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An Update and Some Crochet


This post, like many of my latest posts, is showing some of my make from last year that I didn’t have the strength to blog after finishing making.

I made a point of keeping the ball bands from all the yarn so that I could photograph them as well, and blog them with the item, so that I’ve got a place to go to for referance when I need to wash the items.    This is especially useful when I’ve used two different yarn together to make an item – like I’ve done with my scarf and hat.  I also keep a piece of the yarn tied to the ball band until I’ve bloged to make sure that I’m recording the right details with the right item.  Then, when the ball band gets lost (I say when, not if, because I know it’s guaranteed to get lost LOL), as I’ve got the photo of the ball bands online I can go back to check when needed.

And if I’m giving a project like these away I give the ball band with the item so that the recipient knows how to wash it.



The first two items I’ve got to show you are a matching set of scarf and hat I made for myself.  I’ve not made much for myself lately and I thought I wanted a nice new scarf and hat before the winter so I started early – in June I think – well before the winter started.

Here’s the scarf –

Scarf 01 04And two closer looks at the stitches.

Scarf 01 02 Scarf 01 03Not sure what the stitch is called.  It might be a double treble, in a v pattern.  I crocheted it with two yarns together, one being a verigated colour and another being a really fluffy yarn.  Here are the ball bands of what I used.

Hat 01 05

Hat 01 06 Hat 01 07 Hat 01 08

This is the hat I made to go with the scarf.  Made using the same two yarns, but with a bit of a variation in the stitch.

Hat 01 01 Hat 01 03

Unfortunately, just displaying it over the arm of an office chair doesn’t really show what it looks like, but it’s the best I could do at the time.

Here’s a closeup of the stitches, though you can’t see much because the fluffy yarn used filles out the stitches and makes them less defined – but it does make for a nice, warm, hat.

Hat 01 02

I then decided that, as crochet was something I could do more or less on my side in bed, I’d do some more crochet and decided to make an oven muff to remove hot tins and things from the oven as well as matching mats to put on the table under anything hot that came out of the oven or microwave.

Of course, as heat is involved in the use of these items I needed to use some cotton yarn and so I chose a Sugar n Cream ombre yarn.  I didn’t try and make the mats the same size as each other as we have lots of different sized things that might need to be put on the table while protecting the table.  And with the ombre effect of the yarn, even if I did all of them an identical size I wouldn’t end up with mats that look the same.

This is the oven muff.  Plenty big enough to get two hands in, or to use doubled up for extra protection from the heat.

KitchenSet 01

This is a closeup of the crochet stitch.  I was doing double stitches but doing every other one into the poste of the stitch in the previous row instead of all being into the top of the previous row. This made the material produced more dense and better for handling hot things.

KitchenSet 02

This is one of the mats – after crochet but before washing and pulling into a square shape.

KitchenSet 05And a closeup of one area of the mat –

KitchenSet 04

The next two items are two scarves.  Unfortunately I just can’t find the ball bands for the yarns I used.  Just don’t have a clue what I used.  I can tell from the date of the photos that they were finished before the end of June, but no idea where I put the ball bands for this batch of crochet.  Must have put it somewhere really safe, really, really, safe.

The first scarf –

Scarf 02 01

Closeup of the stitches (though stitches don’t show up well because of the yarn type).

Scarf 02 03

2nd scarf –

Scarf 03 01

Closeup of the stitches.

Scarf 03 02


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