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An Update, Some Musings, and a Quick Card


Every now and then, in the Dragons Lair Designs Fan Group, we have some challenges posted by different design team members.  Earlier this month Susan posted a “SUSAN’S SPECIAL SOMETHING” where she challenged group members to “make SOMETHING GREEN, using SOMETHING from Dragons Lair”.  Susan gave us until the 17th to make and post a photo of our creation up in the group.

The first thing DLD that jumped to my mind when I thought “green” was Hoppy frog, so off I went into my digital library to find the digi-stamps that feature him.  I decided to actually keep the overall look of the card quite simple, with very little embelishment.  I’ve not put a greeting on yet as I don’t know what occasion he’ll be used for – I think it would be good for a child because he’s such a fun character.

You’ll find the card at the bottom of my post if you want to skip my musings



Well, all I can say is that this last weekend has been a weekend of hoaxes, half useful information, one like = a prayer posts, and the copying of various things to supposedly “show support” or “awareness” for this that and the other – as far as what I’ve seen appearing on my news feed.  And then add in a few scammers cloneing people’s accounts and sending Friend requests to annoy me as well.

The most prolific hoax I’ve seen over the last few days is the ‘Sonia Disowns Rahul’ Virus Hoax. It doesn’t take much time to do a quick check before mindlessly copying hoaxes like this.  Don’t give the person who started the hoax the fun of seeing their hoax perpetuated all over FB and elsewhere.

A month ago I mentioned that I was fed up with the  “Urgent: All the accounts are being hacked” that people were mindlessly copying.  Part of the information was true – but it described cloneing, not hacking.  As Hoax-Slayer says “This mislabeling of the attackers may seem unimportant.  However, it IS important that any Internet security warnings contain accurate and and easily understandable information. Mislabelling can cause confusion and potentially detract from the worth of the underlying message.”

I’ve not seen much of this mislabelled warning the last few weeks, but by yesterday it is back with a vengance – on this time it’s dropped the “All the accounts” and changed it to “So nearly everyone’s account is being hacked.”  No!  not nearly everyone’s accounts, and not hacked – Cloned!  (There are hackers out there as well of course, but that isn’t what is being described).  Yesterday, Monday, I received two “Friends” requests from coloned (copied) accounts of people I am already FB Friends with.  That’s two out of over 1,000 FB Friends being cloned, so hardly “nearly everybody” – but certainly something everybody should be aware is happening because both times there were people who’d already accepted the Friend request of the cloned account – that’s people who the cloner could now see everything they only share with friends.  I really would suggest that everybody does a quick search for every name that a friend request comes from to make sure that they are not already a friend with that person – the real person – and also to look critically at the person’s profile to see if they look genuine.

If I see something that I think is a bit dodgy on FB I look on places like the Hoax-Slayer FB Page, Hoax-Slayer website, Facecrooks FB Page, etc., etc. to see if they have any information.

I’m left wondering how copying and posting a – None of my FB Friends, only my true friends, I know which friends … known somebody… hero who’s fought and won … to raise awareness of cancer – etc., etc., – is actually suppose to raise awareness?  There’s never any information about cancer in there.  No information about anything you should be aware of, such as a symptom that should be looked out for and taken seriously for a particular type of cancer.  How about not mindlessly copying things that others have posted and posting a link to somewhere with usefull information, such as Cancer Research UK, where people can not only learn about cancer, the research currently being done, but also donate to help the fight against cancer.

And then we get to another scam – the 1 like = a prayer posts.  I’m sorry, but I think this is plain stupid, on top of often being scams.  I’m a great believer in prayer.  And do offer up a quiet prayer for people in my online circle of friends who are suffering, especially those who explain their circumstances and ask for prayers to be made on their behalf or on behalf of friends or family. But I fail to see how likeing a post on FB would equate to a prayer.  Jesus himself said that you should go and pray to God in the quiet, not on the corner of the street – and to my mind being seen likeing something on FB, without thought or any real prayer made, (the – it costs me nothing and it can’t do any harm – mentality) is a modern version of praying on the corner of the street – only not just your own street but every street in the world.  And these posts are also more likely than not to be scams – aimed at getting likes for a page so that it is worth more to scammers.  Start by reading about one of the old ‘Prayers for Likes‘, then have a read of “Facebook Like-Farming Scams“, and then have a look at a list of some of the different like farming types of scams.



I printed the digital stamp – Hoppy Frog on Lily Pad – onto 250gsm Super Smooth white cardstock and coloured him and his reflection in using ProMarkers.  I then took a Spectrum Noir Sparkle pen and went all over what would be the water and the reflection. The sparkle shows up a bit in this photo I took before making up the card.


This was stuck to the front of a 5″ square base card.  I then took a sheet of green Adorable Scoreable cardstock and cut it to 5″ hight along leaving a long strip from the front of the A4 sheet.  I cut a 4″ square out of the centre of the strip Leaving 5″ in the centre I scored on both sides and then at 1cm, 2cm, and cut at 3cm out.  These scores were folded, concertina style, and the last flap on both sides were stuck with super sticky tape to both sides of the card front to give a concertina sided frame.  I took some clear beading wire, knotted the bottom, added a green glass pearl, knotted a bit further up and added another bead, knotted a bit further up again and added another bead, and finished with a knot a bit above the third bead. I did this several times until I had 6 strings.  Taking three of these together I used sticky tape to attach them to the inside of the frame to one side of Hoppy.  I did the same the other side.

DSCF4137Once I know whether it will be for a boy or a girl I may add some more embelishments, I’m thinking perhaps a worm or a fly if it’s for a boy, or some blossom on the frame if it will be snet to a girl.  What do you think?





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