soup and pumpkin pie from the inside flesh (we do scoup out a lot of the flesh before carving).  For the first time the boys got to do all the carving themselves, although I’d had to help them scoup out the seeds and the flesh – well that’s the boreing bit, isn’t it!



Do people actually send Haloween cards? – that was my main thought in the run up to Haloween last year as I saw some of the Haloween creations appear online.  Lots of lovely creations, but, do people actually send Haloween cards?

I certainly wouldn’t.

I can understand people making Haloween themed decor creations if they are having a Haloween party of some kind, or some hangings to put outside the door if they welcome children trick-or-treating.  I can understand people using all sorts of Haloween themed papers, images and embelishments if they are scrapbooking photos of youngsters dressed up for Haloween.

But I just don’t know why anybody would be making Haloween cards – and I’m certain I saw some online in the run up to Haloween last year.  Nothing wrong with the cards themselves as far as creativity and quality were concerned – well I wouldn’t expect anything less from the crafters who’s work I look out for online.  It’s just the question – why Haloween cards at all?  Why do they need to exist?

To be perfectly honest I don’t actually know why Haloween as the trick-or-treating, fancy dress party, etc., etc., thing exists at all.  I’m sure the way it’s developed over time has been a lot to do with shops and their profit rather than the root of the day.  But with youngsters in the family who get immersed in the excitment of the run up to the evening I do feel the need to do something “Haloween” with them.  Just because I think it’s a waste of time and money I’d feel bad if the little ones were made to feel ostrasised within their circle of friends because they had nothing “Haloween” to speak about.

But rather than spend lots of money on “Haloween” outfits and other things that are considered Haloween necesities, I prefer to go “home made” like carving pumpkins and not wasteing all the inside but cooking with it – and the nephews do love pumpkin soup.  And also go “hand made” for costumes, and what was bought to go with what I could make were not things with the price hiked right up because of Haloween either.



I used cheap, supermarket, single bed sheets to make the outfits, and used cheap bias binding to bind edges that were not hemmed so that they would last the evening – and they are now packed up so that they can swap come Haloween this year and ware the different outfit.

One of the outfits I made was simply a large black cape.  I just folded it in quarter, cut as an arch, cut up the front and a few inches either way across the top for the neck hole and then got my sewing machine out to hem the bottom and put bias binding around the neck and for tieing.  Then it was onto eBay for a cheap skeleton mask and gloves.

A bit of a Grim Reaper

GwisgWmff2015-01 GwisgWmff2015-03

The second outfit was made using a white sheet, again folded in quarter and cut out an arc but this time there was no cutting up the front, just making a slit at the centre point for a head hole.  The hole for the head was again bound with bias binding leaving a long length for tieing.  I hemed around the whole of the “cape” and used bias binding to attach ties at the two points where the arms would go so that it remained over the arms when nephew was moving around.  Onto eBay then for a balaclava with just holes for eyes.  I then used spare bits cut off when making the black cape above to make black tubes which I sewed, turned inside out, stuffed with toy stuffing, sewed across at a couple of places to give the impression of leg joints, and then sewed to the inside edge of the white poncho neck.  I finished by taking a wide, black, alcohol marker and a big (quilting) ruler to draw lines radiating out from the neck of the poncho and then lines between the long lines to resemble a spider’s web.

Giant Spider on a Spider’s Web

GwisgIs2015-01 GwisgIs2015-02


Here are the pumpkins the boys carved.

Pwmpod2015WmffaIs03 Pwmpod2015WmffaIs02Carved by my 8 year old nephew –

Pwmpen2015Is02  Pwmpen2015Is01

Carved by my 9 year old nephew –




I was at least mobile-ish for the Thanksgiving Service in October.

Diolchgarwch 2015I wasn’t involved with putting together the table display in the front this year (did a vase of flowers for the back of the room – and completely forgot to take a photo of it), but I did work with the youngsters to decide on what should go on the posters and then printed them out afterwords.

The theme was Diolch – Thank you, Cofio – Remember, and Gwneud – Do Something.

We were thanking God for all the good things were had received, remembering those who were not as fortunate as us and were suffering badly, and doing something to help.

The doing was collecting together dry goods to send off with a truck that was going from our area to help the refugees – I painted the box and then added the poster (now got a nice splodge of paint the same colour as the box on my stick LOL).  There was a few more bits added to the box by the end as some hadn’t brought forward their gifts during the service but put them in after the thanksiving tea which was taking place while I was photographing this.

We also donated the money collection from the service to the Bible Society to help with the cost of getting Bibles and Bible tracts to the refugees who were searching for the word of God.  We’d raised over £50.00.  Not bad for one collection made in a small congregation.


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