Arm Knitting and Some Crochet

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An Update, Arm Knitting and Some Crochet


I’m back with some scarves.  I use to do a lot of knitting but working two needles and holding up the weight of a garment to manouver the knitting needles became too much for me with my arms being affected by my health issues, so I started doing some crocheted items.  Less of a problem with loosing stitches as of course only working with one stitch at a time, not a whole knitting needle of stitches that have the habit of coming off if I have to put my arms down mid row.  And it is also easier to work with the growing piece of crochet resting more on my lap, so less weight to contend with.  I can’t manage consistent tension to do any real garments, but other things, like hats, scarves, blankets, bags, etc., I do manage.

I have got a very large granny square blanket on the go, and have had it on the go for a couple of years.  It is now as tall as my youngest nephew, if not a bit taller – and as it’s a square the same width.  I have to work on that while in an armchair in the sitting room to have the weight spread across the arms of the chair. That is my large, ongoing, project.  But while working on that I’ve also been making smaller items.

What I’ve got to show you today are not exactly traditional scarves because of the yarn I’ve used for two of them, but I hope you like them.



Have you ever tried arm knitting.  I got a few rolls of this “Yarn”

Scarf 104 03 Scarf 104 04It is like a very wide piece of knitted yarn that you can then work with.

For this first piece I did some arm knitting – casting on three stitches and using my arms as “knitting needles”. One skein of yarn makes one scarf.

Scarf 104 01

This photo was taken in more of a shaddow and so shows the loops of the chain a bit better.

Scarf 104 02With the loops on my arms, and sat in bed watching TV, I could just pull a few loops, knitting from one side to the other, and then put my arms down to rest, without the stitches falling off past my tumbs sticking out, and the whole thing didn’t take me an hour to make.



For this scarf I used the same yarn but decided to crochet into the side of the yarn.  By picking up a piece of the side of the wide ribbon yarn, then scooping up another piece onto the crochet hook, then another, before taking the last loop through the first two, it started gathering up the edge of the wide ribbon yarn and gave the other edge a ruffled look.

Scarf 103 01 Scarf 103 02By continuing to pick up two loop fulls of the ribbon yarn edge and taking the last through all the way along the edge of the yarn the whole lot became ruffled, and tended to twirl round on itself, making an unusual type of scarff.


This next scarf is a more traditional crochet item.  Made using treble stitches throughout.

Here’s a closeup of the stitches and edge.

Scarf 04 01

Here’s the whole scarf.

Scarf 04 02

I’ve tried to spread the scarf a bit more out for this photo to give you a better idea of the length.

Scarf 04 04I’m going to have to take a photo of the yarn ball band with yarn content and details at a later date and put it in because I forgot to do it the same time as photographing the scarf itself.


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10 Replies to “Arm Knitting and Some Crochet”

  1. These look wonderful Gwyneth, I used to do a lot of knitting before the paper crafting bug hit me! I too love to crochet and am in the process of knitting an Aran cardigan for myself for the Winter.
    Linda xxx

  2. Hi Gwyneth
    Well done, I just cannot seem to get the hang of knitting but I have managed to crochet a little. Arm knitting sounds interesting X X X

  3. I love knitting and do like to see others works, the crochet is something I can just about attempt so I am impressed with your lovley projects

  4. Hi – what great projects! Never even heard of arm knitting until now. Great colours of yarn.
    Bev xx